Erectile Dysfunction Resolved With P-Shots

Rebuild bedroom confidence through ‘liquid gold’ injections, testosterone therapy.

It’s rare that Jordan* has his feet on the ground. He is a pilot, after all, and when he’s not sweeping someone away on a short business trip or island vacation as part of his work for a private charter company, he’s teaching the craft.

“I joined the Air Force and learned to fly after I got out of college,” Jordan explains. “After I got out of the Air Force, I went to work for one of the big airlines, but after a couple of years, I joined the charter company and became a
flight instructor.”

One of his regular runs is to Jamaica. Upon his return from the island a couple of years ago, Jordan remembers feeling quite sluggish. The feeling went on for weeks.

“I wasn’t feeling right, so I went to the doctor,” recounts Jordan, 58. “The doctor checked me out and ordered blood work, and when the blood work came back, it showed I had low testosterone. That was the reason for the fatigue.”

The diagnosis prompted Jordan to begin searching for a physician to treat his condition. His search took him to Dean Wellness Institute, where Melissa Dean, MD, and her staff have been offering a holistic approach to wellness for more than 15 years.

Dr. Dean also practices traditional medicine and is an expert in treating menopause and andropause. She also specializes in a variety of wellness treatments, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Short, Simple Procedure

While meeting with Dr. Dean for the first time, Jordan explained that his problem went beyond fatigue, noting that he was also having difficulty maintaining an erection and was suffering a loss of sensation during sexual intercourse.

“When you have a situation like that, the first thing you need to do is make sure there aren’t any basic medical problems, such as vascular disease or heart disease, that are causing the erectile dysfunction (ED),” Dr. Dean informs.

“The reason we do that is because if someone has a problem with their blood vessels elsewhere, they may be having the same problem in the penis. So, we always check for those issues first and then look to make sure the patient’s hormones are optimized.”

Dr. Dean’s extensive evaluation did not discover any vascular issues or disease, but it did uncover a hormonal imbalance. She treated that through a short, painless, in-office procedure where testosterone pellets were implanted into Jordan’s hip area.

Jordan responded well to the testosterone pellet therapy. After a few weeks, he reported feeling more energized and sleeping better. After several months, however, his erectile dysfunction remained.

“In cases like this, where we’ve optimized the hormones and the patient is still having problems with erectile dysfunction, we need to resort to more invasive options,” Dr. Dean educates. “The best available is the Priapus Shot®, or P-Shot®.”

The P-Shot is a simple, in-office procedure that can be completed in about 15 minutes. The patient’s penis is injected with a byproduct of his own blood that stimulates new tissue growth and results in larger, firmer, longer-lasting erections.

“We start the process by drawing blood from the patient and spinning it in a special machine that separates the red blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma, which is where all the body’s growth factors are,” Dr. Dean explains.

“What remains is what we call liquid gold because it has so many great benefits and growth factors in it. What we do once we have that is inject that platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, into several areas along the penis.

“When that PRP with all those natural growth factors gets into the organ, it regenerates the nerves and damaged tissue, and the result is a stronger, longer-lasting erection and increased sensitivity during sexual activity.”

There are no known side effects associated with the P-Shot, and no downtime is required to recover from it. In fact, patients receiving the treatment can have intercourse immediately following the procedure, according to Dr. Dean.

Confidence Booster

Jordan did some research on the P-Shot prior to agreeing to it. Yet, he went into the procedure a little nervous about receiving the injections. He soon learned he had no reason for hesitation or concern.

“First off, Dr. Dean did a great job of explaining everything I needed to know about the procedure,” Jordan reports. “And the procedure, which is done in no time, went just the way Dr. Dean said it would.

“The first thing they did was apply a numbing cream. That took effect pretty quickly, and they gave me about three or four injections, which gave me a warming sensation. They then told me I should start to see the results in three to four weeks.”

“I’ve got a lot more energy and a lot more sexual confidence.” – Jordan

Jordan says he noticed a difference in the quality of his erections after about a month. As expected, his erections are now stronger and longer-lasting. One of the benefits, he adds, has been a boost in confidence.

“I reached a point where I was hesitant to even engage in any kind of sexual activity out of fear I wouldn’t be able to perform properly and that I’d disappoint my wife,” Jordan admits. “But after the P-Shot, I’m much more self-assured.

“Before I found out about the P-Shot, the confidence level I had about my ability to sustain an erection was about 70 percent. Since receiving the P-Shot therapy, my confidence level is back up to 100 percent.”

Dr. Dean says one P-Shot procedure typically provides the desired results for at least a year and sometimes longer. She says many patients are so pleased with the results, they come back for a booster P-Shot after a year or so, even if they don’t think they need it.

Jordan has yet to return for a second treatment, but he says he will have no hesitation to do so should he feel the need. He also knows exactly where he’ll go to get that shot and from whom.

“The idea of getting an injection in that area of the body can be a little intimidating,” Jordan says. “But Dr. Dean is such a professional and does such a great job explaining everything and making you feel at ease about it that I wouldn’t let anybody else do it.

“I definitely recommend the P-Shot for anyone who is having a problem such as mine. And I recommend they go to the Dean Wellness Institute and see Dr. Dean. Thanks to her, I’ve got a lot more energy and a lot more sexual confidence.”

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*Patient’s name changed at his request.
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