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Clinic’s expanded cosmetic services reveal a more youthful you.

Infinity Medical Institute recently welcomed Teresa “Tami” McGarry, PA-C, to its Tampa location. Tami was brought on board to perform bio-natural hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, and to expand the institute’s cosmetic services. She is excited about all the services added at this premier medical clinic that was voted No. 1 in the Tampa Bay area.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

(L to R) Vanessa, Kelly, Tami and Michael of Infinity Medical Institute.

“I earned my physician assistant degree through a program at Kettering College in Kettering, Ohio, and I have 28 years of experience as a PA,” Tami relates. “I started working in facial reconstructive neurosurgery and did that at a Level 1 trauma center in Ohio for 19 years.

“I’ve always loved the art of aesthetics. I love the creative aspect of it, so I wanted to take the skills I learned in the surgical arena and apply them to the cosmetic field. In 2012, I made the decision to train in aesthetics, and I’ve been practicing aesthetic health and wellness medicine in Florida and Ohio ever since.”

Tami describes Infinity Medical Institute as “one of the premier BHRT centers with a very large, satisfied client base that comes in every three months to get their hormone pellets.” She adds that during their visits, patients can also receive cosmetic services such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, fillers, platelet-rich plasma (PRP or PRF), PDO ThreadLift and peptide therapy.

“One of the major goals of Infinity Medical Institute’s leadership,” Tami points out, “is to provide a variety of services that help patients look and feel younger as they live longer.”

“We’ve expanded our cosmetic services to provide a one-stop shop for whole-body wellness and youthfulness,” elaborates Michael Montemurro, president of Infinity Medical Institute. “This way, we can help our patients look more youthful to match how they’re feeling on the bio-natural hormones.”

BOTOX Cosmetic and XEOMIN® are examples of popular neuromodulators available at Infinity Medical Institute. Neuromodulators relax muscle contractions to smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

The practitioners at Infinity Medical Institute also offer a variety of fillers for cheek, chin and lip augmentation. Some of the fillers available include RADIESSE® and the entire JUVÈDERM® collection: JUVÈDERM Ultra, JUVÈDERM Ultra Plus, VOLBELLA® XC, VOLLURE XC and VOLUMA® XC. All cosmetic fillers have unique properties that perform best in different areas of the face and last for different lengths of time.

“As people age, they start to lose volume in the face,” Tami explains. “The cheeks begin to sag; the lips begin to lose fullness, wrinkle and turn in; and people get that natural aged appearance. Fillers restore that volume to the face.”

Fillers placed in the cheeks elevate the cheekbones and eliminate the drawn-out look of the face. Fillers applied to the lips give them a full, soft, pouty appearance. Fillers can be used in men along the jawline to give them a more masculine jaw or around the brow and temple area to square out the male face.

“RADIESSE is different than the other fillers,” Tami asserts. “It’s a volumizing filler for deep wrinkles, and we use it primarily in the cheeks and marionette lines. It’s one of my favorite fillers because it lasts from 18 to 24 months. It also initiates collagen production, so it lays down a more permanent base. And it’s the only filler that’s calcium-based, which provides the long-lasting effect.

“In the skilled hands of a trained practitioner, all of these products are safe. We have been using them for years and achieving very rewarding cosmetic effects. The key is for the artist to know which product to use on which patient in which area to give the patient the best look. The products are different and have different uses, and no two faces are the same.”

New Horizons

Infinity Medical Institute also offers PRP, which can regenerate and tighten skin as well as change skin tone, and recently expanded its cosmetic services to provide a nonsurgical face-lift called the PDO ThreadLift.

“The PDO ThreadLift is an FDA-approved procedure using absorbable polydioxanone sutures to lift, tighten and smooth skin, improving texture,” Michael informs. “There are various types of threads used to achieve the desired results. They are safe and used in cardiothoracic surgery.

“Smooth threads are used for fine lines and improving overall skin texture. Twisted threads are used for deep folds or wrinkles, and barbed threads are used to visibly lift the skin around the face, eyes and neck, commonly referred to as a mini face-lift.”

“The PDO ThreadLift is performed in the office, and the results are immediate,” Tami adds. “During the procedure, we pass the threads through the areas of the face to be treated. As we withdraw the threads, they tighten the skin. It’s similar to the effect that occurs with a face-lift, but without the surgery.”

Results of the PDO ThreadLift are immediate using barbed threads, but all three threads force the skin to produce collagen, which lifts the skin and fills in lines over the following three to six months. Threads are absorbed throughout that time as they are replaced with new collagen.

Microneedling is another procedure we offer that results in collagen production to smooth the skin and improve its appearance,” Michael observes. “Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that causes microscopic punctures to the skin’s surface, which initiates the production of collagen.”
Infinity Medical Institute also offers peptide therapy, although not a cosmetic service, to help patients feel younger, stronger and sexier.

“Peptides are amino acids that are essential for the body to function properly,” Tami educates. “They keep the body healthy and operating efficiently. Peptides are helpful for weight loss, vitality, energy, and overall looking and feeling younger.

“It is sometimes difficult to obtain enough peptides through food, so Infinity Medical Institute now offers peptide programs tailored to address a multitude of concerns such as weight, hair loss, low immunity and muscle loss.

“Michael and his team also plan to offer stem cell therapy in the near future,” Tami adds.

Natural Material

Tami says that the exceptional quality of Infinity Medical Institute’s BHRT program is what sets it apart from other providers in the area.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Tami specializes in cosmetic and BHRT treatments.

The bio-natural L3 hormone pellets used by Infinity Medical Institute are derived from plants. The natural material is molecularly changed in structure and function for a 100 percent bio-identical match to the body’s hormones. Synthetic hormones, by contrast, can be as little as 6 to 8 percent bio-identical, therefore leading to known high-risk factors.

“Hormones affect everything, including our growth through childhood, our sexual development, our moods, how we break down food, our sleep patterns, stress, how much weight we gain – just about every function in the body, big and small,” observes Moriah Moffitt, MD, a physician on staff at Infinity Medical Institute. “They also play a role in many health conditions such as diabetes, an over- or underactive thyroid, osteoporosis, obesity, anxiety and depression.

“Our bio-natural L3 pellet hormone therapy helps to give effective results as we provide patients with a product that is all natural, and we stand behind it. It is the most effective hormone treatment on the market because it is replacing natural, normal hormones with biologically identical hormones that the body is used to seeing, rather than synthetic versions of the hormones.

“Through our bio-natural hormone replacement therapy, patients achieve consistent absorption of the proper, predictable levels of the hormones their bodies require for optimum health,” Dr. Moffitt continues. “This is done through the simple insertion of a pellet approximately every three to five months.”

Hormone pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and are typically injected under the skin in the hip or buttocks. To ensure the patient is receiving the proper amount of hormones, comprehensive evaluations of overall health are performed prior to the pellets being administered. Hormone levels are measured before each new pellet is inserted, as well.

“We want to be sure that the treatment we administer is going to be the overall best course of action for that patient,” Dr. Moffitt notes. “We are very thorough with the labs at every visit in order to see what has changed and what needs to be altered.

“We want to be sure that every patient is feeling the best they possibly can. We not only look at their labs, but we also look at their overall health because other issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure can affect how the treatment is administered.”

“Everything about Infinity Medical Institute is top-notch, from the quality of the hormone pellets we purchase to the products and delivery systems we use,” Tami says. “Infinity Medical Institute’s leadership should be respected for that. Plus, it’s a fun, exciting place to be.”

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