In Pain? SoftWave Therapy Promotes Healing

‘Amazing device’ uses sound waves to mend 73-year-old triathlete’s tissue.

Dr. Glen Fritz

At age 57, Dr. Glen Fritz abandoned his South Texas dental practice and embarked on an adventure fit for an Indiana Jones film.

His goal: find the location of the biblical Mount Sinai and the path the Israelites took to get there after their liberation from Egypt.

Dr. Fritz’s quest was nothing short of a leap of faith, one that began at Texas State University in San Marcos, where he earned a PhD in environmental geography in 2006.

Since then, Dr. Fritz has not only achieved his objective of pinpointing two of the Bible’s most storied locations, but he has also authored four books on the Exodus and contributed to two documentary films on the subject.

“My first book was the dissertation I wrote for my PhD,” Dr. Fritz says. “It’s called The Lost Sea of the Exodus, and it determined the part of the Red Sea that was crossed by the Israelites and the route they took to get there.”

Dr. Fritz’s second book details his theory on the location of Mount Sinai, while his third delves into the path the Israelites took in reaching it. It’s a route that, in recent years, Dr. Fritz would have had some trouble traveling himself.

A competitive distance runner since he was in his 20s, Dr. Fritz began competing in triathlons in 1982. Since moving back to Vero Beach from Texas in 2018, he has been slowed several times by an array of pain-inducing afflictions.

“Through the years, I’ve had just about every running injury or strain you can think of,” laments Dr. Fritz, 73. “I’ve also suffered with chronic shoulder pain from all the swimming I do as well as issues with my lower back and buttocks.

“That’s why I feel so fortunate to know Dr. Richardson.”

Mel Richardson, MD, is a lifestyle optimization specialist and the founder of ReGenRX Wellness, an integrated wellness and medical spa in Vero Beach.

“We first met back in the 1980s, and I’ve respected him ever since,” Dr. Fritz says. “After I moved back to Florida, I found him again just as he was moving into pain management, and he has been a lifesaver for me.”

Expedites Healing

Dr. Richardson specializes in a variety of pain management and lifestyle optimization treatments, most notably SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies therapy.

SoftWave TRT uses the patented, noninvasive, therapeutic OrthoGold 100® device, which is designed to alleviate pain and expedite healing in damaged tissue through the delivery of specific frequencies of acoustic waves to the cellular level of the injured or painful area.

“When acoustic waves penetrate injured tissue, they trick the cells into releasing anti-inflammatory chemicals and proteins that the body produces naturally,” Dr. Richardson explains. “These chemicals decrease inflammation, which relieves pain.

“Dr. Richardson and his pain treatment techniques have been a lifesaver for me.” Dr. Glen Fritz

“At the same time, the sound waves attract stem cells from around the body to the injured area. Over time, usually between six and 12 weeks, those stem cells heal and regenerate the damaged tissue. But pain is typically relieved much sooner.”

A typical course of SoftWave TRT therapy calls for patients to be treated once a week for three weeks. It can be used to address all types of pain, including back pain, neck pain and pain caused by plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. It even helps with urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues.

“It is, from head to toe, the most amazing tool I’ve ever seen in medicine, and I’ve been involved in invasive pain management for almost 40 years,” says Dr. Richardson, who has used SoftWave TRT to treat several of Dr. Fritz’s afflictions.

Wave Reviews

“The first time I went to Dr. Richardson for any kind of pain treatment was in 2019,” Dr. Fritz recalls. “I had femoral patella tendonitis, which is inflammation of the tendon between the quad muscle and the kneecap.

“This is something I get from all the cycling I do, so I’ve dealt with it before, but this was the first time anyone treated it with SoftWave TRT therapy.

Dr. Richardson gave me two treatments, and it wiped that pain right out. Even better, it hasn’t come back since.”

While his tendonitis has not returned, Dr. Fritz felt a need to return to Dr. Richardson a little more than a year after first being treated. His complaint this time was chronic shoulder pain, a consequence of all the swimming he does as a triathlete.

“The shoulder pain was one of the worst problems I’ve dealt with,” Dr. Fritz reveals. “It was the result of chronic muscle strain, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of it. I put up with that for months before I finally went to see Dr. Richardson.”

As he did with the tendonitis, Dr. Richardson treated Dr. Fritz’s shoulder pain with SoftWave TRT therapy. The results were similar. After two treatments, Dr. Fritz’s shoulder pain disappeared. But his need for SoftWave TRT therapy did not.

“This past May, I had a bike wreck where I hurt my shoulder again and broke a couple of ribs,” Dr. Fritz reports. “As a result of all that, my running gait got all twisted up because my body symmetry was off.

“I didn’t want to quit working out, so I kept going, but because of the body symmetry being off, I wound up straining my lower back. I put up with that for a couple of weeks and then went back to Dr. Richardson.”

Dr. Richardson treated the back pain through SoftWave TRT therapy. This time, Dr. Fritz received two treatments just a few days apart. The results were nothing short of remarkable.

“Low back strains like that tend to linger and make it painful to get out of bed or a chair, and it just drives you nuts,” Dr. Fritz notes. “That’s what I dealt with for two weeks, but the SoftWave therapy cleared it up in a matter of days.

“In fact, I competed in a triathlon just a week after my second treatment and finished second in the 70-79 age group. I competed in another triathlon in August and finished second in my age group again.

“More importantly, I was pain-free through it all, and I have been since I last saw Dr. Richardson. So, the good thing is, I know now that if I suffer an injury or something else comes up, I can get it taken care of in an expeditious manner.

“As I said before, Dr. Richardson and his pain treatment techniques have been a lifesaver for me. I would not have been able to keep going the way I have were it not for them, and so I gladly recommend Dr. Richardson and SoftWave TRT therapy to anyone.”

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