An Honor and a Pleasure

Practice’s accomplished founder tabs relative as eventual successor.

For a dozen years, Jayraj J. Patel, DMD, has modeled his dental practice after that of his “uncle” and mentor, the highly accomplished founder of DeLand Implant Dentistry, Rajiv Patel, BDS, MDS.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

For years, Dr. Jayraj Patel (right) modeled his practice after that of his mentor, Dr. Rajiv Patel. Now they are partners in the same practice.

Recently, the family members joined forces. Dr. Rajiv Patel entered into a partnership with his son-in-law’s brother, who sold his Palm Coast practice in February.

Though his departure is not imminent, the elder Patel admits he has been contemplating retirement after more than 34 years in practice. In fact, the board-certified implantologist brought in his son, Darshan Patel, DMD, in 2016 with plans for him to take over the practice. Unfortunately, Darshan unexpectedly passed away in 2018.

After more than a year of consideration, Dr. Rajiv Patel decided to keep the practice in the family, if possible. That’s when he offered the successorship to his new partner.

“I have greatly admired my uncle’s work since 2008, when I first had a chance to watch him perform surgery,” Dr. Jayraj J. Patel explains. “Since then, I have emulated the way he runs his practice and tried to do the same with my own.

“It’s unfortunate that I came here as a result of the passing of Darshan. But at the same time my uncle has guided me through all my training. It was through his motivation that I became specialized in a wide variety of treatments.”

Truly Comprehensive Care

A graduate of the University of Florida School of Dentistry who will soon become board-certified in implantology, Dr. Jayraj Patel specializes in general, restorative and implant dentistry and offers oral and intravenous sedation for patients who need it.

His practice in Palm Coast came to mirror that of his mentor, who has made DeLand Implant Dentistry into a one-stop shop, where patients can receive all the treatments necessary to correct their dental issues.

“We can perform everything from basic diagnostic procedures and routine prophylactic cleanings to minor restorative procedures such as fillings and major restorative procedures such as crowns and bridges,” Dr. Rajiv Patel reports.

“We also provide prosthetic services, including partial and complete dentures, as well as all endodontic services, including root canals, oral surgeries and extractions, including wisdom tooth extractions. We perform major bone and soft tissue reconstructive surgeries, including implant placement surgeries and final prosthetic work for implants, whether it’s a crown, a bridge or an implant-retained or implant-supported denture.

“We even have the equipment necessary to diagnose and treat temporomandibular joint condition, also known as TMJ. There is virtually nothing we can’t do.”

The ability to provide such comprehensive care is made possible, in part, by the array of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment the practice has at its disposal.

Those tools include digital x-rays, a cone beam CT scanner, SIMPLANT® software for implant planning, a 3D scanner that creates digital impressions instead of those made with plaster, and a laser that allows for cleaner, more precise cuts during oral surgeries.

“We also have the equipment to do same-day crowns,” Dr. Jayraj J. Patel adds. “And, of course, we do everything necessary to ensure that each patient visit is a pleasant ride. That’s where sedation dentistry comes in.

Sedated, Not Sleeping

“For those who require it, we can put the patient into a zone of sedation where some may feel like they’re sleeping, but they’re not. That’s why I refer to it as sedation dentistry and not sleep dentistry, because the patient is not really sleeping.

“The types of sedation we offer include oral sedation, where the patient is given a sedative tablet, or intravenous sedation. The latter is also often called IV sedation, where different medications are injected through a continuous IV drip.”

The practice does not offer nitrous oxide sedation, which is a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide that is commonly referred to as laughing gas and administered through a mask placed over the patient’s nose.

Dr. Jayraj J. Patel further notes that oral sedation is available for patients who are undergoing noninvasive procedures such as routine exams, x-rays and cleanings, whereas IV sedation is offered to patients undergoing more intense dental work.

“For anything invasive, such as periodontal therapy, crown placement or replacement, root canals, extractions or any kind of surgery, including implant surgery, IV sedation is the way to go,” the doctor confirms.

“He is the ideal person to eventually carry on my practice.” – Dr. Rajiv Patel

Based on his extensive training, adding Dr. Jayraj J. Patel was the best way for Dr. Rajiv Patel to prepare his practice for the day when he will no longer be there. Being a family member only makes the addition more special.

“Dr. Jayraj is highly trained and he has a knack for connecting with patients,” Dr. Rajiv Patel informs. “He’s very well liked and is already connecting with patients the way Darshan did, which is a great achievement.

“All in all, he is the ideal person to eventually carry on my practice and ensure that we continue to provide all the services we always have, and that patients are being taken care of the way they should be without interruption.”

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