IV Infusion Brings Needed Vitamin Refill

Therapy replenishes depleted nutrients, thereby restoring health and well-being.

As the owner of a tile company, Dennis* wears a lot of hats. He manages sales, customer service and finances. He loves his work, but there are times when the heavy load leaves him stressed and tired.

“It’s a family-owned business,” Dennis notes. “I took it over about 35 years ago. As part of my job, I do installations and sell tile, granite and marble. I also do a lot of running around.”

At the end of last year, the strain of the job began affecting Dennis physically and mentally. He lacked energy, motivation and focus. Dennis mentioned these symptoms during an appointment with Dr. Jeffery P. Johnson at Johnson Medical Center.

After administering some tests, Dr. Johnson discovered Dennis was deficient in several key vitamins and nutrients. He suggested Dennis try IV infusion therapy, which Johnson Medical Center recently added to its regimen of treatment options.

“Dr. Johnson took some extra time and explained IV infusion therapy and the benefits of receiving vitamins and other nutrients through an IV,” Dennis states.

With IV (intravenous) therapy, medications, vitamins, nutrients or other liquids are given through a tube inserted into a vein. With IV infusion, delivery occurs over time using a controlled drip. IV push uses a rapid injection from a syringe that is inserted into the tube.

“I figured I’d give infusion therapy a shot because I’ve always been told that when you take vitamins as pills only a small percentage gets absorbed into your body,” Dennis recalls. “I thought this would be much more effective.”

Dennis is right. Only 30 percent of vitamins taken as pills are absorbed, whereas 100 percent of the vitamins delivered through IV infusion reach the bloodstream.

Johnson Medical Center offers several generic IV mixtures, or cocktails, as well as custom blends of vitamins and minerals to address each patient’s specific health issues.

vitamin d bottle

Vitamin D has a direct influence on hormone balance as well as direct effects on mood. Vitamin D activates the genes that release dopamine and serotonin. The lack of these neurotransmitters is commonly linked to depression.

Glutathione Links

Infusion therapy at Johnson Medical Center is designed to replenish depleted nutrients, such as vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, thereby restoring health and well-being.

One nutrient that is available with IV therapy is glutathione, known as the master antioxidant. Increased levels of glutathione (pronounced gloota-THIGH-own) in the bloodstream have been linked to a decreased risk of many serious disorders.

“Glutathione is like a miracle nutrient,” reports Dr. Johnson. “It has been shown to help fight different types of cancer, viral infections, asthma, allergies and rheumatoid arthritis. There are also cardiovascular conditions helped by glutathione, including atherosclerosis, angina, hypertension and stroke.”

Thyroid and pancreatic function can be improved as well. These organs contribute to diabetes and hypothyroidism. Other disorders that can be affected by higher glutathione levels include inflammatory skin conditions, chronic fatigue, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and gastric ulcers.

“This super antioxidant also helps with neurologic and brain issues, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, migraine headaches and depression,” Dr. Johnson adds. “In addition, it has been shown to improve arthritic joints.”

With or without glutathione, Johnson Medical Center infusions have many benefits. That’s particularly true in Florida, where summer poses a special threat. With the high heat and humidity, it’s easy for Floridians to become dehydrated, especially during outdoor activity. Signs of dehydration include increased thirst, dry mouth and skin, decreased urine output, headaches and dizziness. IV therapy can quickly bring the body back into balance.

“Many people don’t realize they’re not drinking enough water, and that has everything to do with mental clarity, healthy organs and good skin,” notes Dr. Johnson. “With an IV infusion, people receive substantial fluids. The fluids rehydrate them and instantaneously perk them up, clearing the mind and replenishing the organs and skin.”

Dehydration can sap the body of critical fluids and nutrients. The same is true of certain medications.

“Many medications, including some for high cholesterol, hypertension and pain, can deplete the body of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,” observes Dr. Johnson. “These medicines actually consume some of the vitamins and minerals people are putting into their bodies.

“But when vitamins are taken orally, they’ve got to make their way through the gastrointestinal system, where much of them are lost. IV infusion therapy bypasses that by putting the nutrients directly into the vein. This way, clients get hydration from the fluids and every bit of the needed vitamins.”

Dr. Johnson notes that people respond differently to IV therapy. Some feel results immediately while others – including Dennis – need two or three treatments before experiencing significant improvement.

IV infusion therapy is used to administer vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants in a saline solution to provide patients with instant recovery from vitamin deficiencies.

“It was after the third treatment that I started to notice a difference, and it was huge,” Dennis confirms. “I thought, Wow, this really works. I feel great. The infusions gave me a big boost in energy, and I could definitely tell that something positive was happening.

“I’ve been doing IV infusion therapy for several months, and my energy level is much higher, and my awareness is much better. The bottom line is, I feel a whole lot better than I did before. Thanks to IV infusion therapy, I feel like I’m on top of my game again.”

Continuing IV Therapy

As Dennis completed more treatments, he began to appreciate their many benefits to his physical health and state of mind. He even realized a benefit he never expected.

“I used to get stressed out pretty easily, especially if things at work weren’t going well or there was a problem,” Dennis offers. “But now, I’m handling those situations much better. I feel like I’m more focused as well.

“And my skin looks better. I was surprised by that, but I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I look better than I did before. I honestly believe that has something to do with the cocktail of vitamins I’ve been receiving through Dr. Johnson’s IV infusion therapy.”

Dennis is so happy with the results that he plans to continue receiving regular infusions. At the same time, the staff at Johnson Medical Center will continue to monitor the vitamin and nutrient levels in his bloodstream.

“I had bloodwork done a couple of weeks ago, and it showed I was lacking some nutrients,” Dennis explains. “In response to that, the staff at Johnson Medical Center simply adjusted my therapy to ensure I was getting everything needed. It’s that simple.

“And I want to say that everyone at Johnson Medical Center is great. They’re all good people and they are genuinely concerned about your well-being. I enjoy going to the clinic, and I have no problems when I make appointments.

“I recommend IV infusion therapy and Johnson Medical Center to anybody.”

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* Patient’s name changed at his request
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