Alleviate Neck And Back Pain

Nonsurgical stem cell therapy provides long-lasting relief.

Darlene Fisher walking thru a park.

“Stem cell therapy was exactly what my body needed.” – Darlene

It’s a stretch to say that everyone enjoys a love story, but with romance novels accounting for nearly one-third of all marketed fiction sales each year, it’s safe to say there is a hefty appetite for affairs of the heart.

For some, that craving is nothing short of insatiable. According to one marketing study, about 15 percent of romance readers buy a story of desire every week.
Darlene Fisher, 66, is hoping that, one day soon, someone will buy her romance novel.

“I’m officially retired, but I’ve worked as a publicist for a group of romance novelists since 2015, and I’m actually an author myself,” Darlene explains. “I’m not published yet, but I’m hoping that happens sometime in the near future.”

Darlene’s foray into the literary field came after working for four government agencies. She spent the last several years of that career and the first few of her retirement romanticizing about the day she’d be free of her debilitating neck and back pain.

Darlene’s neck and back pain stemmed largely from damage done nearly 40 years ago when she was involved in a car accident. Though surgery to repair her injuries allowed her to live comfortably for many years, Darlene’s pain eventually returned. And with a vengeance.

“It was downright disabling, and it didn’t just stop at my neck and low back,” Darlene laments. “These gripping spasms of pain went all through my shoulders and into my hands and even down into my hips. They were so bad that I couldn’t do anything normal.

Just taking a shower in the morning was an ordeal for her. So was preparing lunch or dinner, or simply sitting down to eat.

“I was so miserable that some nights, I would lay in bed and cry,” Darlene laments. “One night, I told my husband, I can’t take this anymore. I realized my pain was telling me there was something that needed to be fixed, so I started doing research because I didn’t want to have surgery again or have to take medications. That’s why I decided to call Dr. Grana.”

New-Age Specialty

Erick A. Grana, MD, of Regenerative Orthopedic Institute in Tampa, specializes in regenerative medicine, which promotes new growth in tissue ravaged by injury or arthritis using a nonsurgical, noninvasive technique called stem cell therapy.

Dr. Grana first saw Darlene in February. At that time, he conducted a thorough examination that revealed her pain was being caused largely by compressed discs and the advanced deterioration of discs throughout her spine.

“Dr. Grana performed imaging right there in his office and could see that some of the nerves were being pinched by the vertebrae, including the nerve that actually controls the movement of your fingers,” Darlene reports. “That’s why I was feeling the pain all the way into my hands.”

To correct the problem, Dr. Grana suggested stem cell therapy.

“Stem cell therapy treats disease and injuries by harnessing the body’s own healing powers,” Dr. Grana educates. “The natural healing process occurs by combining a patient’s own stem cells with their own platelet rich plasma, or PRP.

“Unlike traditional surgery, which can result in blood loss, scarring and long, painful recovery periods, stem cell therapy requires only injections into the damaged joint. This process results in a safe, effective treatment.”

Stem cells are the most basic building blocks of all the body’s tissues and organs, and they can be collected directly from the patient’s bone marrow or fat. There are no side effects or rejection.

The collection procedure used to collect tissue is similar to a blood draw. Once the tissue has been harvested, the stem cells and PRP are isolated then injected into the painful area to spark the regeneration of damaged tissue.

Stem cell therapy can be used to treat damage found in the knees, shoulders, ankles, wrists, hips, back and neck. It also treats arthritis and peripheral neuropathy almost anywhere in the body, as well as muscle and tendon tears.

Stem cell therapy is a convenient treatment, Dr. Grana notes. It’s an in-office procedure and requires no anesthesia. The simple injection of the cells completes
the process.

At Regenerative Orthopedic Institute, Dr. Grana has developed a system for delivering stem cells and PRP into joints called RegenaJoint™. He has also developed a similar system to treat the spine called RegenaSpine™.

“RegenaJoint and RegenaSpine are both minimally invasive procedures that are performed right in my office using a local anesthetic,” Dr. Grana points out. “Patients typically resume normal activities immediately following the procedures.”

Marvelous Outcome

Dr. Grana used RegenaSpine to treat Darlene. During one office visit, he injected stem cells and platelets into areas of her cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. The results have been life-changing.

Darlene says that shortly after she received the injections, she began to feel a warm sensation that she believes was the stem cells working to make her
body stronger.

“Stem cell therapy was exactly what my body needed,” Darlene raves. “Before I visited Dr. Grana, I felt like an invalid. But now that I have this new cushion developing in my spine, I feel like a different person.

“I’ve actually been on a health journey of late. I’ve been going to physical therapy three days a week, but I’m also swimming, going to the gym, lifting weights and walking on the treadmill. These are all things I wasn’t able to do before I visited Dr. Grana and received the stem cell injections, so it has made a huge difference in my life. Every day I feel a little bit better. That would not be happening were it not for stem cell therapy.”

The improvement she has experienced has been “really exciting.”

“I was lying in bed one night, thinking to myself, I can actually feel this working,” she exclaims. “I really didn’t know what to expect, but the results have been tremendous.

“And I could not be happier with Dr. Grana. He’s such a wonderful human being. He’s so dedicated to helping people and getting them out of pain. When I first visited with him, he picked up my hand and said, I’m going to fix this for you. That’s how incredibly compassionate he is.

“Everyone in his office is the same way. They’re just great, and being treated and helped by them all has been such a wonderful experience that I wholeheartedly recommend Regenerative Orthopedic Institute to anyone.”

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