Care with a Heart

Marketing relations director sees his job as a calling.

When Todd Brown was born, his parents were already middle-aged.

Photos by Nerissa Johnson.

Todd Brown

“They had me when they were in their early forties,” explains Todd, the new marketing relations director at Savannah Court of Orange City. “I had a very unusual upbringing.  It was very much like Beaver Cleaver.

“I had my mother at home; my father had weekends off. We would take wonderful trips. We took a cruise when I was six years old. None of the other kids I knew who had parents in their twenties were doing things like that.”

Having older parents also meant that Todd became a caregiver at a younger age than many people. For example, when she was 68, Todd’s mother suffered a stroke. Todd helped care for her during her seven-month recovery.

Motivated by a desire to give back some of what they gave him, Todd also helped his parents get to their medical and dental appointments, and later, when his father needed to be moved into a senior living community, Todd found a home for him mostly on his own.

“It was not an easy search,” he says. “There were very few communities available. There was very little information out about them, and there wasn’t a lot of information available to me or the doctors, so I had to do all the work myself.”

All those experiences strongly influenced Todd’s career path. Before moving to Florida two years ago and joining the staff of Savannah Court of Orange City, he worked as a marketer for an elder law firm in California.

“I placed a lot of our clients in senior housing that was appropriate to their needs,” he recalls. “Not everyone is appropriate for every type of senior housing, so I built relationships with people, and I learned a lot about where you don’t want to place people because their needs cannot be met.

Exceeding Expectations

Todd has now brought his passion for senior care to Savannah Court of Orange City. Nestled just 20 minutes between Metro Orlando and Daytona Beach, Savannah Court of Orange City provides residents with a cozy, small-town ambiance while also offering all the amenities necessary to maintain an active lifestyle. For active people who seek relief from household maintenance and chores, Savannah Court of Orange City is the perfect place not only to meet their needs but exceed their expectations.

“This is a place where we enhance people’s lives,” Todd says. “This is a place where our residents can leave behind the drudgery of housework, preparing their meals and washing their clothes, because we take care of all that for them.

“We also manage our residents’ medications, and make sure they are properly nourished. Our residents are able to have a wonderful life when they move here, and that’s what we strive for. We make assisted living something people want to go to.”

Warm Welcome

Todd says he has already met residents who inspire him and make him feel great about joining the staff at Savannah Court. They are quick to introduce him to their spouses and pets and make him feel at home.

“It’s very much like a family here,” describes Todd, who is quick to note that pets are also a welcome part of the family at Savannah Court, where two small pets are allowed per apartment.

“Dogs and cats can be a very integral part of your family, so when you move into an assisted living community, you should not have to give them up,” he states.

Other amenities include screened lanais, where residents like to enjoy morning coffee; lunch outings at a variety of restaurants, and various forms of entertainment.

“It’s really a very charming community,” Todd says. “When I wake up at three o’clock in the morning, my head is thinking, What can I do to make this better? How can I enhance these people’s lives further?


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