Happy Tenth Anniversary!

Celebrating ten years of helping people feel younger, stronger, sexier.

Originally opening its doors in 2009, Infinity Medical Institute recently celebrated ten years of success in providing health and wellness to residents of the Tampa Bay area. But its reputation extends far beyond Tampa Bay.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Kathleyn & Michael Montemurro

People have traveled from as far south as the Florida Keys and from as far north as New York State to take advantage of the array of health and wellness services offered by Infinity Medical Institute.

“We’ve treated thousands of patients during the past ten years, and many of them are still with us,” says Michael Montemurro, owner and president of Infinity Medical Institute. “That’s a true testament to the services we provide and to the products we offer and how successful they are. My wife, Kathleyn, and I have both been patients and used the services available here.”

Infinity Medical Institute offers a full range of services for total body health, but the service that really built the business is its Bio-Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT. Infinity Medical Institute’s BHRT is the most natural and effective solution for correcting hormone-related issues such as the low energy, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings associated with menopause and andropause.

The bio-natural hormone pellets used by Infinity Medical Institute are a plant-derived, natural material that is molecularly changed in structure and function for a 100 percent bio-identical match to the body’s own hormones. Synthetic hormones, by contrast, can be as little as six to eight percent bio-identical, which can lead to known risk factors.

“Hormones affect everything, including our growth through childhood, our sexual development, our moods, how we break down our food, our sleep patterns, stress, how much weight we gain – just about every function in the body, big and small,” observes Moriah Moffitt, MD, a physician on staff at Infinity Medical Institute. “They also play a role in many health conditions such as diabetes, an over- or underactive thyroid, osteoporosis, obesity, anxiety and depression.”

“Hormones are messengers that activate cellular activity,” Michael elaborates. “When they’re depleted, the body slows down, and the cells don’t work like they’re supposed to. As a result, there’s less cellular activity, which leads to a host of symptoms.

“With our BHRT for men and women, we replace the body’s missing hormones with naturally occurring ones, which restores the patients’ hormone levels back to the levels they had when they were in their prime, in their twenties. We call that level prime because that’s when patients had optimum function.”

“Using BHRT, we optimize patients’ hormone levels and restore them to what they were when the patients were young adults,” Kathleyn Montemurro, owner and clinic director at Infinity Medical Institute, reiterates. “Therefore, patients’ cellular activity is regenerated, and they receive all the benefits of having balanced hormones.”

Personal Experience

Kathleyn speaks from experience. She chose to use BHRT from Infinity Medical Institute when she began experiencing uncomfortable symptoms related to menopause.

“The first thing I noticed was interrupted sleep,” she remembers. “I started having night sweats, then I became depressed and irritable. I had terrible headaches, increased body fat and decreased libido. I had no sex drive. It also felt like my brain couldn’t function. I had memory loss and couldn’t focus. I couldn’t even finish a sentence. I also felt left out and disconnected socially.

“Typically, women who feel this way go to a medical doctor and are told those are common symptoms of depression. They’re prescribed depression medication, but that’s not the answer when the problem is a lack of hormones. Unfortunately, many medical doctors are unaware of the effects of depleted hormones.”

After Kathleyn’s hormones were balanced using BHRT, she began to feel better, lost weight and regained her ability to focus on tasks. Meanwhile, the night sweats, insomnia and headaches disappeared, and her energy and sex drive returned. She felt alive and connected again.

“BHRT helped me with weight loss, energy, libido, muscle tone and strength, and brain function,” Kathleyn recalls. “Once I was on BHRT, I started seeing benefits from my diet and workouts, and my confidence increased. We were also much happier in our marriage because the intimacy was back in our relationship. BHRT was life-changing for me.

“Having balanced hormones restores health and reverses signs of aging, and it leads to an overall better quality of life. And the results are consistent as long as patients continue with the bio-natural hormone pellet therapy.”

The increased energy level and sex drive that it provides are two of the benefits of BHRT that patients appreciate the most, Michael notes, but BHRT treatments provide much more than that. They can also reverse osteoporosis, lower cholesterol and help with weight control.

“I’ve been on BHRT since we opened, and I like the energy it gives me,” Michael says. “If I miss a session or if I’m a month late getting my pellet, I start to feel very washed out and tired. My stamina decreases, as does my mental clarity. BHRT really gives me a beneficial edge in my everyday life.”

“Through our BHRT, patients achieve consistent absorption of the proper, predictable levels of the hormones their bodies require for optimum health,” Dr. Moffitt comments. “This is done through the simple insertion of a pellet approximately every three to five months.”

Hormone pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and are typically injected under the skin in the hip or buttocks. To ensure the patient is receiving the proper amount of hormones, comprehensive evaluations of overall health are performed prior to the pellets being administered. Hormone levels are measured before each new pellet is inserted as well.

Infinity Medical Institute has offered BHRT for its entire ten years of operation. They have expertise in human hormones and hormone replacement therapies, so they can regulate their patients’ hormones safely and effectively. They customize treatment to each patient’s hormone level and needs.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

People travel from far and wide to take advantage of the health and wellness services offered by Michael and Kathleyn at
Infinity Medical Institute.

Platelet Performance

Along with the bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy, Infinity Medical Institute also offers other treatments that can improve sexual health and performance as well as improve urinary health. Two of the most common treatments available for these conditions are the P-Shot® for men and the O-Shot® for women.

Both the P-Shot and the O-Shot are created using the regenerative capabilities of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is derived from the patient’s own blood. To obtain PRP, Infinity Medical Institute staff remove blood from the patient and place it in a special centrifuge that separates the red blood cells and the plasma that contains the platelets. When activated, platelets release growth factors and proteins that can regenerate damaged tissue.

“The P-Shot, or Priapus Shot®, is an injection of PRP for men with erectile dysfunction or loss of sensitivity,” Michael informs. “The growth factors and proteins in the PRP regenerate tissue and nerve endings, and stimulate blood flow in the penis. This renewal of tissue and blood flow enables stronger, firmer erections and increases sensitivity in the penis. The result is improved performance and increased satisfaction with sex.”

“The O-Shot for women is a unique treatment for urinary incontinence that can help reverse the condition’s uncomfortable symptoms,” Kathleyn reports. “The O-Shot uses the power of PRP to tighten, or strengthen, the urinary bladder muscles and stop the leakage.”

Facing Forward

Patients receiving BHRT, the P-Shot or O-Shot typically feel younger, stronger and sexier after their treatments, but some want a more youthful appearance to go with their renewed vim and vigor. During its ten years in business, Infinity Medical Institute has added a full complement of facial rejuvenation services to assist those patients as well.

“Over the years, we’ve expanded our cosmetic services to provide a one-stop shop for whole-body wellness and youthfulness,” Michael notes. “This way, we can help our patients look more youthful to match how they’re feeling on the bio-natural hormones.”

Among the cosmetic services offered by Infinity Medical Institute is the popular neurotoxin BOTOX® Cosmetic. Infinity Medical Institute also offers dermal fillers, including the entire JUVÉDERM® collection: JUVÉDERM Ultra, JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus, VOLBELLA® XC, VOLLURE XC and VOLUMA® XC. All cosmetic fillers have unique properties that perform best in different areas of the face and last for different periods of time.

“We use the dermal fillers in the cheeks, lips, nose and chin area, essentially the entire face,” Kathleyn states. “We use them to increase volume and to smooth lines and wrinkles. BOTOX Cosmetic also smoothes fine lines on the face.”

In addition, Infinity Medical Institute offers treatments that utilize PRP to regenerate and tighten skin and change skin tone. The Institute recently expanded further to provide a nonsurgical facelift called the PDO ThreadLift, as well as microneedling and laser resurfacing.

“The PDO ThreadLift is an FDA-approved procedure using PDO (polydioxanone) absorbable sutures to lift, tighten and smooth skin, improving texture,” Kathleyn describes. “There are various types of thread used to achieve the desired results.

“Smooth threads are used for fine lines and improving overall skin texture; twisted threads are used for deep folds or wrinkles and barbed threads are used to visibly lift the skin around the face, eyes and neck, commonly referred to as a mini facelift.”

Results are immediate using barbed threads, but all three threads force the skin to produce collagen, which lifts the skin and fills in lines over a three- to six-month period. Threads are absorbed throughout that time as they are replaced with new collagen.

“Microneedling is another procedure we offer that results in collagen production to smooth the skin and improve its appearance,” Kathleyn relates. “Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that causes microscopic punctures to the skin’s surface, which initiates the production of collagen. CO2 laser resurfacing removes the outer layers of the skin to eliminate facial flaws.”

“Kathleyn has added staff so we can provide more services and accommodate new patients,” Michael assures. “We want to help as many people as we can, and we’re expanding to meet the growing needs in our community for the next ten years and beyond.”

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