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Working mom achieves relief from pregnancy-related pelvic pain

 Yocasta Guzman-Mendoza moved to Florida from Philadelphia a year ago to be closer to her fiancé and his family. The couple and Yocasta’s 6-year-old child had visited the Sunshine State for vacation and loved it, so they decided to make Florida their permanent home. 

“In Philadelphia, I was a stay-at-home parent,” shares Yocasta, 27. “Here in Florida, I’m a full-time working parent. I’ve been a bank teller for about a year.” 

Shortly after relocating, Yocasta learned she was expecting another child. Wedding plans were put on hold while she and her fiancé concentrated on preparing for the baby. 

Yocasta became worried, however, when she began to experience intense pain in her pelvic region. 

“I suffered with pelvic pain during my first pregnancy, but not until Iwas near the end of that pregnancy,” Yocasta reveals. “This time, I was having pain early in the pregnancy, and it was interfering with my work and normal daily activities. 

“I felt sharp pain when I sat down and then stood back up. The pain, which was a 10 on a scale of one to 10, made it difficult to walk.” 

 Unable to properly address the issue, Yocasta’s OB-GYN referred her to Back in Motion. It was there that Yocasta met with Rebecca Chamberlain, DPT. 

Expanding Pelvis 

“Yocasta was dealing with pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain,” Dr. Chamberlain reports. “She also had low back pain as well as pubic symphysis pain. The pubic symphysis is the joint connecting the left and right pelvic bones, and are all part of the pelvic girdle. 

“A hormone called relaxin is naturally secreted during pregnancy. It increases laxity of the tissues that allows the pelvis to expand to accommodate the growing fetus. It is very common for women to experience pelvic girdle and pelvic floor pain as their bodies shift and change during pregnancy.” 

Yocasta’s treatment was focused on decreasing the sensitivity of her pelvic girdle and pelvic floor muscles and improving stability of those areas, Dr. Chamberlain notes. 

“We performed gentle strengthening of the muscles that attach to the pelvis and share attachment points with the pelvic floor,” the doctor describes. “We also did gentle strengthening of the adductor and glute muscles. We discussed ways to modify her activities to decrease stress on the joint, such as different ways to get in and out of bed. 

“Yocasta also used the birthing ball quite a bit. She worked on various stretches and stabilizing exercises while sitting on the ball, and she achieved additional lumbopelvic (lower back and pelvis) mobility. We have been talking about using the ball as a labor tool as well.” 

Yocasta did well with the treatment at Back in Motion. 

“I’m feeling 80 to 90 percent better,” she enthuses. “The pain is a three instead of a 10, so I’m better able to deal with it. And it’s not as frequent as before, when it was almost an everyday thing. My walking has improved a lot as well.” 

Yocasta is also pleased with the pelvic health specialist who helped ease her discomfort. 

“I love Dr. Chamberlain,” she enthuses. “She’s the best. She’s very knowledgeable and understanding. 

“I explained to her what I was experiencing, and she found a solution. I highly recommend her to other pregnant women with pelvic pain.”  

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