Acoustic Waves Rock For Back Relief

EPAT does the trick after years of pain, 3 surgeries and other failed treatments.

By the time Felipe* and his three buddies got to Woodstock, the crowd was more than a quarter-million strong, and Richie Havens, Sweetwater and Bert Sommer had already completed their sets.

“We walked in just before Tim Hardin sang If I Were a Carpenter,” Felipe recalls. “I remember that distinctly because my buddy was a big folk guy, and he got all pumped up when Hardin started playing that song. Not me; I was there for the rock ’n’ roll.”

Felipe heard plenty of rock ’n’ roll during that historic weekend in August 1969. Like most in the crowd, which eventually grew to nearly a half-million people, he and his buddies hung around Max Yasgur’s lower New York farm until almost midnight Sunday.

“The last band we saw was The Band,” Felipe recollects. “Johnny Winter came on next, and he was playing as we got back into our car to head out. We had no idea then that we’d just been a part of history. All we thought was, This was a weekend we’ll never forget.

Felipe will never forget what happened to him a few years later either. A construction worker at the time, he fell a few feet off a ladder while working with a small crew building a house in his home state of New Jersey.

“It wasn’t a big fall,” Felipe recounts. “I was on the third or fourth rung of the ladder, lost my balance while reaching for something and down I went. I landed flat on my back.

“I tried finishing out the day, but I couldn’t do it. I was in too much pain. I thought the pain would eventually settle down, but it never did. A couple of weeks later, I went to a doctor. After that, I wound up having back surgery. Not once, but three times.

“The second surgery was because the first one failed. I had that one about two years after the first. I had the third surgery about 20 years ago. I felt better after that, but only for a few years. Ever since, I’ve had a constant battle with back pain.

“It’s been a pretty debilitating battle, too. I got out of construction a long time ago and got into insurance sales, but that required a lot of driving, and because it hurt to sit for long periods of time, I sometimes had a hard time driving.

“It also hurt to stand for long periods. When I was younger, I played a little golf and tennis, but I haven’t played either in years. Sometimes, the only thing I could do to get out of pain was go to sleep. But after a while, the pain would wake me up from that, too.”

Now 73, Felipe says that he’s tried an array of treatments for his back pain, including chiropractic care, epidural steroid injections, even acupuncture. None provided extended relief.

Then a friend suggested he visit Diamond Medical Clinic, the practice of Shristi Shrestha, MD, who specializes in the treatment of pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

Following a thorough examination, Dr. Shrestha determined that Felipe’s pain stemmed in large part from a buildup of scar tissue — remnants of the three surgeries — and recommended treatment using Multi Wave Connect.

Advanced and Highly Effective

Known clinically as extracorporeal pulse activation technology (EPAT), Multi Wave Connect is the most advanced and highly effective noninvasive, drug-free treatment cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

Treatments are performed in the doctor’s office, where a handheld device emits a set of acoustic pressure waves that stimulate the metabolism. This enhances blood circulation and accelerates the regeneration and healing of damaged tissue.

Multi Wave Connect has proven effective in the treatment of a range of musculoskeletal conditions in the neck, shoulder, back, chest, feet and ankles. It is also used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction using Multi Wave Connect protocols.

Dr. Shrestha says the technology has been around for about 40 years.
“The acoustic pressure waves penetrate about three inches below the skin,” Dr. Shrestha explains. “That’s deeper than any chiropractic or massage therapy can penetrate, and by affecting tissue at that level, you get what we call scar reorganization.

“That’s important because scar tissue can get rock hard and impinge on the nerves and muscles in a way that prohibits them from moving naturally. Multi Wave Connect gets in there and loosens that scar tissue to a point where we can actually remodel it.”

Another benefit of Multi Wave Connect is that the acoustic pressure waves help eliminate the root cause of pain. That makes it far more effective than the medications or injections often prescribed for such issues.

“Musculoskeletal pain can be caused by many things, such as pinched nerves or damaged muscles, tendons or joints,” Dr. Shrestha points out. “Many physicians treat these problems with opiates, but opiates don’t cure anything. They just eliminate the pain temporarily.

“Our Multi Wave Connect machine helps to heal the tissue. It regenerates old blood vessels and helps form new ones, which further reduces pain. It produces its waves in a broad spectrum, which allows us to treat the entire problem area.”

Studies show that the painless pulsations produced during a full regimen of Multi Wave Connect therapy eliminated pain and restored full mobility in more than 80 percent of patients with no side effects.

Rapid Results

Dr. Shrestha recommended a full regimen of six sessions of Multi Wave Connect for Felipe, who agreed with the doctor’s recommendation. Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes, and “they’re completely painless,” Felipe reports.

Felipe began to experience relief shortly after treatments began.
“It took about three treatments for me to start to notice a real difference in my pain,” he attests. “I remember going in for my fourth treatment and thinking, If I could feel this good for the rest of my life, I’d be pretty happy. But those last three treatments made me feel even better. Now, I have virtually no pain whatsoever in my back.

“To give you an idea of how good I feel, my wife and I went out dancing a few weeks back. We haven’t done that in ages. I’ve wanted to go dancing, but I knew I’d be in pain the whole time, and I was afraid my back would seize up on me.”

“I’m living a better life now that I’ve had this Multi Wave Connect therapy.” – Felipe

“The bottom line is, I feel better than I have in years, and I’m living a better life now that I’ve had this Multi Wave Connect therapy. These treatments have made an enormous difference in my life. I wish I would have found out about them sooner.”

Since receiving his initial Multi Wave Connect treatments this year, Felipe has returned for an additional “booster” session. He says he plans to get one of those each year going forward in an effort to keep his pain at bay.

“I consider myself fortunate that I found Diamond Medical and Multi Wave Connect therapy,” Felipe enthuses. “It’s been a real game-changer for me, and I gladly recommend it and Dr. Shrestha to anyone. They’ve done wonders for me.”

© FHCN article by Roy Cummings
* Patient’s name changed at his request


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