Drops Over Shots

Sublingual immunotherapy: another option in allergy treatments.

When James Raynor moved from the Arizona desert to a place at the foot of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains 18 years ago, he had no reason to believe his general health would take a turn for the worse.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

It’s been almost a year since James needed a pill to ward off his allergies

But shortly after adopting two cats from the humane society, James found that living among Colorado’s Ponderosa pines and blue columbine flowers wasn’t as idyllic as he hoped.

“I noticed after being there for a little while that I was always getting bronchitis and sinus infections,” James remembers. “When I finally asked my primary care doctor about it, he told me I probably had allergies.

“Even after hearing that, I never really did anything about it, at least not for a while. Then after about two years, my wife and I moved to Florida. I noticed the problem was worse every year.

“I eventually started buying over-the-counter allergy pills and nasal inhalers. I was taking everything I could find to try and control these allergies, which were especially bad in the spring. I did that for years, and after a while I wasn’t getting the infections anymore. But it was a constant expense and annoyance that I really wanted to get rid of if I could.”

James found the fix he was seeking after his mother, an allergy sufferer herself, recommended he visit Devang M. Shah, MD, at Atlantic Ear, Nose & Throat and ask about an allergy treatment called sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT.

SLIT is quickly becoming the preferred method of treatment for allergies because, unlike shots, it can be taken at home, where it’s administered through the use of a small pump that distributes liquid drops of allergen beneath the tongue.

Over time, the proper use of these drops results in the patient developing a greater allergen tolerance. That leads to a dramatic decrease in the symptoms James wrestled with prior to visiting the practice last spring.

At Atlantic Ear, Nose & Throat, the SLIT process begins with an allergy skin test to determine how the patient reacts to any of 38 allergens specific to Central Florida.

James’ test revealed that he was allergic to everything from cockroaches to cats and most every tree that grows naturally across the state. He began sublingual immunotherapy immediately thereafter. Since then, his symptoms have disappeared.

“I’m breathing free and clear and have not taken an allergy pill in more than nine months,” James exudes. “I’m no longer experiencing any of the symptoms I used to get – no stuffy nose, no sneezing, nothing.

“These drops are not like other allergy treatments that just treat your symptoms. These drops treat the underlying cause of your allergies, and they really work. I highly recommend them to anyone suffering from allergies, and I recommend Atlantic Ear, Nose & Throat.”


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