Invest In Yourself

Aesthetic treatments can bring out the best in you.

Because such a large part of each day is spent on our needs, there is little time left for our wants. But doing the things we desire is just as important as doing the necessities.

Studies show that taking time out of a busy day or week to care for yourself is critical to becoming your best, and Janie Rushnell, CME, founder and owner of Skintastic Med Spa, is among those who believe strongly in the self-care philosophy.

Brianna Lebkey

Brianna Lebkey

“With emails, text messages and all that we have going on today, some people never get a chance to stop, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed, stressed out and start feeling as if you’re the last priority on your to-do list,” Janie explains.

“For everyone, but especially for people on the go like most of us are, it’s important to know that by taking a little time to give back to yourself and treating yourself with a little self care, you’re actually going to feel better about yourself.

“When people feel better about themselves, they’re always better at everything they do. Not only are they more energetic, but they’re going to be better moms and dads, better spouses, better employees and better friends.”

Self-care comes in many forms. For some it can be a walk in the park or time spent reading a good book or watching a favorite TV show or movie. For others, it’s allowing yourself to be pampered. At Skintastic, Janie specializes in the latter.

With more than 50 treatments, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, Ultherapy® and intravenous vitamin therapy, Skintastic is a boutique med spa that offers the most extensive menu of health, wellness and aesthetic services in Hernando County.

Alongside Cynthia Brooks, MD, Janie oversees a sizable staff of professional practitioners that includes three nurse practitioners, a physician’s assistant, three medical aestheticians and a massage therapist.

They work together to offer an array of services that includes hormone replacement therapy, Cool Sculpting™, wellness shots, body scrubs and laser skin treatments.

“No one out-facials Skintastic,” Janie exclaims. “I am a CIDESCO diplomate, which means I am a true master aesthetician. And I’m all about facials. From European facials to clinical facials and everything in between, we offer it all.

“We want our customers to live the happiest, best life possible, and we do that by offering services your typical med spa simply doesn’t. And we guarantee natural looking results. That’s a promise I make to all of our customers.

“If you come to Skintastic, no one will know you’ve had anything done unless you tell them. So be prepared to get lots of compliments from your husband, boyfriend and other friends because they’re going to notice a difference in your appearance.”

Facials and Laser Treatments 

Helping to make good on that guarantee is Brianna Lebkey, a medical aesthetician and electrologist who specializes in facial treatments, many of which include services that go beyond rejuvenating the skin and enhancing appearance.

“We always include hand treatments and relaxing neck and shoulder massages with our facials,” Brianna confirms. “And there are always add-ons that someone can do such as facial cupping, Gua Sha, aromatherapy and hot stone therapy.

“The advantage to adding on something like facial cupping and Gua Sha is that it helps with lymphatic drainage, which reduces puffiness. That makes the skin look healthier and brighter, and that alone can often improve someone’s confidence and well-being.

Katie Schultz

Katie Schultz

“Like Janie, I think it’s important that we do things like this for ourselves, that we take time out of our busy schedules to relax and treat ourselves, even if it’s just taking an hour to relax and unwind.”

With the cooler, drier winter months upon us, Brianna suggests taking advantage of one of Skintastic’s specials, which include a facial of the month promotion that is always designed for the time of year it is offered.

For example, Skintastic’s Winter Wonderland Facial features ingredients designed to keep the skin hydrated during the winter. And it’s presented in a cozy setting that further promotes relaxation.

“In the winter months, we really like to get our facial customers super snugly and cozy on our heated table with our weighted blanket,” Janie describes. “And, of course, the hot towels and steam that are part of that are just extra nice during the cooler months.”

Brianna’s recommendations for the season include dermaplaning, a resurfacing treatment in which dead skin and peach fuzz are removed, and oxygen treatments, which can be customized to the needs of each individual.

“With the oxygen treatments, we apply a serum that’s similar to a mask,” Brianna educates. “The treatment can be customized for anti-aging or it can be more antibacterial to help with acne. It can even be geared toward brightening people’s skin.

“We do that with the use of a machine that sprays serum and oxygen onto the skin, which helps to hydrate, plump up and brighten the skin to make it look healthier and rejuvenated.”

Take Some Time For You 

Laser skin treatments are another form of self-care available at Skintastic. Katie Schultz, PA, provides many of those treatments, including BroadBand Light™ (BBL™) and Intense Pulsed Light® (IPL®).

“The BBL and IPL treatments are very popular because they help get rid of sun spots and sun damage that a lot of people get from being out in the sun here in Florida,” Katie explains. “They help take care of all those pigmented lesions.”


“I really can’t emphasize the importance of self-care enough.”- Janie


Another treatment Katie specializes in utilizes the TimeWalker® Fotona4D®, a device that uses four lasers to lift and tighten the skin. Katie says packages usually include between three and five treatments.

“In all of the laser treatments, we’re basically heating up the tissue to different degrees and at varying depths to put the skin into the wound-healing process,” Katie reports. “That healing process is what sparks the production of collagen in the skin.”

Most laser treatments can be completed in 45 minutes or less, but the results can last for months. It’s easy to see how a small investment in time can leave customers feeling better about themselves long after the therapy is completed.

“I really can’t emphasize the importance of self-care enough,” Janie concludes. “For whatever reason, many of us fail to give back to ourselves, but it doesn’t take much time to do that; and when we do take that time, we’re always better for it.”

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