Back in the Game

Nonsurgical acoustic compression therapy revitalizes ailing joints.

Had his growth spurt come just a little sooner, Javi* might have been given a chance to continue playing basketball at the college level. As it is, he has to be content with playing in high school for two years.

That’s just fine with Javi. He was a starter and team captain during his last two years of high school, and while it didn’t come until a couple years later, that growth spurt did allow him to take his game to another level.

“When that growth spurt finally came, I probably gained 20 or 30 pounds and added two or three inches in height, and that’s when my game started to improve as well,” Javi reports. “The bottom line is, I peaked too late. But I still play a lot of basketball, and I enjoy it just as much as I always did.”

Now 22, Javi plays pickup basketball about three or four times a week. He also plays coed recreational softball. There was a time not long ago, though, when a right shoulder injury forced Javi to take a break from both sports.

“I suffered the injury while playing basketball,” Javi reveals. “I went up for a layup and somebody blocked my shot and pushed my arm and the ball back down at the same time. When that happened, it jammed my shoulder into an awkward position.”

As it is with many injuries, pain and discomfort didn’t come right away. It developed and increased over time. At its peak, though, the pain was aggravating enough to make it difficult for Javi to perform everyday activities.

“There was a lot of clicking in the shoulder, like it was bone on bone, especially when I first woke up in the morning,” Javi reports. “The pain was more of a dull ache than anything sharp, but it made me change the way I got ready in the morning.“If I slept on it wrong the night before, my whole day was messed up because I had to deal with pain all day. It even bothered me driving sometimes; extending my arm like you do when you drive would bring on that pain. At its worst, I couldn’t even pull a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator, so it definitely crept into my personal life in terms of lifting things and doing chores. And it made me put basketball and softball on hold for a while.”

Long before his discomfort was at its worst, Javi sought medical help at an orthopedic clinic. He spent three months doing rehabilitation there but gained little or no relief. In fact, the experience proved to be little more than a waste of time.

“It was one of those places where the doctor sees you for two or three minutes, and you don’t get a lot of help,” he offers. “They did take an x-ray, which showed there were no breaks, but I had to convince them to give me an MRI. They eventually did, and the MRI showed that I had two small tears in the shoulder. Neither tear was bad enough to require surgery, so they said to just keep doing what I was doing and hopefully it would get better.

“I didn’t feel very good about that, so I finally took the advice of a friend I play basketball with who had been telling me for a while to go to Injury Health Center, where they helped him rehab from a bad knee injury. This guy had torn his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and MCL (medial collateral ligament) about six months before I hurt my shoulder, and I thought, If they can help him recover from something as serious as that, they can help me.

One-Stop Shop

Injury Health Center is the practice of Stacy Hudock Proscia, DC. With offices in Daytona Beach, Sanford and Orlando, Injury Health Center provides chiropractic care as well as an assortment of pain-relief services.

“We do standard chiropractic adjustments, of course, but we also offer patients a great number of other modalities that complement those adjustments,” Dr. Hudock Proscia explains. The chiropractic adjustment and getting the nervous system back on track is at the heart of what we do, but we also treat muscles, tendons and ligaments, which the bones are connected to. So, we’re pretty much a full-scope, one-stop shop.”

Javi first visited the one-stop shop about six months ago. Following a thorough evaluation and review of his x-rays and MRI, Dr. Hudock Proscia recommended treating Javi’s shoulder with acoustic compression therapy, or ACT.

“ACT is similar to lithotripsy, which is the therapy that’s used to break up kidney stones,” Dr. Hudock Proscia educates. “It uses sound waves, but instead of breaking up kidney stones, the sound waves break up muscle adhesions and scar tissue.

“When you get really tight muscles or after an injury, scar tissue builds up and gets really tight and rigid. Through the sound waves, the acoustic compression therapy breaks up that scar tissue and gives the body a chance to flush it out and heal properly.”

ACT is administered through a small, handheld device that emits the acoustical waves in short, painless pulsations that affect the body like a deep-tissue massage or deep manipulation.

Feeling Stronger Every Day

“When you’re getting the treatment it feels like someone is using a little jackhammer on you,” Javi describes. “It never gets to the point where it’s uncomfortable or hurting you, but you can definitely feel it. And after each treatment, my shoulder definitely felt lighter and more mobile. There was almost immediate pain relief and less clicking, and over time it continued to get better and better.”

Treatments last about 15 minutes and are administered once or twice per week, depending on the injury. After a couple months of the ACT, Javi’s shoulder was back to “100 percent.”

“That shoulder feels absolutely healthy again, and my thumb feels a lot better, too,” says Javi, who recently had the therapy done on a jammed thumb. “My thumb was at a point where I couldn’t even hold a pen and write, but I’ve got the strength back now, and I’m back to playing basketball and softball.

“I’m a huge advocate of Injury Health Center. They helped me heal these injuries through a method that wasn’t offered by any other orthopedic clinic or therapy center.

“I’m so happy with them that I recommended that my father go there. He plays more competitive softball than I do and has been dealing with a sore ankle for a while. I recommended he go over there and get the ACT treatment to get rid of some of that scar tissue that’s built up. I’m sure the treatment will work just as well for him as it did for me.”

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