Fabulous First Impression

Newcomer earns seal of approval with same-day crown treatment.

Photo courtesy of Susan Tremblay.

Susan Tremblay

Before she even made it to high school, Susan Tremblay had found the love of her life. His name is Tony. She met him when she was 13, and after attending junior high and high school together in their hometown of Nashua, New Hampshire, they were married.

In 2021, Susan and Tony will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, and to say that Susan, 58, has always been ahead of the curve may be a bit of an understatement. After all, she not only fell in love and married at an early age, she also retired early.

A former nurse, Susan recently hung up her scrubs, and after eight years of flying south for the winter, she and her husband decided last May to sell their home in New Hampshire and make the permanent move to Palm Coast.

“Now, we’ve got a super busy, active, fun life here with lots of friends and relatives who visit or have bought their own homes and moved here full time as well,” Susan says. “We see those people on an almost daily basis, and we’re just loving it.”

Shortly after making the move south, Susan set out to establish a new medical and dental home for her and her husband. Based on recommendations from some of her friends in the area, she chose Palm Coast Family Dentistry as the couple’s new dental home.

Full Spectrum of Services

Palm Coast Family Dentistry is the practice of Sandra Trejos, DDS. She recently purchased the practice from Jayraj J. Patel, and she will offer patients the same full spectrum of treatments Dr. Patel provided.

“Just as it has been in the past, Palm Coast Family Dentistry will continue to provide patients with all the dental care they need in one office,” Dr. Trejos explains. “Whatever it is that a patient requires, we will be able to do it for them here.

“We do all types of general and restorative work, such as fillings, crowns and root canals. We also do dental implants, gum procedures and Invisalign® clear braces. We gladly welcome emergency patients because we don’t want anyone to be in pain.”

“I’m really impressed with her work and with her honesty, and I definitely recommend her.” Susan

Susan is among the patients Dr. Trejos inherited upon taking over the practice. Prior to the change, Susan received two dental implants and had a bridge reconstructed by Dr. Patel. Her case wasn’t complete when Dr. Patel left the practice, though.

“One of the things we still hadn’t gotten to was a filling on one of my top teeth,” Susan says. “I had an old amalgam filling there that needed to be replaced. There was also a crack on the edge of that tooth that was making it a bit unstable.”

Because they are not bonded to the tooth structure, fillings made of amalgam, or liquid mercury, eventually allow saliva, food and bacteria to seep below the filling and into the tooth, where further decay can develop.

That’s why dentists prefer to change out old amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings. That’s what was initially planned for Susan, but the crack in the tooth forced Dr. Trejos to take a different approach.

To save the tooth from further deterioration, she opted to fit it with a crown. As it has with dental fillings, the technology used for creating dental crowns has improved markedly as well, and Dr. Trejos took advantage of those improvements in treating Susan.

“A lot of dentists still do lab-fabricated crowns, where they send the impressions or a digital scan of the tooth out to a lab and the lab makes the crown,” Dr. Trejos explains. “And most of the time, those crowns come back perfect.

“But even then, you still have to wait two weeks to get them, and the patient needs to wear a temporary and come back for the final fitting. And if there are any complications or the fit isn’t quite right, you have to numb them up again to make those changes.

“That’s why we have a CEREC® machine, because CEREC allows us to create a permanent crown right in our office in just minutes. That eliminates the need for a second visit, and there’s no worrying about a temporary falling off because there is no temporary.

“The other thing the CEREC allows us to do is stain the crown so that it perfectly matches the patient’s teeth. That’s important, especially if the tooth receiving the crown is in the patient’s smile line, so it’s a big advantage having the CEREC.”

Time-Saving Machine

Photo courtesy of Susan Tremblay.

Susan Tremblay

Dr. Trejos used the CEREC machine to fashion Susan’s crown. Susan says that crown came out “perfect” the first time, just as she hoped it would, and she greatly appreciates the fact it saved her from having to make another visit.

“I’m a big fan of the CEREC machine,” Susan elaborates. “It’s a great option, because I travel a lot and I’m always busy going places. And I like that with Dr. Trejos, I only need to set aside time once to get that kind of work done.

“I’m a big fan of Dr. Trejos as well. I really enjoy my visits with her. She’s very friendly and open and honest and very transparent. She went out of her way to make sure that I completely understood what she was going to be doing and why she was doing it.

“As far as her work goes, she was extraordinarily gentle. I’ve had a lot of dental work done, and she was one of the best when it came to giving me the Novocain® shot. I also like that she was very concerned about my comfort all throughout our visit.

“She kept me in the loop as to where we were in the process, what she would be doing next, and she was always making sure that I wasn’t experiencing any pain or sensitivity. I really appreciated that. I also appreciated that she only does the work that has to be done.

“I have a three-tooth bridge that was done back when I was twentynine or thirty, and I had some decay under one of the last teeth behind the bridge. Dr. Patel did a very thorough cleaning of it and then added a filling to avoid doing a root canal.

“That tooth has been a little sensitive to hot and cold of late, and I was concerned that I needed the root canal. But instead of jumping right into that, Dr. Trejos suggested I first try using a toothpaste that might help to relieve that sensitivity.

“A lot of dentists might have just said, Yeah, we’re probably going to have to do a root canal there, but I feel like she was looking out for my best interest in exhausting all possibilities before we took that step.

“I know that if this option doesn’t work out and we need to do the root canal, we’ll make that decision together. I’m really impressed with her work and with her honesty, and I definitely recommend her.

“I’ve worked with doctors for a long time, and when you do that, you develop a sixth sense of who they are and what you can expect from them. I find Dr. Trejos to be very calm and gentle, and again, I happily recommend her to anyone.”

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