A Wonderful Life

Resident enjoys dining out, singing and having fun with friends.

Michelle Williams loves everything about Savannah Court of Orange City, especially the food, which is served restaurant-style in the dining room.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Michelle Williams

“My favorite is the lasagna,” she says. “It has lots of cheese.”

Michelle, 58, has been at Savannah Court for the past several years. Though she has multiple sclerosis, nothing stops her from enjoying all the amenities the resort-like senior living facility has to offer.

That includes joining a group of friends in a spirited game of bingo, which she does almost daily, and participating in the community’s regular sing-alongs and karaoke contests, all of which she does with her own personal brand of gusto.

“I love to sing!” Michelle voices, demonstrating her talents.

On Thursdays, Michelle and her fellow residents board a shuttle and go out to lunch at one of the area’s restaurants. Whenever the bus is leaving, Michelle is on board.

“Michelle is a breath of fresh air,” says Todd Brown, Savannah Court’s marketing relations director. “Whenever she sees you, she calls you by name and tells you she loves you.”

Abundant Amenities

Michelle has definitely found a long-term home at Savannah Court of Orange City, which is nestled just 20 minutes between Metro Orlando and Daytona Beach, where it provides residents with a cozy, small-town ambiance while also offering all the amenities necessary to carry out an active lifestyle.

Those amenities include assisted living services, senior day care services for caregivers who need a day for themselves, and respite care for seniors recovering from illness or surgery.

Michelle’s needs include shower assistance, but beyond that, she does most everything on her own. And with her birthday coming up soon, she can hardly contain her excitement. That’s because it falls on the same day as Savannah Court’s monthly auction.

During the auction, residents are given play money dubbed Savannah Court Bucks that they can use to bid on a variety of items such as jewelry, room décor, books, clothing and cosmetic items. The gifts are usually provided by area businesses, but residents sometimes make donations as well.

“It’s a very popular event,” Todd says.

Residents are also treated to arts and crafts, music, games, and various exercise programs to suit their needs and tastes. Options include playing ball, stretching and chair exercises.

On Fridays, residents get a visit from Jojo the dog. Life at Savannah Court is full of events of all sizes. There is at least one large themed event each month as well as daily events such as themed dinners, ice cream socials and happy hours.

Michelle is among those who enjoy the exercise class that uses pool noodles.

“I have to bend down and let her tap me on the head with the pool noodle,” Todd says with a laugh. “She always has a positive attitude and loves life.”

The community’s single-story, square layout makes it easy for residents to navigate and get around to all the fun things going on each day. However, one thing no resident has to participate in is drudgery.

Staff members are there 24/7 to take care of residents’ every need, from laundry to apartment cleaning to cooking and doing dishes. The design of the community’s center courtyard also fosters a spirit of camaraderie, Todd says.

“We allow our residents to remain independent for as long as they can. I love that I get to be a guest in their home.”

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