A Sound Solution

Acoustic compression therapy alleviates elbow pain.

He has long since moved on, with far too much on his plate to spend time wondering what might have been. Still, if anyone could justify devoting even a few minutes to pondering such possibilities, it’s Greg Rivera.

Greg Rivera bending over at a golf course setting his ball up on a tee with his golf cart in the background.

Greg is playing pain-free golf again

An accomplished high school quarterback, Greg was at the start of what promised to be an impressive college football career when a back injury forced him to give up the game at the tender age of 19.

“I went to the Naval Academy but got hurt the week of the Army-Navy game in my plebe year,” Greg reveals. “Looking back, I was actually quite fortunate. If I had gone to another school, I probably would have lost my scholarship. At the Naval Academy, everyone is on scholarship so it all worked out.”

After six years of active duty with the Navy, he spent a year selling medical supplies, then got into recruiting. Now 50, he works for a federal consulting firm as the leader of a team that recruits veterans for jobs requiring specialized skills.

The job allows Greg to work from home and provides him the freedom to pursue his two great passions: physical fitness and golf. Greg’s pursuit of the latter recently resulted in the development of a disorder called golfer’s elbow in his right arm.

Up Around the Bend

A condition that can be experienced by anyone, not just golfers, golfer’s elbow causes intense pain and stiffness at the inside bend of the arm, where the tendons of the forearm attach to the humerus.

In severe cases, the pain and stiffness travel down the inside of the forearm and into the wrist. It can also result in a significant loss of strength. In Greg’s case, the condition affected his golf game and fitness routine.

Swinging through pain on every shot, he lost accuracy and distance on the golf course. While running, his right arm would stiffen to where it was painful to straighten.

In an effort to remedy the problem, Greg tried icing, heating and stretching his elbow. Those treatments provided only temporary relief. To gain long-term relief, he was told he’d likely need to rest the elbow for weeks, perhaps even months.

Unwilling to take that long of a break from golf, Greg opted to continue fighting through the pain — until about a year ago, when he visited Injury Health Center for a standard chiropractic adjustment.

Injury Health Center is the practice of Stacy Hudock Proscia, DC, with offices in Daytona Beach, Sanford and Orlando. The center provides chiropractic care as well as an assortment of pain-relief services.

“We do standard chiropractic adjustments, of course, but we also offer a great number of other modalities that complement those adjustments,” Dr. Hudock Proscia explains.

“The chiropractic adjustment and getting the nervous system back on track is at the heart of what we do. But we also treat muscles, tendons and ligaments, which the bones are connected to.”

“It’s a tremendous treatment, and for me relief started to come immediately.” – Greg

Dr. Hudock Proscia calls Injury Health Center a “one-stop shop” for patients seeking pain relief. Greg soon found out what that means. While receiving his adjustment, Greg mentioned his sore elbow to the doctor, who suggested acoustic compression therapy, or ACT, to correct the problem.

ACT is similar to lithotripsy, a sound-wave therapy used to break up kidney stones, Dr. Hudock Proscia educates. In this case, however, the acoustical waves break up muscle adhesions and scar tissue.

“When muscles get tight or after an injury, scar tissue builds up and becomes tight and rigid,” Dr. Hudock Proscia amplifies. “ACT breaks up the scar tissue, which can then be flushed out of the body. It also alleviates pain in muscles, tendons and joints while promoting healing by increasing circulation.”

ACT is administered through a small, handheld device that emits the sound waves in short, painless pulsations. Those pulsations penetrate deep into the body and affect it in much the same way that a deep-tissue massage or deep manipulation does.

When receiving ACT, patients will feel as if a small jackhammer is being used on the area being treated. That feeling is never painful, nor does it reach a point where it’s uncomfortable for the patient, Dr. Hudock Proscia asserts.

Immediate Relief

“The device they use in administering the treatment is like a small wand. You can feel it when that wand hits one of the pain points,” Greg reports. “And you think, Yeah, that’s the spot, right there.

“Once the technician hits that spot, you let them know and they’ll work over it for a period of time. During that time, you can feel the pain start to subside as the machine does its work. It’s a tremendous treatment. For me, relief started to come immediately.”

Greg initially received eight ACT treatments over a couple of months. Each lasted about 15 minutes and provided more than just pain relief. They also relaxed the muscles in Greg’s forearm and alleviated the stiffness.

“The treatments took away the pain in my elbow until I went out and teed it up again, then I would feel it a bit,” Greg states. “But the pain wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it had been, not even after playing golf a couple of times between treatments. It was tolerable, better than the alternative of doing nothing for months until the pain subsided completely.”

Encouraged by the effectiveness of the treatments, which he initially received every other week, Greg began getting ACT once and sometimes twice a week.

“I’ll still tweak that elbow every now and then, but the pain is much more tolerable than it was,” Greg concludes. “I can manage it a lot better than before, and that’s because of the ACT treatments. I’m really glad Dr. Stacy mentioned it to me.

“Dr. Stacy is an amazing chiropractor. I feel the same way about her staff. Everyone there does a great job; their facilities are awesome and they’re very flexible with their scheduling. The whole place is just tremendous.”

© FHCN article by Roy Cummings. Photo by Jordan Pysz. mkb
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