Emsella Chair Brings Incontinence Relief

Therapy provides pelvic floor muscle training that far surpasses Kegel exercises.

Jeanne* hails from Washington, DC, but calls South Carolina “home.” She lived in the Palmetto State for most of her adult life and taught elementary school there for nearly 44 years.

“The first couple of years I was a classroom teacher, and then I decided to become a reading specialist,” recounts Jeanne, 74. “I taught children coming out of kindergarten that were predicted by their teachers to not do well in first grade. I worked one-on-one with those children to get them up to grade level. It was very rewarding work.”

In 2017, Jeanne and her husband relocated to a retirement home in The Villages®. At that time, her active retirement lifestyle was interrupted by a nagging problem: urinary incontinence.

“I was leaking urine,” Jeanne reports. “I was fine during the day, but at night I was having a problem. I guess I sleep too soundly. I had to wear pads for protection, sometimes thick ones. It all depended on how much I drank before I went to bed. On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the most distressing, my incontinence was a six or seven.”

Seeking a solution, Jeanne consulted an internist who recommended a noninvasive treatment for incontinence called the BTL Emsella® chair. She didn’t pursue the therapy but as time passed her condition grew worse.

“I was having to go to the bathroom more and more often,” Jeanne laments. “So, I looked around for places that offered the Emsella chair, and Sunshine Med Spa was the closest one to me. It had received some very good reviews, so I decided to go there.”

Deep Contractions

Sunshine Med Spa, the Wildwood practice of Furqan Muhammad, MD, offers a variety of services — including the BTL Emsella chair — to help patients look and feel their best.

There are different types of incontinence, and the Emsella chair treats them all, Dr. Muhammad notes.

“The Emsella chair is just that; it’s a chair that patients sit on while fully clothed that helps strengthen their pelvic floor muscles,” the doctor explains. “Several organs, including the bladder, are attached to the pelvic floor muscles, and when those muscles become weak, which happens with age, incontinence results. As the pelvic floor muscles tighten, incontinence improves.”

Kegel exercises are a form of pelvic floor strength training with repetitions of contracting then relaxing the muscles. People are typically instructed by health care providers to perform three to five sets of eight to 10 Kegel exercises per day.

The Emsella chair uses high-intensity electromagnetic frequencies to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. During a 30-minute session, the frequencies induce deep muscle contractions that are the equivalent of doing 11,000 Kegel exercises.

Hence, the Emsella chair provides stimulation that far surpasses Kegels. Emsella treatments are typically offered in packages that include four or five sessions.

“A Whole Lot Better”

Jeanne noticed a difference in her symptoms about halfway through the therapy.

“After three sessions, there was significantly less leakage, and I was ultimately able to stop wearing pads to bed,” she enthuses. “After my last treatment in August, my condition had improved to a two, and it’s still good today, four months later. It’s much better than it was in the beginning, a whole lot better.

“I’m really glad I found Sunshine Med Spa. Dr. Muhammad is great. He’s really nice, easygoing and easy to talk to, and he always checks on you to make sure you’re comfortable. And his staff is very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend them.”


© FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. Photo courtesy of BTL.
* Patient’s name changed at her request
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