Body-Contouring Device Gets Bride Into Gown

As her wedding day approached, Emsculpt NEO therapy trims stubborn midsection fat.

Reva holding her wedding dress

Reva shows off her wedding dress.

While Reva Gorbaty grew up in a suburb of Detroit, the big city she was drawn to was Chicago. She often visited friends who had relocated to the Windy City and ultimately chose to make the move herself.

“I wanted to live in a city versus a suburb,” shares Reva, 40. “After going there to visit I finally said, I’m moving to Chicago for a couple of years. Then I’ll probably move back home — except that I never moved back.

“In Chicago, I was a full-time hair stylist for 15 years. After that, I moved to Florida to take care of my dad. He has since passed away, so now I’m semi-retired. I style hair part time out of my house.”

In February 2022, Reva was anticipating the biggest moment of her life: her wedding day. She was concerned about fitting comfortably in her wedding dress, however, due to stubborn areas of fat around her midsection.

“My stomach was my biggest problem area,” Reva offers. “There was a little pooch there. I also had a problem area around the back, where the love handles are. In the past, I dieted and exercised to get rid of the extra fat. Sometimes that worked and sometimes it didn’t. I wanted to see what else I could do besides dieting and exercising.”

Reva initially met Dr. Furqan Muhammad while visiting the urgent care center he ran in Wildwood. She saw him several times after that at Sunshine Med Spa, Dr. Muhammad’s medical aesthetics practice in Wildwood that offers a variety of services for men and women who are looking to feel refreshed and renewed.

During one visit, she picked up a pamphlet about Emsculpt® NEO, a treatment proven effective at slimming the abdomen.

“It was maybe five weeks before my wedding when I saw the pamphlet,” Reva elaborates. “I was nervous about not fitting into my wedding dress, so I told Dr. Muhammad I wanted to try the treatment.”

Before & After

Simulated Crunches

Emsculpt NEO is an FDA-approved body-contouring therapy that burns stubborn fat, tones muscle and tightens skin. It is a noninvasive technology that stimulates muscle groups using electromagnetic frequencies as well as radiofrequency energy. It can be used on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, triceps, biceps and other muscle groups.

“The radiofrequency energy is emitted through an applicator applied to the target area,” Dr. Muhammad explains. “The energy heats the fat cells to a degree where they simply cannot survive. Once the fat cells die, the lipids inside them are released into the lymphatic system and excreted.

“As those fat cells are being targeted, the muscles are heated, and there’s a contraction device on the applicator that, when working the abdomen for instance, simulates the body doing about 20,000 stomach crunches in a half-hour.”

Emsculpt NEO treatments last about 30 minutes and are done while the patient relaxes on a table.

“During an Emsculpt NEO treatment, we place the applicator on the area to be treated and secure it with a strap,” Dr. Muhammad explains. “Patients simply sit back and watch TV while the equipment does its thing. The results are amazing.

“Clinical studies show that Emsculpt NEO patients typically realize a 30 percent decrease in fat and a 25 percent increase in muscle growth after four treatments.”

“Absolutely Gorgeous”

Reva visited Sunshine Med Spa once a week for four weeks to receive Emsculpt NEO treatments. The results came just in time for her wedding.

“During the treatments, I felt a pulsing sensation, like an electric pulsing,” she explains. “I could almost see my abs tightening when it pulsed. And afterward, I could feel that the muscles underneath my stomach had really been worked.

Reva working on a clients hair

Reva Gorbaty

“Today, my stomach is flatter and my love handles have been minimized. Most importantly, I fit into my wedding dress. And the wedding was amazing. I felt absolutely gorgeous.

“Dr. Muhammad is great. He’s very down to earth and genuine. I recommend him and the Emsculpt NEO 100 percent.”


© FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. Photo by Jordan Pysz. Before and after images courtesy of Sunshine Med Spa. mkb
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