Glum About Gum Recession?

Here’s a reason to smile: a novel procedure that repairs without cutting, grafting.

Terri Wilkinson resolved to pursue a career in court reporting while in high school. Her choice of profession was inspired, in part, by a classmate’s wardrobe.

Terri is “beyond ecstatic” with the results of her Pinhole procedure.

“There was a person who was older than me, and when she graduated she became a court reporter,” details Terri, 59. “I used to see how she dressed for work and thought it was cool. I also thought the job would be intriguing because I’m nosy.”

After 24 years as a court reporter, Terri switched careers and became an emergency room patient liaison for 10 years. After that, she joined a title company before working as a real estate agent.

“I thought about getting into real estate for a while,” Terri recalls. “My brother is one of the owners of the company. I finally got up the nerve to go for it. I’ve been a Realtor® for two years now, and I love it. It’s been very worthwhile.”

A Florida native, Terri returned to the Sunshine State 15 years ago from her husband’s home state of Massachusetts, where she lived for most of her married life.

Over the years, an issue developed with Terri’s gums that had her seriously concerned.

“I had a little bit of gum recession in my 20s,” Terri shares. “I was told I brushed too hard and that’s how the problem started. As I got older, the recession progressed, and as you might expect, some spots were way worse than others.

“I know that to keep my teeth and gums healthy, I needed to address the issue, but I hesitated because I learned that the way most dentists treat receded gums is by cutting the roof of your mouth and grafting it to your gums.

“A few years back, my dentist told me there was a new procedure for receded gums that didn’t require all that cutting and grafting. But there was only one dentist in town who did the procedure. I wasn’t comfortable going to him, so I passed.”

After moving to Florida and going into real estate, Terri became a patient at Blossom Dental and Facial Aesthetics, the practice of Huda Aljonaidy, DDS, which is located in the same plaza as Terri’s real estate office.

In time, Terri learned that Dr. Aljonaidy offers a scalpel-free, suture-free, graft-free treatment for gum recession called the Pinhole® Surgical Technique. Terri had already read about the procedure and was eager to try it.

“I couldn’t believe it when Dr. Aljonaidy told me about the procedure,” Terri relates. “I was very excited because it meant I wouldn’t have to get painful surgery to treat my gums.”

Reversing Recession

Dr. Aljonaidy explains that while recession can occur in people in their 30s, it is primarily a reflection of the aging process. People lose gum thickness due to wear and tear as they get older. The good news is gum recession can be reversed.

“For years, dentistry’s bread-and-butter technique for correcting gum recession involved two surgeries, one to harvest donor tissue and one to graft it onto the defective gum,” Dr. Aljonaidy educates.

“Using that procedure, it takes 12 surgeries and a good two years to finish the work and restore an entire mouth. It’s a huge and expensive undertaking to get the desired results, which are typically awesome.”

But by using the Pinhole Surgical Technique, Dr. Aljonaidy can achieve the same awesome results in one visit without making an incision.

“When the gums recede, they wind up being attached to the wrong spot,” Dr. Aljonaidy explains. “But you can detach those fibers that are holding them there and drop them down to where they belong.

“In performing the Pinhole Surgical Technique, I use a specialized tool that looks like a pin to open a pinsized hole in the gum. That’s why it’s called a Pinhole technique. I then stuff synthetic collagen into that pinhole to help with healing. Once that’s done, the patient’s own gum tissue is pushed down so it’s in the correct spot. It’s essentially a three-dimensional gingival rejuvenation. Patients leave the office with a new gum line.”

The Pinhole Surgical Technique was invented by John C. Chao, DDS, of Los Angeles. Dentists such as Dr. Aljonaidy must be trained and certified by Dr. Chao to perform the technique at their practices.

“The difference…was instantaneous and extremely gratifying.” – Terri

“I went to California to learn this patented technique and had the privilege of performing many surgeries with Dr. Chao,” Dr. Aljonaidy says proudly. “I pursued certification in this technique because I love to perform detailed advanced dentistry.”

After learning about the procedure, Terri quickly made an appointment with Dr. Aljonaidy. “I needed it so badly,” Terri admits.

Terri was deemed a perfect candidate. Though her teeth are wide and straight, they were twice as tall as normal teeth because her receding gums were allowing more of the actual tooth structure to be exposed.

“As a result, Terri was very self-conscious about her appearance,” Dr. Aljonaidy relates. “She said she felt as though her teeth were not her own, that they didn’t reflect who she is on the inside. I assured her I could help her.”

Instantaneous Results

Using the Pinhole Surgical Technique, Dr. Aljonaidy can restore the gums of an entire mouth in one visit. Terri nevertheless asked Dr. Aljonaidy to restore her upper arch during one visit and lower arch during a second.

“Typically, once one arch is done, the patient will say, I can’t wait. Do the other one now, because they know what to expect and love the results,” Dr. Aljonaidy states. “It’s amazing how well it goes and how quickly it heals.”

Terri recalls: “There was some discomfort afterward, but all I needed was ibuprofen, and I rested the remainder of the day.

“As far as the results go, I’m beyond ecstatic. That first day I literally cried in Dr. Aljonaidy’s office because I could see the difference. It was instantaneous and extremely gratifying. It makes me feel much better knowing my gums are going to stay healthy.”

Dental phobia previously got the best of Terri, but not since visiting Blossom Dental and Facial Aesthetics.

“Dr. Aljonaidy is a perfectionist,” Terri says. “She really knows her stuff. She’s got top-of-the-line equipment and her office staff is great. I recommend them to everyone I know.”

© FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. Photos courtesy of Blossom Dental and Facial Aesthetics.mkb
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