Forever Young

Innovative technology improves complexion, erases signs of aging.

Every day is a beach day for Anna*. That’s how it is when you make your living coaching the fast-growing sport of beach volleyball.Stock photo from

“I started playing beach volleyball in college and became a coach after that,” Anna says. “I like that I’m giving something back to the sport because I love everything about it.”

Well, almost everything. Anna, who is rather light skinned, has never cared for the constant exposure to the sun that her skin gets.

“It’s caused a lot of damage,” she says. “I had a lot of sun spots and my skin had a rough texture. I heard that there was a treatment for that, so I decided to look into it.”

Anna’s search led her to the Institute of Health & Wellness in Stuart, where the practice’s founder and director, board-certified colorectal surgeon Deborah A. DeMarta, MD, FACS, FAARFM, specializes in integrative and anti-aging medicine.

Following an aesthetic consultation to determine her specific skin type, Anna began receiving BroadBand Light (BBL) skin treatments, which are designed to treat a variety of skin conditions, including sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles and rosacea.

“The treatment is called Forever Young BBL, and in addition to effectively removing solar damage, it is also one of the most cost-effective ways to complete the goal of anti-
aging for skin on any part of the body,” Dr. DeMarta explains.

“The way it works is simple. The broadband light heats the tissue, and part of the response, which has been proven through real science, is that collagen is actually rejuvenated and grows. So, it serves as a great, natural filler for your face.

“Clinical studies have been done proving that having two or three Forever Young BBL treatments in a year can remove as much as eleven years of aging from your face. It’s a really lovely and versatile procedure.”

Quick, Easy, No Downtime

Forever Young BBL treatments can be completed in an hour or less and begin with the technician performing a skin cleansing to remove any residual oils. The technician then applies a colorless gel that keeps the skin cool.

The treatment itself is performed using a handpiece that has a crystal-chilled applicator attached to it. Depending on the skin type and treatment objective, adaptors and filters are used to ensure the treatment delivers the desired results safely and effectively.

“There’s a specific filter that targets brown spots such as freckles, age spots and hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage,” Dr. DeMarta educates.

“Another filter targets redness, as in rosacea and broken blood vessels, another filter treats acne and another filter is used for tightening of the skin.”

Upon completion of the procedure, patients can return to normal activities the same day. Forever Young BBL treatments require no downtime for recovery, and most patients begin to see the effects within a week or two.

That’s how it was with Anna, who says her sun spots began to flake off. That prompted her to get a second treatment, after which she began to notice a positive change in the texture and appearance of her skin.

“The Forever Young treatments took care of my sun spots and made my skin look and feel younger,” Anna relates. “It’s a great treatment that I recommend to anybody who has sun damage or just wants to look younger.”

*Patient’s name withheld at their request
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