Lifetime Commitment

Advanced hearing aids keep couple communicating.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Upgraded hearing aid technology is helping Roger and Suzanne live a better life together.

Long before online dating was invented, couples often met through personal ads purchased in a local newspaper. That’s how then-Connecticut residents Roger and Suzanne Cornwell met some 30 years ago.

Upon meeting her in person for the first time, Roger was immediately impressed with Suzanne. So much so that after dating her for ten months, he asked her to marry him. Suzanne said yes, but on one condition.

“Before we got married, we were having such difficulty communicating, and I was so tired of repeating myself, that Roger getting hearing aids became somewhat of a condition of our marriage,” Suzanne says. “If we were going to plan a life together, he needed to be able to hear me.”

Roger, who worked as an engineer with the Connecticut Department of Transportation, understood Suzanne’s request. As far back as high school, he had been told that he would eventually need hearing aids.

“By the time I was forty, I had reached that point,” he says. “So I’ve had hearing aids for about thirty years now. But my hearing has gradually decreased over the years.”

So has Suzanne’s. A former administrative assistant at Choate Rosemary Hall, a private prep school that has produced graduates such as John F. Kennedy, Ivanka Trump and Glenn Close, she recently found herself in the same predicament as Roger.

“I wanted to be able to hear Roger, so I started wearing hearing aids when we lived in Connecticut, and I continued after we moved to Florida,” she says.

Roger and Suzanne’s move to Florida came three and a half years ago. When they began looking for a hearing care provider, they didn’t have to look far. Two doors down from their primary care physician in New Port Richey was Trinity Hearing & Balance Center.

Trinity Hearing & Balance Center is the practice of Kelly Hansen, AuD, who, with her colleague Nikki Goldowski-Richa, AuD, treats all types of hearing loss and hearing-related conditions. They also treat a host of balance disorders.

“I went to Trinity Hearing and Balance Center because my hearing aids were giving me trouble and were due to be replaced,” Roger reports. “They were seven years old, and one of them had almost stopped working entirely, so I needed to get new ones.”

“I wasn’t having so much trouble with mine,” Suzanne says. “But when Roger came home with his new hearing aids and was so thrilled with them, I thought, I want to be thrilled with mine, too. We ended up getting the same advanced hearing aids.”

Thorough Evaluation

Dr. Hansen’s examination of Roger and Suzanne extended beyond their hearing tests and surveyed their lifestyles and daily living environments. She also did some physical examinations to determine the root causes of their hearing loss.

“I checked to make sure they didn’t have wax in their ears, then did testing to rule out a functional problem with their middle ears, such as fluid in the ear,” Dr. Hansen explains. “I also made sure there was nothing medically going on.”

Dr. Hansen determined that Roger’s and Suzanne’s hearing losses stemmed from nerve damage and that they would benefit from one of the state-of-the-art hearing aids now available at Trinity Hearing & Balance Center. The hearing aids, she noted, would improve not only their hearing but also their overall quality of life.

“When people with hearing loss are missing out because they’re not hearing family members and friends, they tend to withdraw, which is especially devastating to married couples,” Dr. Hansen observes.

“It can make them depressed, and they may give up doing things they enjoy together because they can’t hear. Fitting these people with hearing aids restores their lifestyle and, as a result, improves their quality of life.”

Expertise Measured

Trinity Hearing & Balance Center’s philosophy and dedication to patient care set them apart from other hearing centers.

“Trinity Hearing and Balance Center is proud to be an AudigyCertified™ practice,” Dr. Hansen notes. “We are one of only two hundred and fifty clinics in the nation to hold this certification.

“AudigyCertified professionals are among the country’s most experienced hearing care professionals, with its members possessing some of the industry’s highest credentials. Our expertise is measured by our commitment to patient satisfaction, continuing education and the expert application of current technologies.

“We work side by side with our patients to help find a solution to their hearing problems,” Dr. Hansen continues. “Many patients who have gone through our Patient for Life® program experience greater satisfaction with their hearing technology and a greater quality of life.”

Exceptional Service

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Roger and Suzanne Cornwell

Roger and Suzanne received identical, state-of-the-art hearing aids from Trinity Hearing & Balance Center. They’re both extremely pleased with their decision to explore the advanced technology.

“Our hearing aids have technology that allows us to hear sound, like that from our phones or the television, directly through the hearing aids so we hear it clearly,” Suzanne describes. “For example, I can listen to an audiobook while working in the yard, and I can still hear it when Roger walks past me with the lawnmower.

“Before we got the hearing aids, Roger had trouble controlling the volume on the TV so he could both hear and understand the words. Now, we both hear and understand everything perfectly.”

“We can use our phones to easily adjust our hearing aids as we go into different environments,” Roger reports. “They have a setting for restaurants, so I can go into a restaurant and adjust them for that. Then they help tone down background noise, yet allow me to hear the conversations going on close by.”

Suzanne and Roger are also very happy with the exceptional service they receive from Dr. Hansen and her staff at Trinity Hearing & Balance Center.

“Both of the audiologists at Trinity Hearing and Balance Center are very educated and dedicated to their patients,” Suzanne relates. “They look us in the eye when we’re talking and respond, even if their fingers are on the keyboard at the same time. They’re still listening to us.”

“We will absolutely go back to them for any hearing aid upgrades,” Roger says.

“We’ve already been back a few times,” Suzanne adds. “They offer free cleanings, and they check out our hearing aids to make sure there’s no earwax in them and that all the wires are still where they belong and are working to capacity.

“They’re really good to us. I never want to go back to not having Dr. Hansen and Dr. Goldowski-Richa take care of us. They’re great!”

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