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Aesthetics aren’t only for women.

Like his father and grandfather before him, Michael* attained the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts, graduated with honors from college and went on to practice law for a firm in Satellite Beach.

Unfortunately, those achievements are not the only things Michael, 33, has in common with his father and grandfather. Like both of them, his hairline began to recede when he was in his late 20s. Unlike both of them, he has since decided to do something about it.

“I don’t want that same horseshoe hairline that they had so I started looking for a place that offered men’s aesthetic services,” he says. “The place I found is Physicians Body Sculpting in Melbourne.”

At Physicians Body Sculpting, Michael Wolfington, MD, and his staff specialize in aesthetic care for men and women and offer a variety of anti-aging and rejuvenating services for the body and mind, including the aesthetic treatment known as CoolSculpting®.

“Michael came to us with concerns about his thinning hair as well as some expression lines across his forehead,” says Vivian Santiago, a clinical aesthetician at Physicians Body Sculpting. “After several consultations with me and Dr. Wolfington, we agreed on a treatment plan for him.”

That plan called for Michael to receive a series of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) microneedling treatments to foster new growth along his receding hairline and a noninvasive laser treatment called Laser Genesis to smooth out the deep wrinkles in his forehead.

“The PRP for hair loss treatment is a natural process that begins with us drawing some blood from the patient,” Vivian explains. “We then spin the blood in a centrifuge, where the plasma, which contains the PRP, is extracted from the blood.”

PRP is a substance that contains proteins. Those proteins promote cell growth when injected into the body. In this case, the injection was done following microneedling, a procedure where the scalp is penetrated by a pen or small roller containing dozens of microfine needles.

“After the microneedling, we apply the plasma to the targeted area, and the plasma actually stimulates the stem cells, which are located in the root, or follicle, of the hair. That’s what promotes the new hair growth,” Vivian educates.

Hair grows naturally in stages, so the time it takes for new hair to start growing following PRP treatment depends on the growth stage the hair is in at the time of the treatment. But most patients see new growth within a month of completing a PRP treatment, Vivian says.

Like PRP, Laser Genesis treatments give a boost to the natural healing process, but through a heat laser that boosts collagen growth. A typical Laser Genesis treatment protocol includes six treatments, which is what
Michael received.

“This Treatment Really Works”

“The results were amazing,” Michael exudes. “After six laser treatments, all of the lines in my forehead were pretty much eliminated. My forehead looks a whole lot smoother at least. Let’s put it that way.

“The best part, though, was the hair treatment. I was a little skeptical about it because there are a lot of companies promoting services that supposedly stimulate new hair growth but don’t. This one does.

“After about a month, I noticed a little stubble growing along the crown of my head where my hair was receding. That was about a month ago, and the hair is still growing, so this treatment really works, and I definitely recommend it.”

*Patient’s name withheld at his request.
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