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  • ‘The Only Good Solution’

    Edition: Citrus County, Hernando County, North Tampa, Published: Spring 2023

    Same Day Teeth® protocol is the way to go for fixed permanent replacements

    Suzanne before and after dental implants gave her teeth she is happy with “for the first time in (her) life.” A native  of  Staten  Island, Suzanne Maidhoff relocated to orida in 2005 when the cost of living in New York became e for her. After a year of for a job in the Sunshine State, Suzanne finally found work at a bank. “With a friend’s recommendation, I got the job with what was then World Savings  Bank,”  Suzanne  elaborates. “World Savings was bought by Wachovia, which was bought by Wells Fargo. I always had the same manager; the bank names just changed. “I held a variety of positions at the bank. I started as an administra...

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  • Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Manatee County, Published: Spring 2023

    Regenerative medicine treatments alleviate variety of aching joints

    There’s a paved walking path that skirts the waterside around the small island known as Deadman Key in Pinellas County that Sandy Elliot considers a slice of heaven. “The beach is my heaven, and taking that walk around the key is an absolute treat for me,” Sandy confirms. “I call it my peace walk, or my treat walk.” Sandy, 62, has been treating herself to that walk ever since she moved to Florida following retirement a couple years ago. “I used to run a lot,” Sandy notes. “At one point I was running 10, 12, even 13 miles a day, but that puts a lot of stress on your bones, so I got into walking.” Walking is certainly less stressful than running, but a year ...

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  • Make The Heart Flow Fonder

    Edition: Hernando County, Published: Spring 2023

    Noninvasive EECP treatments improve blood flow through clogged arteries

    Lonnie Davis has been intrigued by movement and exercise since he was a boy. His interest intensified as he grew older, and he ultimately earned a doctorate in exercise physiology. He then spent 45 years in higher education as a professor in the field. “Out of high school, I earned a scholarship and received a bachelor’s degree from Morehead State University in Kentucky,” says Lonnie, 77. “I then went up to Bloomington, Indiana, and got a master’s degree from Indiana University. After that, I went back to Kentucky and started teaching. “After three years, I decided I wanted to work with more serious students. My major professor at Morehead got...

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  • Let Your Blood Flow

    Edition: Citrus County, Hernando County, Published: Spring 2023

    Medley of minimally invasive procedures ends symptoms of venous insufficiency

    JORDAN PYSZ / FLORIDA HEATH CARE NEWS – Although William no longer plays professionally, he maintains a studio in his home where he records his music. William Hannagan’s life as a musician began at age 6. That’s when he learned to play the accordion. Before long, he was also playing piano and guitar. He later orchestrated his natural talent into a profession with several bands.  “With most of the bands I was in, I did the front work — the vocals — and played keyboards,” William expounds. “We also had a guitarist, a drummer and sometimes a bass player. It varied over the years.”  Now 74, William loved his musical career, but he no...

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  • Calm, Cool, Reconnected

    Edition: Citrus County, Published: Spring 2023

    Clinical manager’s retina reattached using specialized eye surgery

    A native of Puerto Rico, Johanna Trowell moved to Florida following her junior year of high school. Once she completed her senior year at West Orange High School in Winter Garden, Johanna continued her education and attended nursing school. For the past 18 years, she’s assisted two OB-GYNs in a private practice, where she now serves as clinical manager.  “Originally, I wanted to be a pediatrician, but life goes on and things get in the way, and I decided to become a nurse instead,” recounts Johanna, 48. “It’s actually been very gratifying. It required less schooling, too.  “Since the beginning of my career, I wanted to work in private p...

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  • Her Best Interests At Heart

    Edition: Citrus County, Hernando County, Published: Spring 2023

    Learn the not-so-obvious symptoms of cardiovascular disease in women

    One morning last December, Carolyn* woke up annoyed because her arm hurt, her back ached and her stomach was upset. She also felt more tired than usual. Shaking off the discomfort, Carolyn went about her day until she described the discomfort to a friend who had casually asked her how she was doing. Concerned with what she had heard, the friend, who is a nurse, implored Carolyn to go to the hospital emergency room. That’s where Carolyn received a shocking diagnosis. “They told me I was having a heart attack,” Carolyn proclaims. “I was blown away. I had no idea, because I wasn’t experiencing any chest pain like I would’ve expected with a heart attack. But t...

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    Edition: Hernando County, Published: Spring 2023

    Correcting hearing loss helps prevent social isolation, depression

    After college, Patty Simone satisfied the stringent requirements to become a certified public accountant. She then accepted a position in her native Cleveland with what was then considered one of the nation’s “Big Eight” accounting firms.  “I chose accounting because I’m one of those crazy number gurus,” admits Patty, 68. “That was back in the day when women were really trying to make their mark in the world. I decided to go the numbers route as opposed to some of the other professions.”  Patty enjoyed her work at the Cleveland firm, but after becoming a mother, she retired from that company so she could spend more time at home with her two daugh...

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  • When Your Neck’s A Wreck

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, Published: Spring 2023

    ‘The greatest’ nonsurgical device tests and treats cervical pain

    A vast majrity of the plastic tossed into recycling bins — about 95 percent — never gets recycled because most recycling facilities aren’t equipped for all types of plastic. Rick Brodzik is trying to change that. Rick is a fundraiser who is working to raise capital for a series of humanitarian projects. One is a system that allows for everything from plastic water bottles to plastic grocery bags to be safely recycled. “There are seven grades of plastic, but most recycling facilities can only recycle two of them,” Rick explains. “The project I’m involved in would recycle all seven types and turn the plastic into things like doors, pal...

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  • Pump For Joy

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach County, Published: Spring 2023

    Compression pump eases limb swelling, pain from lymphedema, venous insufficiency. Fueled by her earnest desire to care for others, Delores Silverstein spent 40 years as a certified nursing assistant. Most of that time – nearly 35 years – she served patients in the Naples area, including Marco Island and Bonita Springs.  “I worked in private homes and for private companies,” shares Delores, 77. “I also worked for individuals who hired me directly to take care of loved ones. Over the years, I tended to elderly people in nursing homes and cared for young people. I also took care of special needs children. I loved my patients. Many of them became like family to me.” Concerned that she was no longer capable of treating patients pro...

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  • Oil Be Back

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach County, Published: Spring Spring

    Treatment gets clogged glands flowing again, ending painful styes and dry eye.   COURTESY PHOTO As a younger woman, Camille Marro made a decent living on Wall Street. However, once the New York native became pregnant with the first of her six children, she shifted gears and became a stay-at-home mom. When her children headed off to school, she shifted gears again. “My kids’ school needed people to help the children in the classroom, so I became a classroom volunteer,” shares Camille, 65. “After a while, I became certified to work in preschool. I’ve been doing that for about 11 years, and it’s great.” “I work half-days, from 8:30 in the morning until 12:30 p.m. teaching preschool and pre-K3, and I just love the kids. I love the ...

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