Hearing Loss is Reversible

Lumomed laser restores damaged ear cells.

After working for 42 years as a florist in their small, family-owned shop in Albany, New York, Sandy* and her husband retired at the ages of 67 and 68 respectively, moved to Florida and began living what Sandy calls “the good life.’’Dr. John Lieurance of Advanced Rejuvenation in Sarasota used laser therapy to treat *Sandy’s hearing loss.

As the years rolled on, however, the good life became increasingly difficult, particularly for Sandy, who realized not long before her 80th birthday that she was experiencing the kind of hearing difficulties all too common among people her age.

“I’d be talking to someone and I’d only catch half of what they were saying,” Sandy recalls. “I’d have to ask them over and over again, what did you say? Or if I answered them wrong, they’d give me a funny look and I’d have to explain, I didn’t totally hear you.”

Sandy’s inability to carry on a conversation without constantly asking people to repeat themselves was especially frustrating for her husband, who encouraged her to have her hearing tested. Those tests revealed a hearing loss significant enough to warrant Sandy being fit for hearing aids. But Sandy soon found her hearing aids to be a nuisance.

“I was constantly turning them up higher and down lower,” Sandy complains. “It was a pain in the neck, but I had no choice, because some people talk loud and some people talk soft, so I was always having to adjust them.”

By the time she began her eighth decade of life, Sandy was resigned to the idea she’d need to wear the annoying hearing devices for the rest of her life. Then one day, Sandy’s husband picked up a copy of Florida Health Care News while waiting for an appointment in a doctor’s office.

The publication included an article about an innovative inner ear treatment designed to reverse hearing loss that is performed by John Lieurance, DC, at Advanced Rejuvenation, a regenerative medical practice in Sarasota.

“My husband showed me the article and when I read it, I thought, this sounds pretty good,” Sandy shares.I said to my husband, this is something that can really help people, so we made an appointment and went and checked it out.

Dr. Lieurance is a chiropractic neurologist and naturopath, as well as a certified provider of Lumomed sound laser therapy, which is designed to rejuvenate damaged ear cells. Treatments have been clinically shown to improve hearing loss and reduce the effects of many balance disorders and tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

Sandy says that upon first meeting with Dr. Lieurance, she found him to be “very, very thorough” during her initial examination and consultation, which included a comprehensive hearing test.

“He explained everything – how the laser therapy worked and what I could expect as far as getting my hearing back,” adds Sandy, who accepted Dr. Lieurance’s recommendation to undergo the therapy, a full course of which consists of 15 thirty-
minute laser treatments on each ear.

One of a Kind

Advanced Rejuvenation is the only center in the United States approved to use Lumomed’s protocols. Dr. Lieurance had been treating hearing loss, balance disorders and tinnitus for many years through his functional chiropractic neurology practice when he heard about Lumomed from one of his patients. While in Germany, the patient received the treatment from Dr. Amon Kaiser, who has worked with lasers for more than 30 years.

“My patient got in touch and told me, Hey, this doctor is doing wonderful work in Germany for inner ear regeneration. It would be such a great adjunct to what you’re doing in Florida,”Dr. Lieurance relates.

Dr. Lieurance contacted Dr. Kaiser and traveled to Germany to study the science they had discovered and the methods for the treatment protocols.

“I was so impressed that I brought this back to Sarasota,” Dr. Lieurance states. “It’s phenomenal. I’m constantly looking for the best and most effective technologies to help people with conditions that are considered untreatable. When someone tells me, You can’t do it, it makes me want to do it even more.”

Dr. Lieurance explains the science behind Lumomed this way: Special nerve cells in the inner ear, called hair cells, allow for the perception of sound and are essential for balance. If those cells are damaged, an individual may suffer hearing loss, tinnitus or a debilitating balance disorder such as vertigo.

“We have a great deal of technology today, such as cell phones, iPods® and computers,” he expounds. “That technology, along with sirens and various machines in our environment, make different, high-pitched sounds that are very loud. As a result, the hair cells are highly stressed.

“When these cells are constantly overwhelmed by noise and stress, they cannot process energy correctly,” Dr. Lieurance continues. “With low or depleted energy, the auditory and vestibular cells in the ear lose their ability to do their jobs, and disease results, whether it’s a hearing loss, dizziness or tinnitus.”

The hair cells have their own energy source, which is adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. It is produced by structures inside the cells that act as power plants, called mitochondria. Maintaining the ears when they’re stressed requires vast amounts of energy. Without it, the cells begin to break down.

“Studies have shown that hair cell regeneration is possible,” Dr. Lieurance asserts. “Inner ear laser therapy is performed with specialized laser equipment set at very specific settings. The Lumomed laser showers energy into the ear in the form of photons. This energy is then used by the hair cells to repair themselves.”

Better With Each Treatment

The therapy is most effective for younger patients, who are “developing their language based on what they hear,”
Dr. Lieurance points out. “If we can fix their hearing at a young age, they don’t develop a lot of speech impediments.”

The laser, which is applied while patients wear goggles and lie on a treatment table, emits very little heat. Some people feel the sensation of sunshine, while others feel nothing.

Some patients notice an improvement in their hearing within the first few sessions, Dr. Lieurance informs. For others, it takes longer.

“After the first two treatments, I was told not to wear my hearing aids anymore,” Sandy remembers. “I should just trust that my hearing was slowly getting better, and it did get better with each treatment.”

Today, Sandy can hear as well as she did years ago. She’s living proof that it is possible to turn back time, and that hearing loss is reversible.

“If I hadn’t met up with Dr. Lieurance I would still be wearing hearing aids,” Sandy shares. “People are telling me, Your hearing is back! Your hearing is back! I am very, very happy.”

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