Corrective Measures

Unique treatment brings atrophied arm back to full strength.

 Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Jim is among those who have regained full strength through MCU therapy.

If you were to ask Jim Finck to describe his life in a single word, he would more than likely say busy. He owns and operates two businesses, and when he’s not working, this 58-year-old entrepreneur is playing and playing hard.

“I’m very athletic, and I engage in a lot of sports,” Jim says. “I play tennis, pickleball and squash. I ski, sail and play basketball. The list just goes on and on. I’m fifty-eight-years young, athletic and with the two businesses, I am very busy.”

Busy gradually evolved into laborious a few years ago after a cervical issue that went undiagnosed for nearly two years caused the muscles in Jim’s right arm to atrophy to a point where he could no longer perform a lot of common, everyday tasks.

“Something as simple as lifting a suitcase to put it in the luggage compartment of an airplane I couldn’t do because I couldn’t lift anything over my head with that arm,” Jim explains. “This arm problem even affected my tennis game.

“If you’ve ever played tennis, you know that you have a topspin stroke. Well, this issue got to where, when I geared up for that topspin stroke, I’d get about halfway up and lose total strength because I had no ability to extend my arm.

After two years of slowly watching his arm strength deteriorate, the incidents with the luggage and on the tennis court finally prompted Jim to seek medical help. But none of the doctors he visited across a two-month period could find a cause for the loss of strength.

Then, while attending a charity event one evening, Jim met Bryan T. Hunte, DC, the proprietor of Advanced Spineworks in Bonita Springs, where Dr. Hunte takes what he refers to as “a highly scientific approach” to chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation.

Above and Beyond

“There are very few facilities that offer the combination of chiropractic care and physical rehab that I can offer,” Dr. Hunte says. “That’s where my strength lies, and along with the advanced equipment we have, that is what makes our facility unique.

“We are also unique in that we do more than just get you out of your pain. A lot of managed care facilities stop at pain. Once you’re out of pain, you’re asymptomatic, you’re good to go and the doctor doesn’t see you anymore.

“That’s not how we work here. We don’t stop at getting you out of pain, because we know that if we stop there, you could be back in three or six months, and we don’t want that. So we focus on the corrective phase of care.

“The corrective phase of care is what prevents someone from needing care again or future surgery. Our goal is to create an independent patient, someone who needs minimal chiropractic care to maintain lasting results.”

Jim learned about what Dr. Hunte does during his casual conversation with him at the charity event. That conversation resulted in an invitation to visit the doctor after Jim asked about the problems he had been having with his arm.

“When Jim first came to see me, his right arm looked like that of a child,” Dr. Hunte says. “Because of the atrophy he’d experienced in the muscle, it was about twenty percent the size of what it should have been.”

In an effort to find the cause of the atrophy, Dr. Hunte performed a detailed examination that showed the gradual weakening in Jim’s arm was the result of the steady deterioration of two discs in his neck.

“The two discs were essentially bone-on-bone, and that situation was creating so much pressure and inflammation that the muscles in Jim’s arm were no longer stimulated,” Dr. Hunte says. “It was a situation similar to that of someone whose arm had been in cast for a long time.

“When your arm’s in a cast, you’re not moving that arm, so you’re not stimulating the nerves. That’s what causes the muscle to atrophy. The problem with Jim’s arm was that it had been in that situation for almost two years.

“That’s atypical, so I had to tell Jim that there might be some degree of permanency to his problem. It was almost to where I had to say, There’s nothing I can do for you, but I thought we could still get some strength back, and he wanted to try that.”

To restore some level of strength to Jim’s arm, Dr. Hunte first needed to alleviate the impingement on the nerve leading to the muscles in his arm. That process started with Dr. Hunte performing some standard chiropractic care.

When that care began, Jim could only lift a two-pound weight with his right arm. After a few weeks of chiropractic care, however, Jim was able to lift a five-pound weight. That told Dr. Hunte he was on the right track, which soon took a dramatic turn.

After performing nine weeks of traditional chiropractic care, Dr. Hunte saw enough progress in Jim to believe that his condition could be further improved through treatment using a unique chiropractic tool called the Multi-Cervical Unit, or MCU machine.

Unique, Nonsurgical Device

 Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

MCU machine

The MCU is a nonsurgical device that isolates and strengthens the muscles around the neck and provides a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s physical progress while the patient receives the therapy.

Used in what doctors refer to as evidence-based medicine, the MCU records 16 different ranges of muscle movement for strength to determine the specific areas of the neck where there are weaknesses, imbalances or a loss in range of motion.

Once that data is produced, a customized treatment program that normally consists of 27 sessions across a nine-week period is designed that allows the MCU to correct the underlying problems. Those programs have proved to be highly successful.

A recent study shows that after receiving MCU therapy, patient pain levels decreased by 66 percent while strength levels increased by more than 70 percent, with more than 90 percent of patients making a full recovery.

Jim is among those who fit the latter category. Though Dr. Hunte believed Jim had permanently lost some of the strength in his arm, Jim says “the entire issue is behind me now, and I have recovered to full strength.

“The end result was, the MCU exercises balanced and strengthened the muscles around my neck, and that totally resolved the issue,” adds Jim, whose recovery might not have been possible were it not for the MCU machine.

“Once the strength in his neck came back, the muscles were able to absorb the force, which took pressure off the nerve,” Dr. Hunte educates. “That allowed the nerve to fire again, and that’s when the strength in the arm returned and the atrophy disappeared.”

Jim’s ability to run his two companies and compete athletically was increasingly compromised by the effects of the nerve impingement in his neck, and he credits Dr. Hunte and his expertise for correcting that problem.

“I’ve had experiences with chiropractors because of various issues, including a sciatica problem, all through my life,” Jim explains. “So I know the difference between medical doctors and chiropractors and who knows their stuff and who doesn’t.

“I also know that properly diagnosing a problem is the most important thing that can be done in terms of correcting a medical issue and that the second most important thing is prescribing the right treatment and exercise program.

“I can tell you that Dr. Hunte is top-shelf in both of those regards. He is a very fine, obligated, caring guy, and he knows his game. It’s built on science, and I recommend Dr. Hunte to anyone needing any kind of physical therapy.

“In fact, I have referred business to him, and I will gladly do so again because he’s got a good foundation on everything that’s necessary to improve the life of someone who needs proper spinal balance, whether it’s a simple adjustment or major fix like I had.”

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