Look Fabulous, Not ‘Freaky’

Right choices at med spa deliver fresh, natural-looking results.

A funny thing often happens whenever Janie Rushnell, CME, owner of Skintastic Med Spa, and her husband go out to dinner or a party and start talking with a couple they just met.

Janie Rushnell, CME

“When the conversation turns to what we do for a living and the couple learns that I own a med spa, I almost immediately see a look of terror on the husband’s face as he turns to his wife
and looks at her with a slanted eye,” Janie remarks.

“Seemingly anguished by the thought of her somehow being corrupted by me, it’s as if he’s letting her know then and there not to get any ideas because he’s never going to allow her to get BOTOX treatments or any of that other med spa stuff.”

The wife often responds by saying something like, “Oh, I’ve seen Botched,” the reality TV show about plastic surgeries gone bad. Or, she’ll ask a silly question like, “Isn’t BOTOX botulism?”

“Well, short story long,” Janie goes on, “I recently turned 50. I officially have my AARP card now. I’ve been in this industry as the owner of a med spa for almost a decade, and the chart detailing the treatments I’ve had done looks like a novel. I’ve done absolutely everything. And I’ve done it often. I feel like I’m a walking example of what good work using good products at a med spa really looks like.”

The point Janie is making is that there is nothing to fear.

“At Skintastic, you can get the same treatments I’ve had, and you will not look freaky,” she says. “You will look like yourself, you will look natural, and you will look refreshed.”

Facials, Massages and More

With more than 50 treatments, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, Ultherapy® and intravenous vitamin therapy, Skintastic is a boutique med spa that offers the most extensive menu of health, wellness and aesthetic services in Hernando County.

Alongside Cynthia Brooks, MD, Janie oversees a sizeable staff of professional technicians that includes three medical aestheticians, two nurse practitioners, a physician’s assistant and a massage therapist. They offer wellness shots, body scrubs and hormone replacement therapy.

“We also provide laser skin treatments, acne treatments, even CoolSculpting,” Janie adds. “We offer massage therapy and every injectable on the market. We develop a personalized treatment plan designed for each client.”

The goal, Janie proclaims, is to ensure that all patrons look and feel their best.

“We want our customers to live the happiest, best life possible,” Janie relates. “We do that by offering services your typical med spa simply doesn’t have.

“When it comes to aesthetics, for example, no one outfacials Skintastic. I am a CIDESCO diplomat, which means I am a true master aesthetician. And I am all about facials. From European facials to clinical facials and everything in between, we offer it all.

“And we guarantee natural-looking results. That is my promise to our customers. No one will know you’ve had anything done unless you tell them, but be prepared to get lots of compliments because people will notice a difference. Your husband, boyfriend or other friends may ask you if you got your hair done or if you’re wearing a new lipstick. They’ll tell you things like, You look really well-rested, or You look great.

The Right Stuff

The key to producing those natural-looking results is simple, Janie reveals. It’s a matter of not overdoing it. “Less is more” is the motto Janie and her staff follow for many of the services they provide, especially with aesthetic treatments.

“I believe in doing the right thing at the right time in the right way,” Janie explains. “For example, Galderma, the manufacturer of Dysport®, an injectable we use to erase and prevent wrinkles, recommends getting treated once every four months. Following that recommendation is the key to getting the natural-looking result customers want from that, or any treatment. And getting those results starts with a one-on-one consultation with me.

“It’s rare that someone calls up and says, I’d like to make an appointment for your ResurFX laser to treat my acne scars. Most people call and ask what we can do about a specific problem, and we always say, Come in and let’s talk about it.”

“I look natural because this is what it looks like when a med spa does it right.” –Janie

At that point, the client and a staff member will discuss goals. Based on that, a treatment plan is developed that is unique to that person’s needs and wishes.

“And the beauty about Skintastic is that we service most any need,” Janie explains. “If you want to do that acne treatment, we can. But if you’re feeling a little run down and want to address that as well, we also do hormone therapy, IV vitamin therapy or peptide therapy.”

Skintasic also works with clients inside or outside, whereas most med spas work only on the outside.

“There’s a lot that this industry has to offer, and it can be confusing, overwhelming and yes, even scary,” Janie insists. “But there’s no reason to be fearful. When these treatments are done the right way and at the right time, the results are marvelous. And I’m proof of that. I’ve been getting these services done since I was 36, and when I tell people that, they sometimes can’t believe it.

“They’ll say, Really? But you look so natural. And I say, Yes, I look natural because this is what it looks like when a med spa does it right. When treatments are done right, you won’t look like you belong on an episode of Botched. You’ll look great. You’ll look natural.”

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