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Microcurrent electrolysis relieves hemorrhoids without surgery.

David* suffered from hemorrhoids for ten years and never told anyone, not even his wife. During visits with his doctor, he didn’t mention them.Stock photo from istockphoto.com.
His silence wasn’t because the hemorrhoids weren’t bothersome. “I’d wake up in the middle of the night, itching like crazy,” he confides. “I’d use hemorrhoid cream but it didn’t do anything. It was horrible.
“I guess like a lot of people I was too embarrassed to talk about it.”
David is retired after a career in the broadcasting industry, where he managed radio and television stations. He learned about HemRelief and heard its question – “Why suffer in silence?” – and had a moment of recognition.
“I said to myself, You know, that’s me. I’m not telling my wife. I’m not telling anybody,” recalls David. “I went home and said to my wife, I’m having a little problem down there. I’m going to make an appointment.

Microcurrent Electrolysis

“Hemorrhoids, which are swollen veins in the rectum or anal canal, are extremely common,” notes Linh B. Nguyen, MD, of HemRelief. “In fact, more than fifty percent of people age fifty or older have them to some degree.”
Most sufferers are understandably reluctant to try the available treatment options, some of which have traditionally been both painful and inconvenient.
Fortunately, Dr. Nguyen offers microcurrent electrolysis (MCE), an FDA-approved, nonsurgical method for treatment of hemorrhoids. The noninvasive, relatively painless outpatient procedure has been helping patients for more than 20 years and is completed right in the doctor’s office.
Graphic from istockphoto.com.“A low current is applied to the base of the hemorrhoid, causing a chemical reaction that induces the hemorrhoid to shrink,” explains the doctor. “The procedure is well tolerated by patients and does not require anesthesia.
“The MCE method is considered revolutionary because it is highly effective, safe and convenient. Up to ninety percent of people who have it done get relief from their hemorrhoids,” Dr. Nguyen reports. “It doesn’t cause the agonizing pain often associated with traditional hemorrhoid surgery and is also covered by most insurances and Medicare.”
The treatment is quick, convenient and can be safely repeated as needed.
“There’s no need to take any special preparation to clear the bowels,”
Dr. Nguyen notes. “Patients can have the procedure done and go back to work immediately, so there is no downtime. The entire procedure takes approximately twenty minutes.”

Quick Results

David appreciated how Dr. Nguyen helped him feel at ease. “Dr. Nguyen makes you feel very comfortable,” he reports.
The procedure was painless, he says, and results were evident right away. The constant itching was gone.
“I walked out of the doctor’s office after the procedure, and I felt like a
new person.”
David is no longer embarrassed to talk about hemorrhoids. In fact, he talks about them freely now, in case it helps others.
“I tell people that this is the most comfortable treatment and it’s not an embarrassing situation,” he notes. “If you’re putting treatment off because of embarrassment, don’t wait another second. Pick up the phone and get it done because it’s not embarrassing at all.”

* Patient’s name withheld at their request.


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