Feel Confident With Your Smile

Restore flawed teeth in a day using crowns designed with 3D technology.

Early in her career, Billie Rae Harris was a popular hairstylist in her home state of West Virginia. To keep up with the latest trends, she took styling classes in large fashion centers such as New York City and Washington, DC. Her aim was to make everyone look good, including herself. That goal has remained important to her.

Billie Rae Harris

“I went to college for a year, but my parents had a beauty salon, and I decided I’d rather work there,” she remembers. “After I got married, we moved and ended up in Florida, where I’ve lived for about 30 years.”

Billie, 77, occasionally returns to the Mountain State to visit and obtain pieces of unique, West Virginia glassware for her collection. Years ago, when she was alerted to the date of her 50th high school reunion, she started to get a little nervous. She wanted to look her best for her former classmates.

“At first, I thought maybe I would get a face-lift or have something else done to my face,” Billie recalls. “But then I realized that my teeth are most important because people generally see them before they see anything else.

“I have a pretty big smile, so all my teeth are visible at once. Twenty years ago, I had crowns placed on my two front teeth, but they never suited me. They were too thick and just didn’t look natural. They were aging and becoming discolored, so I was afraid to smile.

“People say you should feel comfortable in your skin. I believe you should feel comfortable in your teeth as well.”

Billie sought a dental provider who could help and chose Clark F. Brown Jr., DDS, of Implant Dentistry of Florida. Dr. Brown and his colleague, Alejandro Martinez, DMD, provide a full range of dental services. They perform cosmetic and general dentistry, as well as all phases of dental implant surgery and smile restoration.

“I met Dr. Brown through my father,” Billie explains. “He always talked about Dr. Brown and how wonderful he is, what a good dentist he is. So, Dr. Brown came highly recommended.”
When Billie met Dr. Brown, she understood what her father was raving about. She liked the kind and caring dentist immediately and was especially taken with how patient he was as she described her issues and concerns.

“I was so pleased with the crown work Dr. Brown did because it made my smile look much better.” – Billie

“I was really impressed by Dr. Brown,” Billie states. “He is very calm and gentle, and he’s a very caring person. He listens to you when you’re trying to tell him something. He’s very understanding.

“I told Dr. Brown that when I see a picture of myself, it looks like those front teeth are too thick. Also, with the teeth on each side of the front teeth, one came inward and one went out a little bit. I didn’t have braces when I was growing up because those teeth weren’t that bad.

“Dr. Brown said, We can handle that. He told me how he could do it and explained everything so well that I was no longer concerned about that part of it.

“But then I thought, Can we get the work done in the two weeks before my reunion? If the treatment makes my gums tender or red, it might be a problem. But Dr. Brown said, No, it’s not a problem. I can have it done that quickly because we don’t have to wait for the restorations.

The CEREC Solution

To improve Billie’s smile, Dr. Brown recommended new crowns on the two front teeth as well as the adjacent teeth. Though a bit hesitant at first, Billie agreed to the plan after Dr. Brown thoroughly explained how using CEREC®, a computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing technology, would expedite the process.

“I’d had several crowns before, but they had to send away for those,” Billie describes. “They gave me temporary ones, and I had to wait two or three weeks for the permanent ones, which is very inconvenient.”

There is no such inconvenience with the CEREC system. CEREC uses 3D imaging to accurately scan the mouth, then designs the crowns and fabricates them out of solid porcelain in Dr. Brown’s office in one visit, so there is no need for temporaries.

“I started doing CEREC restorations in 2007 and immediately fell in love with the technology,” Dr. Brown acknowledges. “Being able to transform a patient’s smile in a single visit is an amazing experience.

“Patients love the CEREC technology as well because they don’t have to take impressions, wear temporary crowns or return for a second visit to have their final crowns placed. Everyone wins with single-visit dentistry.”

Revealing Results

Billie and her husband, Warren, look forward to attending her 60th high school reunion this fall.

Billie was on the receiving end of advanced technology at Implant Dentistry of Florida.

The all-porcelain crowns she received thrilled her, as did the quick and easy process it took to get them. She is grateful for what Dr. Brown was able to do for her.

“Dr. Brown does everything in the office, and that’s exactly the way it should be,” Billie states. “He did it two weeks before I left to go to my 50th reunion. I am so pleased with the crown work Dr. Brown did because it made my smile look much better. And I felt more confident about speaking and eating as well. I was amazed.”

At Billie’s reunion, many people remarked about her youthful appearance, and her beautiful new smile continues to earn many approving comments.

“None of my friends knew I had anything done, but they all said how much younger I looked,” she reports. “They said, You look just like you did back in high school, except that then my hair was brown instead of white. When I went to my 56th reunion, people again commented on my pretty, youthful smile.

“I think people’s reactions to seeing me are interesting because many of my friends are getting work done on their faces. But the work I had done on my teeth looks so natural that people often say, You look like you’ve been on vacation or You look like you’ve had work done. And I respond, Not on my face.

Billie’s youthful smile made an impression on the new man in her life as well. She met her beau at an area senior center. They began dating and were recently married. It has been 10 years since Dr. Brown created Billie’s CEREC crowns. Now she’s preparing to attend her 60th high school reunion this fall.

“I’m still comfortable with my smile going into my 60th reunion,” she reports. “Dr. Brown and his staff check my crowns often, and I don’t have any problems with them. I don’t have to worry when I’m talking to people I’ve never met or haven’t seen in a long time. And when I can express my feelings, it makes me feel comfortable.

“I’m really happy with my smile, and I’m looking forward to going to my 60th reunion this fall with my new husband.”

Billie is also happy with Dr. Brown and his team at Implant Dentistry of Florida.

“I always feel comfortable when I visit Implant Dentistry of Florida,” she says. “Keeping my smile nice is a real team effort, and they take very good care of me. Dr. Brown and his staff really look out for their patients. They’re friendly, compassionate, caring people, and when I’m there, we’re like one big, happy family. I highly recommend them.”

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