A Work Of Art

Comprehensive care enhances appearance, improves oral health.

With the ability to showcase more than 7,500 items across five locations, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) is the nation’s longest-running museum satellite system.

When you mention that little-known fact to Sharon Vito-McCue, she bubbles with pride. And well she should. As a member of the SAMA board of directors, Sharon had a big hand in expanding the museum to five locations in Central Pennsylvania.

“I was also president of the Ligonier Theatre (near Pittsburgh) and was with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Carnegie Museum of Art (in Pittsburgh) as a volunteer,” Sharon adds. “With all of them, my focus was always to allow children to see the arts as an integral part of their lives.

“I believe the arts are just as important as any other educational opportunity. When I had the theater, I had a kids’ camp to help them better understand the arts. And with SAMA, I helped children seek opportunities through the arts.”

The child Sharon now focuses on most is her granddaughter in Boca Raton. As a result, she spends a significant amount of time here. That proved fortuitous after a serious dental issue suddenly cropped up a few years back.

In 2016, a crown on her top left-front tooth fell off. Unfortunately, it happened while helping a production team from the Golf Channel set up coverage of Arnold Palmer’s memorial service in the late golfing great’s birthplace of Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

“The tooth just fell right on the floor, and here I was trying to help all these people, so I couldn’t just rush right out and get it taken care of,” Sharon explains. “It was a bit embarrassing, too, of course, so I asked one of the assistants to get me some super glue.”

Sharon’s initial plan was to glue the crown back on. She soon abandoned that idea and decided to see a dentist as soon as possible. She wound up seeing Naved Fatmi, DMD, of Health and Wellness Dentistry in Boca Raton.

“I went to Boca Raton to visit my daughter and granddaughter right after the memorial service, and as soon as I got there, I started looking for a dentist,” she notes. “After finding Dr. Fatmi, he told me he could fix the problem, and he did.”

Shorter, Weaker Teeth

Sharon Vito-McCue

Securing Sharon’s broken crown proved to be a relatively quick and easy fix for Dr. Fatmi. In completing that task, however, he found some other dental issues that would require more extensive work and a greater investment in time.

“What we realized was that there was occlusal trauma throughout Sharon’s mouth,” Dr. Fatmi reveals. “What that means is, the normal way someone clenches and grinds their teeth causes trauma to the teeth that leaves them shorter and weaker.

“One of the real issues with this is that it’s not a one-tooth problem. You have to fix the entire arch, be it the top or bottom. In Sharon’s case, the damage was to the teeth on the top arch, so we were able to concentrate on that.”

Dr. Fatmi began treating Sharon by working on the foundation of her teeth. Through a series of cleanings and repairs, he ensured that her gums and jawbone were healthy and in the best shape possible for the restoration.

Sharon then chose to take advantage of the aesthetic treatments offered at Dr. Fatmi’s practice such as JUVÉDERM® and BOTOX® Cosmetic.

“I’m not really a big fan of that kind of thing, but when I asked Dr. Fatmi about it, he did such a good job of explaining the advantages of injections as opposed to any kind of cutting and walked me completely through the process,” Sharon reports.

“I developed a very strong trust in Dr. Fatmi through that, so I went ahead with it. I have some friends who are regulars with these kinds of projects, and after I had the injections, they were in awe of the work Dr. Fatmi did.”

Once the hygiene and cosmetic work were done, Dr. Fatmi began the restoration project on Sharon’s teeth. The plan they agreed to was for Dr. Fatmi to provide Sharon with new crowns across her upper arch.

“Other than the wear, Sharon’s teeth were in good shape,” Dr. Fatmi reveals. “So there was no need for dental implants, and I strongly urged her to go with individual crowns and avoid bridges so that she could floss properly between her teeth and brush normally.”

Dr. Fatmi began his work in the back, treating the molars on each side of Sharon’s upper arch. He then worked his way forward, treating a few teeth at a time whenever Sharon was in town.

A Comfortable Feeling

Through mid-July, only Sharon’s four front teeth remained to be crowned, and she plans to have that work done this fall. Sharon says if Dr. Fatmi does as good a job on those teeth as he has on the others, she’ll be thrilled with the outcome.

“I was in an emergency situation, and I really didn’t know where to turn when I discovered Dr. Fatmi. I feel very fortunate that I did,” Sharon enthuses. “The more we talked, the more enamored I became with him, and the more I came to trust him.”

Sharon greatly appreciated that Dr. Fatmi gave direct, honest answers to her questions and took the time to explain what he was going to do and why.

“That speaks volumes and is why he is one of only two doctors in my life that I have really felt comfortable with,” she shares. “He’s so caring, well-read and up to date. The technology he has in his office is not something I was exposed to in Pennsylvania.

“Dr. Fatmi is quite exceptional, as is everyone in his office. Everyone there talks with you, not at you. That’s why I tell friends about him and the great work he’s done for me.”

© FHCN article by Roy Cummings. Photo courtesy of Sharon Vito-McCue. mkb


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