A New, Safe Medical Weight-Loss Program

Safely shed 15-25 pounds over two months with recently approved semaglutide injectables.

While Debra Leonard lived in her native New York, she served as a representative for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., better known as MetLife.

Debra is already more than halfway to her goal of losing 15 pounds.

“They offer life and health insurance, as well as annuities and other products,” Debra describes. “In 1999, I went into property and casualty insurance with another company. I also work in the travel industry booking trips for guests. I have my own business and work with other companies.”

Now 65, Debra left New York and resettled in Florida in 2008. In the years since, she has put on a few extra pounds that she couldn’t lose through diet and exercise. Seeking a solution, she recently turned to Cigdem Gali, MSPA, PA-C, a physician assistant specializing in aesthetic medicine with GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery in Royal Palm Beach.

“I Couldn’t Be Happier”

“To help Debra shed the weight, we recommended our safe and effective medical weight-loss program,” Cigdem recalls. “Our program includes weekly injections of a medication called semaglutide.

Semaglutide was approved by the FDA for weight-loss management in June 2021. The medication stimulates the pancreas to secrete extra insulin, which helps sugar from food enter cells to be used as energy.

“The increased insulin makes patients feel full, so they eat smaller portions and don’t reach for snacks between meals. Consequently, they gradually lose weight, typically one to two pounds per week,” Cigdem explains. “We perform the initial injection and then teach patients to inject themselves using small insulin syringes, so the injections are painless.”

GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery uses a formulation that combines semaglutide with L-Carnitine, an amino acid that increases fat metabolism and promotes weight loss.

The program is tailored to the individual based on activity level, lifestyle, diet and amount of weight the person desires to shed.

“People who want to lose 10 or 15 pounds stay on the program about three months and lose that and more,” Cigdem discloses. “Our patients typically see 15 to 25 pounds of weight loss in their first two months. People who want to lose 50 to 100 pounds may be on the program for a year.

“With our program, patients lose weight without dieting and exercising, although we recommend that they eat healthy and exercise regularly.”

Debra’s goal is to lose 15 pounds. Within a month she was already more than halfway there.

“My results are off the charts,” she enthuses. “I’ve lost eight pounds in four weeks, and I couldn’t be happier.

“I love this program because I get to eat what I want. I’m just not as hungry, so I eat a quarter of the amount of food I would normally eat. It’s a great way to lose weight, keep it off and stay thin. GaliDerm Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery’s weight-loss program is awesome!”

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