I Can Hear Clearly Now

Device functions like an ear to produce a more natural sound

Once a bookkeeper for her husband’s accounting firm, Jean says advanced arthritis was the cause of her replacement surgeries. Unfortunately, arthritis isn’t the only medical issue the 77-year-old deals with.

Jean Falconetti

“I’ve struggled with hearing loss since I was a child.”

“I’ve struggled with hearing loss since I was a child,” Jean explains. “But it’s just in the last five years that I’ve worn hearing aids. Recently, I realized I still wasn’t hearing as well as I thought I could even with my hearing aids in.”

That realization prompted a visit to Dana Jickell, AuD, founder of Professional Hearing Solutions and the audiologist who fit Jean with her first set of hearing aids. During her visit, Jean explained how she was struggling to hear in noisy environments.

One of the reasons for that struggle was that Jean was still wearing the hearing aids she was first fit with five years earlier. To correct the problem, Dr. Jickell recommended that Jean try a new model featuring a series of technological upgrades.

In particular, she recommended that Jean try the ReSound ONE™ with M&RIE, which stands for microphone & receiver in ear. In these instruments, Dr. Jickell explains, the microphone functions like an actual ear to produce a more natural sound.

“With Jean’s old hearing aids, she could be at the beach talking to someone and all that information – the voices and the sounds of the waves crashing – would be at the same volume,” Dr. Jickell elaborates. 

“With the ReSound ONE with M&RIE, Jean hears more like someone who has normal hearing. The sounds of the waves are in the background the way they should be, and the voice is more front and center. It’s like these hearing aids have special awareness.”

The ReSound ONE with M&RIE also allows wearers to hear more clearly in crowded environments such as restaurants. The hearing aids can also stream sounds from a television, smartphone or computer.

Though Jean had grown quite comfortable with her original devices, Dr. Jickell convinced her to give the ReSound ONE with M&RIE a try. Jean is glad she did.

“After the trial period, Jean came back into the office and said, I don’t even want to talk about it; I want these hearing aids and you can toss the other ones away,” Dr. Jickell remembers. “She was really pleased.”

“With these hearing aids, it’s like I have new ears,” Jean raves. “They’re just wonderful. I can hear everything so much clearer now. And I love that I can listen to someone on the phone directly through my hearing aids.

“I’m hearing better than I have in I don’t know how long, and I have Dr. Jickell to thank for that. She’s great. She’s patient and kind, and just a nice person. I wish she was my regular doctor.”

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