A New Spin For Your Skin

Centrifuged from patient’s blood, PRF delivers next-generation rejuvenation

Jessica Caldwell is a master at juggling responsibilities. A 38-year-old working mother, she successfully synchronizes the daily care of her children with a full-time job.  

Jessica Caldwell

“My eyes have a full, plump, youthful appearance. I’m super happy with my results.”

“I’m a financial wellness consultant at a bank,” Jessica reveals. “I offer fantastic financial solutions to basically add benefits to companies for their employees.”

Jessica’s banking career began when she was 19. Besides motherhood, it’s the only job she’s held since high school.

“I graduated in 2001 and started with the bank in 2002,” she elaborates. “I’ve been with the bank for 19 years and with the wellness consulting team for 12. It’s definitely my favorite division, so far. I really like what I’m doing now.”

In Jessica’s line of work, exceptional customer service is a requisite. Jessica expects the same from the companies she does business with and her health care providers. Recently, one such provider failed to deliver in that area.

“I had visited my dentist for a BOTOX® treatment in my jaw, but the dentist didn’t administer it properly,” Jessica shares. “Another thing I struggled with during my dental experience was their bedside manner. They took little time to answer my questions. It was nerve-racking not knowing what was going to happen.”

After sharing her experience with a friend, Jessica was advised to visit GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery in Royal Palm Beach. During her first meeting there with Cigdem Gali, MSPA, PA-C, a physician assistant specializing in aesthetic medicine, Jessica was immediately taken by the difference in approaches.

“Cigdem and her team took time to answer all my questions, so I was comfortable not only with what was going to happen, but also with my budget,” Jessica recalls. “After Cigdem properly administered the (BOTOX) injection, we just naturally got into a conversation about some other concerns I had around my eyes.”

Specifically, Jessica was concerned that her eyes made her look tired.

“I started to recognize some aging in that area,” she explains. “There was a lot of creping, wrinkling and thin skin under my eyes.”

 Cigdem suggested she try an injection under the eyes called platelet rich fibrin, or PRF, rather than a hyaluronic acid filler alone.

“It was clear that she experienced significant volume loss in her tear trough, the area between the lower eyelid and upper cheek,” Cigdem points out. “When she smiled, there were deep creases in her tear trough. I recommended PRF combined with a hyaluronic acid filler. We blended the constituents and injected them into Jessica’s tear trough.”

Advanced Technology

Cigdem and her team’s use of the combination of PRF and hyaluronic acid represents a step forward in the technology used for aesthetic treatment. In the past, GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery treated facial flaws using platelet rich plasma, or PRP.

The PRP is obtained through a draw of the patient’s blood. The blood is spun down in a centrifuge. After it has been isolated, the platelet rich plasma is injected back into the patient, where the PRP’s healing and growth factors restore the damaged skin.

“Six or seven years ago, PRP was the best technology available,” Cigdem asserts. “PRF is PRP 2.0: the next generation. With PRF, we spin the patient’s blood at a slightly different angle and at a slower speed, which causes less damage to the cells. As a result, we obtain a higher quality of healthy platelets, stem cells, growth factors and healing factors. Higher quality cells lead to superior and longer lasting results compared to PRP.”

PRP treatments required the addition of an anticoagulant, or blood thinner, to keep the blood from clotting before the PRP could be injected. That isn’t necessary with PRF, which studies show to be more effective without an anticoagulant.

“Once PRF is injected, a natural fibrous thickening forms that consistently releases healing and growth factors into the skin over time,” Cigdem explains. “Consequently, patients’ results continue to get better over an extended period.

“Patients generally see a difference immediately after their first PRF injection. After that, 75 percent of the PRF reabsorbs into the body. Patients typically see the full effect of the injections six to eight weeks after treatment is completed.”

A typical course of PRF involves two to four injections given four to six weeks apart. According to Cigdem, this course most effectively stimulates the skin to ensure the best results possible.

“When patients require more volume and skin tone correction than PRF alone can provide, we often combine PRF with a hyaluronic acid filler,” Cigdem observes. “This is commonly done when treating the tear trough, which is what we did in treating Jessica.

“If we inject a filler alone, patients won’t receive the immediate glow that appears with PRF. Fillers are also not going to improve the tone and texture of the skin. Fillers will volumize but won’t help if patients have dark circles or irregular texture due to thin skin under the eyes. But PRF will. It is the body’s natural filler.”

PRF serves many purposes at GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery. Cigdem may utilize it during microneedling to help improve skin texture while the microneedles generate collagen for smoother, firmer, more toned skin.

“We use PRF to treat acne scars,” Cigdem discloses. “It is effective for volumizing the cheeks, nasolabial folds and jawline, as well as the chin, neck, hands and décolleté, with beautiful results. We use it to revitalize fine, thinning hair; enlarge breasts; enhance the buttocks; and treat cellulite as well. It is very versatile.”

“It Was Amazing”

After Cigdem recommended PRF, Jessica did some research before agreeing to the treatment. She received the injection on June 14. She saw results immediately.

“It was amazing,” Jessica exclaims. “The fullness was back under my eyes, which took away that aging look. The wrinkles were nearly gone as well. My eyes have a full, plump, youthful appearance. I’m super happy with my results.”

Jessica’s excitement extends to Cigdem and her staff at GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery.

“I love Cigdem,” she raves. “She really knows what she’s doing and wants to make sure I’m happy. Cigdem’s staff is great and her team is growing. She must be good at picking team members because no matter who I deal with, they’re very knowledgeable and friendly. 

“I very much appreciate the service provided by everyone at GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery. I absolutely recommend them.”

© FHCN article by Patti DiPanfilo. Photo courtesy of Jessica Caldwell. Before and after images courtesy of GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery. mkb
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