An Exercise in Relief

Unique therapy alleviates PE coach’s unbearable back, neck pain.

Patricia Bultema has worn a lot of hats during her 29-year career. An industrial engineer by trade, she began with traditional time studies and ergonomics. Over the years, she also worked as a quality engineer and process manufacturing engineer. She spent the final 10 years as a research and development engineer.

Photo courtesy of Patricia Bultema.

Patricia Bultema

But once Patricia retired from engineering, she discovered her true calling.

“After about eight months at home, I realized that at 50 years old I was way too young to be retired,” says Patricia, now 58. “I transitioned into the education field and became a physical education coach at an elementary school in Polk County. And I absolutely love it. I call it my comeback career.

“I work with approximately 650 children a day, kindergartners through fifth-graders. I do everything they do, from running the track to doing crunches to jumping rope. I teach them T-ball and softball. We shoot baskets and hula hoop and play parachute on a daily basis. I’ve worn quite a few hats over the years, but the one I wear now is my favorite.”

Becoming a PE coach was a natural transition for Patricia, who has always been athletic. But her active lifestyle came to a halt this past fall when she fell victim to a painful lower back and neck condition.

“I’m an avid runner, but last November, I started having a hard time walking, let alone running,” Patricia describes. “I was in terrible, excruciating pain. I couldn’t even bend to put on my running shoes. On a scale of one to 10, my pain level was an 11.

“The pain radiated through my entire left side. I could draw a line from my neck down my body, through my left gluteal muscle then into my hamstring and all the way down the back of my leg. I seriously thought I was going to be debilitated.”

An MRI revealed that Patricia had a degenerated disc in her lower back and three bulging discs in her neck. She visited several doctors, including a neurologist, seeking a remedy and tried multiple treatments, but she received no lasting relief.

Patricia refused to give up, though, and on the advice of her husband, she eventually visited the Back Pain Institute of West Florida, where Craig S. Aderholdt, DC, provides the most advanced treatments available for patients in severe pain.

“Along with my husband, several people in his company had been to see Dr. Aderholdt, so he came highly recommended,” Patricia reports. “During my first visit with him, he performed a complete work-up on me and ordered x-rays.”

Based on her symptoms, the results of his exam and what he found on the x-rays, Dr. Adherholdt recommended treating Patricia through a unique, nonsurgical protocol called VAX-D® Therapy.

Simply Straightforward

VAX-D Therapy is a patented, FDA-approved medical decompression technique for alleviating pressure on spinal discs, but it is not a traction device. It works differently and achieves significantly better results.

“Chiropractic adjustments alone can actually relieve the pain for many patients,” observes Dr. Aderholdt, one of the few providers in the country offering the VAX-D treatment.

“But for select people who suffer with conditions such as sciatica or herniated, bulging or degenerated discs, VAX-D Therapy has proven extremely effective. Patricia was a good candidate because the treatment is effective at alleviating low back and neck pain. It also helps with numbness, tingling and pain radiating down the arms and legs.”

“I can’t begin to describe the relief I’ve experienced. … It absolutely amazes me what VAX-D Therapy has done.” – Patricia

Each treatment lasts about a half-hour. The patient relaxes on a comfortable, computer-controlled table, secured by a pelvic belt or patented cervical collar, depending on the area to be treated. Carefully specified tension and pressure changes guide the use of VAX-D, allowing the therapist to focus decompression at the exact level of spinal dysfunction.

The VAX-D system is computerized, which enables the table to make subtle but targeted movements. These movements create a powerful vacuum within the disc space. This vacuum gently draws the disc back to its proper orientation, pulling nutrient-rich spinal fluid into the disc and stimulating repair cells that effectively mend the disc.

“What makes VAX-D such a valuable tool for pain relief is that nothing else can create such a powerful vacuum,” Dr. Aderholdt asserts. “There are imitators, but VAX-D’s vacuum effect is the most powerful one known.

“Further, VAX-D doesn’t allow the muscles to contract, like other machines can. In fact, it is the only nonsurgical treatment that has been clinically proven to reduce disc pressure to negative levels.”

Research Results

VAX-D Therapy has a long track record of leaving patients such as Patricia satisfied, Dr. Aderholdt notes. Long-term studies show that VAX-D is effective in more than 88 percent of patients who receive the treatment.

Photo courtesy of Patricia Bultema.

Patricia is “amazed” at how much better she feels after VAX-D Therapy.

“I consider VAX-D one of the most effective nonsurgical medical treatments for low back pain, neck pain and sciatica today,” Dr. Aderholdt states. “This revolutionary technology is one more tool I can offer my patients as we work toward relieving pain and maintaining the health of the lumbar and cervical spine.”

Many patients report a significant reduction in back or neck pain after only a few treatments, although the total healing process takes longer, Dr. Aderholdt emphasizes. The reason it takes a longer period, the doctor says, is that bulging or herniated discs require a series of VAX-D sessions to fully reposition themselves.

“Some patients think they will get relief after a handful of sessions and they can just quit, but that’s not the case,” he reports. “Patients must follow through with all of the required treatments to get the full benefit.”

Indescribable Relief

Patricia began visiting Dr. Aderholdt in late December, and she’s been receiving VAX-D Therapy three days a week since January. The treatments have helped tremendously.

“I can’t begin to describe the relief I’ve experienced,” Patricia raves. “I’m running again. I’m working out. I’m 58 years old, and right now, I feel like I’m 28. It absolutely amazes me what VAX-D Therapy has done.

“When I first went to Dr. Aderholdt’s office, my pain level was definitely an 11. Now, I don’t have any pain. It’s incredible.

“I absolutely, 100 percent recommend VAX-D Therapy,” she adds. “And by all means, I recommend Dr. Aderholdt and Back Pain Institute of West Florida. Dr. Aderholdt is amazing!”

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