An “Ideal” Approach To Weight Loss

The vast majority of Patricia Chism’s work days are spent sitting behind a desk, so when the day ends or the weekend comes, this 59-year-old billing specialist does her best to get outside and work in her garden.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Patricia lost more than 80 pounds through the Ideal Protein
weight-loss program.

“That’s my go-to,” Patricia says. “Gardening helps relieve a lot of stress for me, so I do my best to get out there as often as I can. I also have a couple of dogs that keep me busy. Those are my two biggest hobbies, gardening and my dogs.”

Patricia tries to get outside as often as possible to combat the sedentary nature of her job as well as keep her weight in check. The latter is a battle she’s been fighting for years.

“I’ve always been large,” Patricia laments. “Incredibly large. My highest weight was probably 280 pounds. That was in 2001, and unfortunately, the weight-loss plans I tried never helped. And believe me, I tried them all. I even tried fasting where I was eating virtually nothing, but that just made me unhappy, so it’s been a constant struggle for me.”

About a year ago, Patricia got “sick and tired” of the struggle, but instead of giving up, she decided to try a weight-loss plan she’d been hearing about for months.

“I had been a regular at DeLand Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression for some time because I was getting chiropractic care there, but they also offer a weight-loss program called Ideal Protein®,” she recalls.

“For the longest time, I hesitated to join the program. I guess I was a little scared. But last year I reached a point of no return and I said to myself, I have to do something, so I joined the Ideal Protein program.”

Complete, Customized Program

Ideal Protein enables quick weight loss while boosting energy, fostering better appetite control, improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reducing blood pressure. It is an easy-to-follow, comprehensive, customized program that helps participants achieve and maintain a healthy weight in a way that becomes second nature.

“Ideal Protein helps limit the amount of sugars and dietary fats you take in while providing a high-quality form of protein that’s easily absorbed,” Dr. Gordon explains. “Some other plans merely restrict caloric intake, so the body burns fat as well as muscle. Ideal Protein burns stored fat while preserving lean muscle.”

Dr. Gordon recommends Ideal Protein over other diet plans and weight-loss surgeries largely because it is more than just a diet plan. Ideal Protein fosters changes in eating habits that allow people to keep the weight off long term.
“While people can lose weight by cutting back on calories, most can’t sustain that long term,” Dr. Gordon reports. “And it’s not healthy to keep that lower level of caloric intake for an extended period.”

Dr. Gordon further warns that appetite suppressants are not the answer because they carry a risk of dangerous side effects and “don’t address the underlying issue, which is that patients are eating unhealthy foods or excessive quantities of healthy foods.

“That doesn’t happen with people who are on Ideal Protein,” he adds. “We make sure the participants in this program learn healthy eating habits. That’s the best way for them to maintain their weight in a healthy range for the long term.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without Ideal Protein or all the great people at DeLand Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression.” – Patricia

Dr. Gordon doesn’t dispute that surgery to reduce stomach size decreases the amount of food a person can eat, but he notes that some surgery patients still don’t achieve the results they expect and end up turning to Ideal Protein anyway.

One of the advantages of Ideal Protein is that rigorous physical activity is not necessary. However, participants are required to take a multivitamin and make sure that potassium, fish oil and calcium supplements are part of their diet.

“We supplement because most of the dairy, grains and fruits are removed from the patient’s diet while they’re on the program,” Dr. Gordon informs. “Those food groups have lots of minerals, so the supplements ensure they get an adequate, balanced amount of minerals.

“But there are no diet pills or stimulants in Ideal Protein. The program teaches people to eat healthy because all of the plan’s food is designed to be low-carb, low-fat, with a moderate amount of protein and lots of fiber. They help satisfy your cravings and hold you over until your next meal. One thing we don’t want is for people to be hungry.”

Dr. Gordon says that what really sets Ideal Protein apart is the individualized coaching and support system. The clinic’s Ideal Protein coach, Jennifer Gordon, meets individually with clients to guide them on their journey to better health and wellness.

No Pills, No Stimulants

Patricia can attest to the great impact the coach has on participants. She says that when she was still unsure about whether to join the program, Jennifer explained how it works in a way that erased any hesitancy.

“I have lupus and some other systemic genetic problems that make it difficult to lose weight, but Jennifer works one on one with you to make sure you completely understand the program, are eating right and getting the most out of it,” Patricia says.

“I feel blessed that we have a weight-loss program like this in our neighborhood, because you work directly with the coach to come up with a plan that is right for you, and it has really worked well for me.”

It has indeed. When she began participating in Ideal Protein about a year ago, Patricia weighed 237 pounds. She now weighs 150, which was her goal, and has graduated to the program’s maintenance phase.

As a result, she’s more active and is feeling fewer effects of the health conditions she’s fighting. Furthermore, she’s confident she’ll keep the weight off because Ideal Protein helped her reshape her eating habits.

“For me, Ideal Protein has been a win-win,” Patricia raves. “For years, I ate healthy for the most part, but what I realized through this program was that I wasn’t eating right for me. Now I am, and I feel so much better and I’m really excited about that.

“I like this program so much that, honest to goodness, I would be a sponsor or help support someone who’s on it because it really works. And I loved the fact that throughout the whole time I was in the weight-loss phase, I never felt hungry. I really didn’t.

“And I know that a year may seem like a lot of time to some people, but when you’re literally seeing your weight go down every day and you’re reaching your goals, you feel amazing because you know it’s working and it motivates you to keep on going.

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without Ideal Protein or all the great people at DeLand Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression. They are so nice and encouraging, and I love that they treat you like you’re a member of their family.

“When I go there, they always greet me with a smile and call me by my name. They even know my voice when I call them on the phone. It’s an amazing place, and they make you feel great every time you go there. I highly recommend them and Ideal Protein.”

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