Eye Floater Laser

Scott Geller, MD, teaches the technique worldwide.

With more than 20,000 documented eye floater laser sessions completed, Dr. Scott Geller, a board-certified ophthalmologist, has the largest and longest clinical series of eye floater laser sessions in the United States, and probably worldwide.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Dr. Geller has performed more than 20,000 documented eye floater laser sessions.

“I became interested in this niche ophthalmic specialty after I was trained by the professors in Switzerland who were using lasers to cut membranes in diabetic patients,” Dr. Geller explains. “They never thought of applying it to eye floaters.”

Some doctors and patients credit Dr. Geller with inventing the technique.

“I just applied the training and techniques I learned to eye floaters, and have had amazing success,” Dr. Geller says. “I have presented my results and technique at major scientific meetings worldwide starting with the International Congress of Ophthalmology in Singapore over twenty-five years and thousands of cases ago.”

Dr. Geller’s last presentations were at the prestigious Florida Society of Ophthalmology and the Orione Ophthalmic Congress in Italy, where he performed eye floater laser sessions on selected patients.

“Almost all ophthalmologists use lasers in their practice, but they can’t treat eye floaters with the precision and predictability required to do the best job possible, because most YAG lasers are not configured to work in the vitreous gel, where floaters are created,” Dr. Geller states.

Worldwide Patient Base

Recently, a major ophthalmic laser manufacturer has devised a laser for floaters.

“The problem is, there have been no training courses for ophthalmologists who might be interested in this area,” Dr. Geller notes. “And that can lead to complications.”

Dr. Geller was the principal author of the only presentation on this subject at the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 2012.

“I have tried the other lasers, and if they were superior, I would purchase one immediately,” Dr. Geller says. “I use the Swiss made LASAG laser. It is definitely, in my hands, superior to the others out there. And I have two of them.”

Dr. Geller has a worldwide patient base. He has treated patients from Europe, Russia, China, Japan and most recently, an anesthesiologist from Brazil.

Dr. Geller always welcomes colleagues to observe or just call if they need to refine their own technique.

“Laser treatment of eye floaters is fascinating,” Dr. Geller says. “I look forward to doing this every day.”

Article submitted by Scott L. Geller, MD.
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