A Matter of Trust

Assisted living community “checks all the boxes.”

When Joann Pearson gave up her teaching career to start a family back in the late 1950s, she never thought she’d wind up with a classroom full of kids all her own. But after initially giving birth to twins, that’s exactly what happened.

Photo courtesy of Karin Wyatt.

Joann Pearson

“There were nine of us total, six girls and three boys,” says Karin Wyatt, one of Joann’s daughters. “My parents started their family after moving back to the US from Panama, where my father was in the military. From the start, my mom had her hands full.”

Once her children were grown, Joann ventured back into education, where she excelled at enrolling young children into reading programs. She also became active in her local church. As time passed, though, Joann needed the kind of attention she often gave to others.

“My mom developed dementia,” Karin says. “For years, my father took care of her, but after he passed, she moved in with my sisters. It was very hard, though. We knew she needed to be moved somewhere where they could look after her properly.”

After visiting several senior living communities in the area, Karin and her sisters decided the best place for their mother was Hibiscus Court Assisted Living and Memory Care Community in Melbourne.

Hibiscus Court offers an assisted living program, senior day care services, and short-term respite stays for seniors recovering from illness or surgery. It also has a secure memory support community called The Garden.

“I knew the first time I walked into Hibiscus Court that this would be the place for my mom, because the people are all so amazing,” Karin says. “They told me, Wherever your mom is, that’s where we are. That made me feel very secure. I knew right away that I could trust them to take good care of my mother.”
After settling on Hibiscus Court, Karin and her sisters set up their mother’s apartment just as it was at her home, with all of her bedroom furniture and personal items arranged just as they had been before.

“That really helped my mom make the transition, but what’s made it even better is the fact that they do so much for the residents there,” Karin says. “They don’t isolate them or just sit them down in front of the TV the way they do at some places.

“They treat them so well! When they have entertainment or events, they bring all the residents together and make them a part of it. They do a lot of other things to keep them active as well.

“They have an activities room for them and a garden club where they plant gardens and they weed. For a lot of the residents, that brings back a lot of great memories. They have them doing all kinds of things like tie-dying shirts, among other activities, and that’s great for my mom.

“She reached a point where she wasn’t doing much. We couldn’t get her to go out to the store or anything, but she’s very active now at Hibiscus Court, and she loves it. I can tell you she’s happier there now than she has been in six years.”

“Engaging residents in meaningful pursuits to promote health and happiness is a core value of our team,” says Charisse Durham, sales and marketing director at Hibiscus Court. “All residents come to our community with preferences regarding their interests, level of socialization and level of cognition. Many families are searching for exactly what the Pearson family has found, and family stories such as theirs says so much more than any brochure or website ever could.”

“I’m so happy I chose Hibiscus Court for my mother,” Karin says. “When you’re looking for a senior living community, you want to be sure your family member is safe, healthy and being taken care of the right way. Hibiscus Court checks all the boxes.

“Hibiscus Court has everything you are looking for in a senior living community. That’s why I’ve recommended it to others I know, and my husband has recommended it to people he knows as well. We’re fortunate to have found it.”

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