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Regenerative medicine treatments alleviate variety of aching joints

There’s a paved walking path that skirts the waterside around the small island known as Deadman Key in Pinellas County that Sandy Elliot considers a slice of heaven.

“The beach is my heaven, and taking that walk around the key is an absolute treat for me,” Sandy confirms. “I call it my peace walk, or my treat walk.”

Sandy, 62, has been treating herself to that walk ever since she moved to Florida following retirement a couple years ago.

“I used to run a lot,” Sandy notes. “At one point I was running 10, 12, even 13 miles a day, but that puts a lot of stress on your bones, so I got into walking.”

Walking is certainly less stressful than running, but a year ago, the many miles of wear and tear that Sandy had put on her body began to catch up with her.

“I was out walking the beach one day,  and all of a sudden, my right hip just gave out,” Sandy explains. “It hurt so bad that I had a hard time getting back to where I started from because I was limping and dragging my right leg behind me.”

After dragging herself back home, Sandy took a few hours to rest her hip and legs, hoping that the time off would alleviate her pain. The pain remained and immediately began impacting her normal daily activities.

“I couldn’t do anything,” she laments. “Walking from the couch to the bathroom or even into the kitchen was a feat. Then, after a while, my knees started bothering me. My right knee was especially painful. And those weren’t the only problems I was dealing with.

“One of the last jobs I had was in medical aesthetics, and from providing deep tissue massage and playing pickleball, both of my shoulders hurt, too. My right shoulder hurt so bad that I had a hard time reaching for things.

“I also had some back pain related to my sacroiliac joint, but the biggest thing for me was my hip and knees. The last thing I wanted to do was go through replacement surgery for any of that, so for as long as I could, I just toughed it out.”

Sandy toughed it out for about six months. Then, while speaking to her brother about a remedy he found for his own shoulder pain, she learned about an advanced nonsurgical alternative for relief of joint pain called regenerative medicine.

“When my brother told me about this, I was really intrigued, so I started doing some research,” Sandy offers. “The more I researched it, the more I thought, This makes sense. Then, while looking into it a bit further, I saw an ad for QC Kinetix.

“I didn’t do anything right away because I still wanted to learn more about the treatment, but after studying up on it some more, I thought, I should go see these people at QC Kinetix and get a consultation and learn more of the ins and outs of it.”

State-of-the-Art Treatment 

A local practice with a national reputation, QC Kinetix offers drug-free regenerative medicine treatments for soft tissue pain, joint pain and musculoskeletal conditions. As an alternative to medications and surgeries, QC Kinetix treatments trigger the body’s ability to restore itself using healing properties found in the blood.

That blood is gathered from the patient during a typical blood draw, then placed in a centrifuge, where the healing properties are separated and extracted. The healing properties are then used to treat the patient’s damaged tissue or joint. 

The process sparks a tissue regeneration that allows the damaged area of the body to rebuild itself over a few weeks or months.

“Regenerative medicine is a great alternative for many people who thought surgery was their only option,” says Daniel Sucherman, MD, medical director of QC Kinetix Suncoast, which has locations in Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Lakeland and Brandon.

After years as a key member of an orthopedic surgical team, Dr. Sucherman recognized the need for a better way to help people in pain. A strong believer in regenerative medicine and the positive impact it can have, he chose to meet that need through QC Kinetix.

“I’m an anesthesiologist, primarily for orthopedic surgery, and I know that people who go to an orthopedic surgeon for pain are commonly told they need surgery,” Dr. Sucherman explains.  “And believe me, surgery has its place. But it is very strenuous on the body. It involves a lot of cutting, drilling, sawing and hammering, and the recovery process is very arduous.

“In many cases, there is an alternative, and that’s why I became involved with QC Kinetix. I want to offer people an alternative to surgery, pain medications and steroids for their joint pain. That is exactly what QC Kinetix and its regenerative medicine treatments do.”

Though it is on the leading edge of medical science, regenerative medicine is not a new concept. Its most basic principles have been practiced for years. At QC Kinetix, the process has been updated to provide better results.

For example, QC Kinetix uses state-of-the-art equipment that allows for the retrieval of the most beneficial factors from blood. It can also obtain components from young blood cells with extensive self-renewal properties.

QC Kinetix works with patients across multiple visits, providing drug-free treatments that are customized for each case. Symptom improvement is then monitored for several months while patients experience no downtime. Most patients complete their treatments within six months and experience ongoing benefits from them. 

“Another feature that sets QC Kinetix apart is that we do all of this in-house,” Dr. Sucherman points out. “Your blood and tissue never leave our office. And we do all this while you’re in the office. When we’re done, you simply go about your normal activities.”

Regenerative medicine treatments can be used to treat arthritis pain and pain from muscle or tendon tears almost anywhere in the body, including the knees and shoulders, ankles and wrists, hips, low back and neck. 

“The ability to treat so many different areas of the body is one of the biggest benefits of our program,” says Haley Weaver, PA-C, at QC Kinetix in Bradenton. “And we do that by mimicking the body’s natural healing mechanism.

“We’re not just putting a Band-Aid on something or temporarily suppressing inflammation. We’re sparking a natural process. To do that you need more than one blood product, so from each blood draw, we extract different components.

“Every time you get treated by us, more than one of those components is delivered to the area we’re treating because our goal is to keep supplying that tissue with the ability to restore itself naturally over time.”

Each treatment acts as a building block for the next, according to Haley, whose staff treated both of Sandy’s knees and shoulders, her right hip and lower back with the various components drawn from her own blood. Sandy then received prolotherapy.

“Prolotherapy is a form of sugar water that agitates the tissue in the treatment area in a very controlled way that stimulates restorative properties and tells the body to keep sending all those good restorative properties to that area,” Haley educates.

Well Worth It 

Sandy first visited QC Kinetix last summer. Through her own research and a private consultation, she knew it would take several weeks for her to begin feeling the effects of the treatments. The results, she says, were worth the wait.

“You have to go through a natural process, but by the time I was finished with the program, I was already starting to feel better in several areas,” Sandy enthuses. “My right knee, for example, felt great. Same with my left shoulder and my back.

“My right hip and right shoulder were still in some pain then, and the QC Kinetix staff explained that I was still improving, and I would eventually feel better in those areas, too. And that’s exactly what happened. Right now, I feel fantastic.”

Sandy feels so good that she recently began walking again. She is now walking more than two miles without pain or discomfort in her hip, knees or back. She has also regained regular use of her shoulders.

“I can reach for things, which was something I could not do before,” Sandy says. “And if I want to do something physical like exercise, all I need to do is warm up a little bit and I’m fine. So, everything is coming along nicely, and I’m very, very happy with the results.

“I also can’t say enough about all the people at QC Kinetix. From the doctor who is on site there to the assistants and even the receptionist, they are beyond awesome. They’re just fantastic people, and everyone is so kind and understanding.

“I can’t rave enough about them because they are all so helpful. I went in there with a lot of questions, and they answered every one of them, so I gladly recommend QC Kinetix and their regenerative medicine treatments. They worked really well for me.”

© FHCN article by Roy Cummings

Photo by Jordan Pysz

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