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Unique treatment protocol relieves neuropathic pain, discomfort.

With its walnut-colored ceiling beams, limestone arches and red brick walls, the private wine room inside Paul’s* North Tampa home looks like it was cut out of a centuries-old chateau somewhere in France. And well it should.Photo from iStockPhoto.com.

“That was the idea behind the design,” Paul explains. “I wanted it to look just like a wine cellar I once visited in a place just north of Saint-Tropez that dates back to the 10th century, when wine was still considered a drink from the gods. The builder got it just right.”

A private chef whose dinners are often sold as charity-auction items, Paul has filled his wine room with hundreds of bottles of wine from around the world. Some are for private consumption, but most are paired with the various dinner courses he creates.

Not long ago, a problem with his right leg and foot made even the simplest of daily activities, including creating those dinners, something of a challenge for this 58-year-old Minneapolis native.

“The problem started about two years ago,” Paul says. “All of a sudden, I started to feel these shooting pains in my right leg. Then, the problem moved into my right foot, where I had a lot of tingling, like pins and needles. And sometimes, my foot even went numb.

“At first, I just kind of struggled through it, but eventually, it got so bad that I was having a hard time standing, which affected my work. Eventually, walking became almost impossible for me.
With every step I took, I experienced a new level of pain. The discomfort was so bad that it even kept me up at night. No matter what I did, I was feeling some kind of discomfort in my leg and foot and it made me very restless.

“After a few months of that, I finally decided I needed to get some help.”

Bundle of Nerves

Paul’s first visit was to his primary care physician. That doctor referred him to Robert C. Lupo, DC, a chiropractic physician who offers primary, chiropractic and holistic care at his Tampa-based practice, Physical Medicine Center.

After running tests, Dr. Lupo diagnosed Paul with peripheral neuropathy. It’s a condition that affects more than 20 million Americans and is the result of damage done to the nerves that run from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body.

Causes of peripheral neuropathy include diabetes, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory infections, but Paul’s case likely stemmed from injuries he sustained in a car accident many years earlier.

“Paul told me that a lot of damage was done to several discs in his lower back during the accident and his back has never been the same since,” Dr. Lupo reports. “The tests I ran showed he was a good candidate for a unique treatment protocol we have.”

That protocol is called Sanexas electrotherapy, a noninvasive form of electric cell signaling therapy, or ECST, that uses pulsed energy waves to treat painful areas.

Traditional treatments for neuropathy include medications such as gabapentin, LYRICA® and antidepressants, but Dr. Lupo says those medications only mask symptoms. They don’t treat the underlying problem.

“With Sanexas electrotherapy, we can repair the damage done to the nerves by whatever causes the neuropathy,” Dr. Lupo explains, “and we do it without medications. That’s especially important, given the concern we all have with the overuse of pain medications.”

In addition to chronic pain and discomfort, Sanexas electrotherapy can relieve symptoms associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia, because it decreases inflammation, increases blood circulation and heals damaged nerve pathways.

It does this through a form of natural electric nerve stimulation that goes beyond transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy by using electronic signal energy waves produced by an ultrahigh digital frequency generator.

“The energy waves stimulate the body at the cellular level by delivering energy to the affected areas of the body in varying wavelengths that include low-frequency and middle-frequency signals,” Dr. Lupo educates. “That’s what allows this system to affect the nerve cell membranes as well as the surrounding tissue and produce a harmonic resonant vibration that promotes repair and healing. And it does this without causing any discomfort for the patient.

“Most importantly, though, it allows patients to decrease their reliance on pain medications and greatly increases their mobility. That in turn allows some to begin exercising again and just leads to a much better overall quality of life.”

Other benefits of Sanexas treatments include the normalizing of pH levels, which helps with digestion and destruction of germs in the gut. It also stimulates production of serotonin.

“Serotonin is a chemical in our bodies that is sometimes called the happy chemical,” Dr. Lupo shares. “It contributes to happiness and well-being, and eases most kinds of pain, so the increase in stimulation is just another positive result of this treatment.”

Many patients also report sleeping better and having less anxiety after beginning Sanexas electrotherapy treatments, and more than 80 percent of patients gain enough relief to resume normal activities.

Positive Results

Dr. Lupo typically recommends that Sanexas electrotherapy be given as part of a peripheral neuropathy treatment plan that is customized to fit each patient’s specific needs.

That’s what he did with Paul, who achieved positive results from Sanexas electrotherapy. Paul says he noticed less tingling and numbness in his right foot after just four treatments and that his condition only improved from there.

“I consider myself fortunate that I was recommended to Dr. Lupo. He did a great job diagnosing and treating my condition.” – Paul

“The shooting pains in my leg that I first started to experience a couple years ago are a thing of the past,” Paul reports. “I haven’t had a problem with that since the fourth or fifth treatment, and the tingling and numbness in my foot are much less than before.

“Now I’m back cooking and creating meals pretty much the way I always did before. Sanexas electrotherapy worked wonders for me.

“I consider myself fortunate that I was recommended to Dr. Lupo. He did a great job diagnosing and treating my condition, and I’m happy with the results so far. I’d recommend him to anyone struggling with pain from neuropathy.”

* Patient’s name changed at his request.
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