Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?

Nonsurgical therapy treats cause of erectile dysfunction.

Edward* will forever remember his 67th birthday as the day he finally had to admit he wasn’t as vibrant as he used to be in the bedroom, where he was having trouble developing and maintaining an erection suitable for sexual activity.

“It was frustrating, and I felt bad for my wife,” Edward shares. “She was understanding and patient, but I knew I had to see someone about my condition. I went to my family doctor. He recommended a urologist, who broke some difficult news.

“He told me I was suffering from erectile dysfunction and put me on CIALIS®,” Edward remembers. “The CIALIS worked OK for a while, but it gave me headaches. So, after a while, I started to look around for some kind of an alternative.”

Edward found that alternative in an unlikely place. While waiting for an appointment at his dentist’s office one day, he read an article about a treatment for erectile dysfunction, or ED, in Florida Health Care News.

“The article said this treatment can significantly improve ED symptoms without pills or surgery,” Edward says. “I had no interest in having surgery for this problem, so I was really intrigued by what I read. I decided right then and there to check it out.”

The treatment Edward read about is GAINSWave® therapy, and it’s available at Physical Medicine Center, where Robert C. Lupo, DC, explained to Edward the cause of the condition and how GAINSWave therapy can correct it.

“I told Edward the same thing I tell all my ED patients,” Dr. Lupo says. “That erectile dysfunction is essentially a circulatory problem that is caused by an impediment in blood flow to the chambers that fill the penis when stimulated.

“I also explained that for years physicians have treated ED with medications such as VIAGRA® and CIALIS, penile injections or penile implants. But now, there’s a nonsurgical, drug-free treatment that corrects the underlying cause of ED through the use of acoustic waves. That treatment is GAINSWave therapy.”

Referred to clinically as low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy, or LiESWT, GAINSWave uses a small, handheld device to deliver acoustic waves through a series of short, painless pulsations that open clogged blood vessels in the penis and stimulate the nerve endings to enhance sensitivity and the feeling of orgasm.

“The treatment is based on the same technology that’s used to break up kidney stones,” Dr. Lupo informs. “The device transmits acoustic waves that break up the plaque and calcium that have built up inside the blood vessels in the penis. Once that plaque and calcium are broken up, you get better blood flow, and it’s that improved blood flow that leads to better, longer-lasting erections.”

The GAINSWave treatment also stimulates the growth of new nerve tissue, which is vital for achieving and maintaining healthy erections.

In addition, GAINSWave causes the growth of blood vessels over a three- to four-month period. This differs from the temporary blood flow from sexual enhancement drugs. New vessel growth leads to larger girth and firmer erections that are totally natural.

Dr. Lupo points out that GAINSWave treatments can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease, which is when scar tissue builds up in the penis and causes an abnormal bend, or curvature, that can impede urination and/or ejaculation.

“By making certain adjustments to the machine’s settings, we can treat the fibrous tissue the same way we treat blood vessels and break down the scar tissue that may be causing that irregular shape,”
Dr. Lupo educates.

Suffering in Silence

Far more common than many realize, ED will derail the sex lives of more than half of all men at some point in their lives. It’s the sexual problem most often reported by men to their doctors.

“ED occurs progressively as men age,” Dr. Lupo reports. “But it is even more common in men suffering from hypertension and peripheral vascular and cardiovascular disease, in men who smoke or used to smoke, and as a result of prescription or illicit drug use.”

Many causes may underlie the diagnosis, Dr. Lupo points out. The primary one, affecting 80 to 90 percent of all sufferers, is vascular disease. The second most common is a hormone imbalance such as low testosterone or excessive estrogen levels. In a number of men, both – if not more – can be the culprit. All factors must be addressed for best results.

“Unfortunately, most men have a hard time talking about this problem and frequently suffer in silence or, at most, discuss it with their primary care physician,” Dr. Lupo notes. “But most primary care physicians do not have the time and state-of-the-art know-how to fully evaluate and treat the patient to achieve optimal results. As a result, most men are given a prescription such as VIAGRA without so much as a discussion or explanation of how to take the pill correctly.”

Dr. Lupo, a certified provider of GAINSWave therapy, emphasizes that although many treatments may be effective, few actually reverse the underlying cause as opposed to covering it up like a bandage, as is the case with pills.

Remarkable Results

GAINSWave treatments take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. A full course is generally six sessions, twice a week over three weeks. Some patients may need more sessions.

“For younger men, one course of six sessions is generally sufficient,” Dr. Lupo assures. “But a man in his 70s or 90s with certain health issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes may need more. For those patients as well as anyone who has been a heavy smoker, it may take anywhere from 12 to even 30 treatments before they see a result. But it does work. More than 70 percent of men who have GAINSWave therapy respond to it.

“Another thing to keep in mind is results do not happen right away. It may take more than one course, but most notice a significant change after a full course of six sessions.”

The effects of the GAINSWave therapy are long-lasting. Once patients begin to realize results, most will enjoy them for one to two years, though some clinics recommend a refresher treatment every three to six months.

“Completely Gone”

Edward was eager to correct his ED issue, so he agreed to begin GAINSWave therapy immediately. Those treatments were performed in the Physical Medicine Center and required no downtime afterward. Most importantly, they provided Edward with the boost in sexual performance he wanted.

“GAINSWave therapy was just the kind of thing I was looking for because I wanted something that was noninvasive, and I didn’t want to have to take any kind of medication that might bring about a bunch of side effects,” Edward reports. “And the results are remarkable. I actually began to notice a change after two or three treatments, but I completed the whole course. Now, six months later, the issue is gone.”

Patients receiving GAINSWave therapy at Physical Medicine Center sometimes seek booster treatments after a couple of years. Edward says he won’t hesitate should he need it, in part because of how well he was treated by Dr. Lupo and his staff.

“First off, they do a great job of explaining how the treatment works,” Edward states. “And they don’t make you feel awkward about it at all. They actually make you feel very comfortable. And the results speak for themselves.

“If you’re looking for better sexual performance and a boost in sexual confidence, this treatment is a no-brainer. And I recommend getting it from Dr. Lupo and his staff at Physical Medicine Center because they really are as professional as they come.”

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*Patient’s name changed at his request.


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