From Ozone To Comfort Zone

Injection therapy uses oxygen to relieve joint, back pain.

A little more than 25 percent of all adults in the US donate an average of three hours per week to volunteer efforts each year. Joyce Harrigan, 76, has long been among those who gladly gives of herself to help others.

“I’ve done volunteer work practically my whole life,” Joyce explains. “After I first moved to Florida, I volunteered at the Indian River Medical Center for nine years. Now I volunteer at Indian River Estates, the retirement community where I live.

“I’m a member of several committees, including the hospitality committee, and I run singalongs for the independent living residents. I’m also a member of the Joy Singers, so I stay pretty busy. I’m a very active person.”

Prior to retiring, Joyce worked as a teacher in adult education for several years, sold real estate and managed a flower shop. She became something of a “jack-of-all-trades,” she says, because her husband’s job kept the couple on the move.

“My husband was in advertising, and his job transfers took us all over the country,” she says. “Our last stop for his work was New Jersey, and from there we moved to Florida. We’ve been here for 19 years now.”

For the past 12 years, Joyce and her husband have placed their health care in the hands of Melissa Dean, MD, of the Dean Wellness Institute. Dr. Dean practices traditional medicine while also offering patients a holistic approach to wellness.

Dr. Dean’s specialties include hormone balancing, adrenal support therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which is considered the most natural and effective solution for hormone-related issues.

Her clinic also specializes in intravenous therapies, including IV vitamin therapy, anti-aging/regenerative medicine and aesthetic treatments such as neuromodulators, hyaluronic acid-based fillers and microneedling with PRP.

“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Dean’s since she started her practice,” Joyce states. “Over the years, she has advised us on a number of alternative approaches to medicine, including one while I was preparing for surgery for breast cancer.

“That was a couple of years ago, and Dr. Dean advised me to get vitamin C infusions before and after my surgery to build up my immune system and help with healing. I followed her advice and my surgeon was absolutely amazed at how quickly I healed.

“I have a great deal of faith in Dr. Dean’s recommendations, so when she suggested a couple of years ago that I try Prolozone® therapy for my sore shoulder and knees, I was happy to give it a try.”

Master Class

Prolozone is a reconstruction and pain management treatment in which ozone gas is injected into damaged areas of the body. This increases the amount of pure oxygen in the body, which helps relieve all forms of musculoskeletal and joint pain.

Dr. Dean, who also has a master’s degree in metabolic and nutritional medicine, has trained with some of the pioneers in alternative medicine and Prolozone therapy, including
Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Dr. Charles Runels and Dr. Patricia Kane.

“With Prolozone therapy, we typically give the patient a series of three injections where the amount of ozone gas that is used is contiguous to the joint or area we’re treating,” Dr. Dean educates. “But it’s not just ozone that’s in the injection.

“Along with the ozone, a mixture of vitamins and minerals is injected into the joint as well. There are a couple of specific recipes that we use. One, for example, would be anti-inflammatory for arthritic knees and similar issues.

“What these injections do is decrease inflammation and stimulate healing. And because you’re not injecting a medication, per se, there is no potential for side effects such as bone erosion that can come with something such as steroid injections.”

“Prolzone injections are an amazing treatment that I definitely recommend for anyone who has the kind of joint or back pain that I had.” – Joyce

Prior to recommending Prolozone treatments for Joyce, Dr. Dean conducted a thorough physical examination that included a detailed review of x-rays of Joyce’s knees and shoulder, all of which showed signs of advanced arthritis.

The recommendation to treat those areas with Prolozone was based on Joyce’s desire to avoid not only joint replacement surgery but also steroid and cortisone injections, which had been recommended by other doctors.

“When Joyce and I first started discussing Prolozone therapy, she had a number of joints that were bothering her, and she wanted to treat them naturally,” Dr. Dean reports. “Prolozone therapy is a great choice for someone like that.

“A lot of people like Joyce will take something like Aleve® for their pain every day, but who wants to take Aleve every day? If you’re just hoping to eliminate the pain, then Prolozone therapy is a great choice.”

Long-lasting Relief

The pain-relieving effects of Prolozone therapy can last for a year or more, according to Dr. Dean, and Joyce is proof of that. She received injections in her knees and right shoulder more than a year ago and says she remains pain free in those joints.

Since receiving those initial Prolozone injections, Joyce has also received Prolozone injections in her back. She says the combination has allowed her to resume the active lifestyle she prefers.

“Before I got the injections, my shoulder was so sore that I couldn’t raise my arm up over my head, and I had a hard time sleeping because of my back pain,” she says. “In fact, my back was so sore that standing became a problem for me, too.

“One of the things I like to do is make flower arrangements for different activities that we have here, and for a while, I could make three or four flower arrangements but then I’d have to stop because my back would start hurting.

“Now I can stand and make my flower arrangements without any trouble. I’m sleeping better and doing all kinds of other things. I’m even going to physical therapy and walking a mile every day, which is something else I had to give up.

“I am relatively pain-free, and it’s been several months since I got the injections, so I think Prolozone injections are wonderful. If my pain comes back, I will gladly go back to Dr. Dean for another injection because they have really worked well for me.

“Prolozone injections are an amazing treatment that I definitely recommend for anyone who has the kind of joint or back pain that I had.

“Of course, I also recommend Dr. Dean as well. She’s great. What I like most about her is that she listens to you and she works really hard to figure out what is wrong with you and how to fix it. I’ve recommended her to a number of friends and I’ll continue to do so.”

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