Feel It In Your Bones

Strengthen skeletal system through specialized, once-a-week workout program.

Art and science are two completely different disciplines, but there’s at least one junction where they come together. Ryan Stenstrom has been making a living there for the past 20 years.

Photo courtesy of OsteoStrong.

Ryan says his strength, energy and sleeping have improved since going to OsteoStrong.

“I’m a CT technologist,” Ryan says. “I have an associate degree in x-ray technology, and once you have that you can branch out into different areas. So I’ve done x-rays, CT scans and MRIs, but I’m mostly focusing on CT scans right now.”

Ryan says his career choice came from a desire to combine an old hobby – photography – with his eagerness to enter the medical field. Since landing a job in his field of choice, photography has given way to other hobbies.

“I love to get out and ride my bike and really do just about anything outside,” Ryan explains. “Bike riding is probably my biggest thing, but I also like to hike and do stand-up paddle boarding.”

About a decade ago, Ryan’s ability to do most anything, outside or inside, became compromised by two conditions. One was low testosterone, which left him feeling fatigued. The other was osteopenia.

Found most often in postmenopausal women, osteopenia and the more advanced osteoporosis develop when new bone growth fails to keep pace with natural bone degeneration to the point where bone mineral density becomes dangerously low.

About 54 million Americans have osteopenia, osteoporosis or low bone mass, the latter of which also places people such as Ryan at increased risk for hip, spine, wrist and other bone breaks.

Osteoporosis can cause some to lose height, as it affects the spine and leads to a stooped posture. Considered a silent disease by many physicians, osteoporosis often goes undetected until a fracture occurs.

Statistics show that one in two women and one in four men will have an osteoporosis-related fracture at some point. Thankfully, the treatment Ryan was getting for his low testosterone was helping him beat those odds.

“My testosterone treatments actually brought my bone density levels close to normal,” Ryan reports. “But they’ve never actually breached that line back into normal, which is one of the reasons I decided to try OsteoStrong.”

Revolutionary Program

OsteoStrong is a revolutionary integrative health, wellness and fitness program that has helped more than 25,000 people reverse the negative effects of osteopenia and osteoporosis, and improve their skeletal strength.

At the core of the OsteoStrong program is a once-a-week 15-minute workout that has proved effective in helping people rebuild bone through the use of proprietary equipment designed to achieve osteogenesis.

This includes four biomechanical machines that allow users to be placed in the safest and strongest position. During these sessions, users safely exert pressure four to 12 times their body weight.

“The difference between our equipment and the equipment used at a traditional gym is that ours is designed to strengthen the skeletal system, which means tension is developed without contraction of the muscle,” states Bryan Repple, owner of OsteoStrong in Lake Mary.

“There is no force pushing against you, which means you create the force. On the leg press, for example, I’ve had ladies in their 80s who weigh 100 pounds press 1,000 pounds. That’s because the equipment is designed to keep you in a safe position.

“For a 100-pound person to develop new bone working out on traditional equipment, they would need to create a resistance of well over 400 pounds. That simply can’t be done by 99 percent of people in a typical gym environment.”

To understand the difference between an OsteoStrong workout and a traditional routine, Bryan invites people to come in and try the equipment at his Lake Mary location, where he offers a complimentary tour and workout.

“We help people build a stronger skeletal system, which further allows them to live a healthier, more active lifestyle,” Bryan adds. “It’s a truly amazing concept based on years of research into the body’s natural adaptive response to growing new bone.

“Our research also shows that OsteoStrong improves bone density from 7 to 14 percent per year. Not only that, but during their first year at OsteoStrong, people typically increase their strength by an average of 73 percent.”

Research further shows that OsteoStrong sessions can help alleviate pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, knee and back injuries, neuropathy, Type 2 diabetes and vertigo, as well as improve posture, strength and balance.

But Wait, There’s More

Armed with that information, Ryan started the OsteoStrong program about six months ago. Since then, he has found additional benefits within the program that have allowed him to reduce the effects of another condition he’s struggled with: Epstein-Barr virus.

“Having Epstein-Barr is almost like having low testosterone or a chronic fatigue syndrome,” Ryan says. “You just feel very lethargic all the time, or like you’re coming down with something, but you don’t have a fever.

“There’s also a lot of low-grade pain and achiness that comes with it, and unfortunately, there’s no cure for it, no vaccine. So, my doctors advised me to eat as healthy as possible, exercise as much as I can and get proper rest.

“Our research shows that OsteoStrong improves bone density from 7 to 14 percent per year.” – Bryan

“I was first diagnosed with it about four years ago, and since then I’ve been doing everything the doctors suggested, but I wasn’t getting any results. It was very frustrating. That’s another reason why I started going to OsteoStrong.

“OsteoStrong has a few other machines that I wanted to try. They have BioCharger, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and infrared light therapy I was hoping might help me with my Epstein-Barr problems.”

The BioCharger is a holistic healing device that transmits subtle energy to the body. That energy revitalizes and invigorates the body and optimizes health, wellness and athletic performance.

PEMF therapy uses a variety of devices such as mats, paddles or rings to deliver bursts of low-level electromagnetic pulses to the body’s cells. The bursts energize cells, leading to a reduction in pain and swelling, which promotes healing.

Infrared, or red light therapy, can help cells regenerate and repair themselves. During the process, the circulation of oxygen-rich blood improves, and that fosters faster healing of deep tissue, which alleviates pain.

Combining Machines, Therapies

During his weekly visit to OsteoStrong, Ryan spends about 30 minutes receiving the therapies available to him. He says the benefits have him feeling better than he has in years.

“The combination of all the machines and therapies they have at OsteoStrong have made an amazing difference in me,” Ryan raves. “For starters, I feel like my immune system is back online. and my strength and energy have increased.

“I’ve even noticed a difference in the way I’m sleeping. I started to notice that just a few days after I first started doing the red light therapy, which has also helped me overcome a couple of muscle strains.

“The PEMF therapy helped with that, too. I hurt my shoulder training one day, and when I went to OsteoStrong, they put the PEMF pad right under that shoulder. I could actually feel the warmth coming from it, and afterward that shoulder felt a whole lot better.

“With the BioCharger, they have a setting for Epstein-Barr patients, and I feel like that has made a huge difference because I don’t feel chronically fatigued anymore. Another thing is that I had a lot of chronic back pain, but ever since I started going to OsteoStrong, it’s rare that my back hurts at all.

“The only thing I’m still not sure of is the effect all this has had on my bone density. But that’s only because I haven’t had another scan yet. I’m scheduled to have my next one in about six months, and I’m confident I’m going to be back to normal, thanks to OsteoStrong.

Ryan “highly recommends” OsteoStrong to anyone.

“Like I said, OsteoStrong has done amazing things for me,” he affirms. “Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. I really appreciate that they’re being COVID-safe and wiping everything down.”

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