Laser Therapy Kills Lingering Toenail Fungus

Painless PinPointe therapy is podiatrist’s “weapon of choice.”

After winning her nearly two-year battle with cancer, Sally* celebrated in part by moving from North Carolina to Florida, where she and her husband recently found a waterside home that they fell in love with at first sight.

Unfortunately, Sally resettled still bearing scars left by her cancer treatment. Though her hair grew back, a toenail that fell off during chemotherapy continued to give her fits.

“It was the toenail on my left big toe, and just as it was almost done growing back out, it would fall off again,” Sally details. “At first, I was seeing a podiatrist in North Carolina about it, but after moving to Florida, I started to see a podiatrist in Bradenton.”

Both podiatrists determined that a fungus was causing the nail to fall off, but neither could find an agent strong enough to destroy the fungus. It wasn’t until Sally changed podiatrists yet again that she found a provider with a weapon that could undo that.

“I switched because I read an article in Florida Health Care News about a woman who had the same problem I had,” Sally remembers. “She went to see Dr. Chiu, and Dr. Chiu took care of it, so I thought, Maybe Dr. Chiu can help me, too.

Dawn Chiu, DPM, AACFAS, of Sarasota Foot and Ankle Center, has adopted PinPointe FootLaser® therapy as her “weapon of choice” in the battle against stubborn toenail fungus.

PinPointe FootLaser therapy is a quick, easy, painless in-office treatment that kills the fungus without side effects and does not require patients to take a blood test beforehand.

“PinPointe FootLaser treatments last only a few minutes, during which time the laser is passed over the nail in a crisscross pattern to ensure full coverage,” Dr. Chiu explains. “Patients usually feel a warmth on their toe during the treatment but no pain.”

After each treatment, patients can return to normal activities immediately. When combined with topical ointments, the laser therapy has an 80 percent success rate, according to Dr. Chiu, who counts Sally among her successes.

“Given my medical history, one of the first things Dr. Chiu did was take a biopsy to determine exactly which fungus she was dealing with,” Sally reports. “Then she found the exact ointment that was needed to help fight that particular fungus.

“She then did the laser treatment, and that was pretty much it. I received one laser treatment and that was a little more than a year ago. Since then, the nail has grown back and stayed on, and it looks perfect, so everything has worked out really well.

“I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I’m so pleased, in fact, that I have my husband going to see Dr. Chiu, and I gladly recommend her to others. She really knows her stuff.”

© FHCN article by Roy Cummings
*Patient’s name changed at her request.
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