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  • Laser Treats E.D. Caused By Vascular Disease

    Edition: Citrus County, Hernando County, Published: Winter 2023

    Angioplasty procedure eliminates arterial blockages that triggered erectile dysfunction.

    An award-winning architect, Mitchell* was a principal for a highly profitable Boston firm for more than 30 years. He loved his job and thrived in the fast-paced, creative environment. However, he and his wife ultimately grew weary of the bleak Massachusetts winters and headed south to the Sunshine State. “I’m very fortunate that I was able to achieve everything I wanted with my career, so I retired in 2020 and moved to Florida,” Mitchell recounts. “I used to golf and play tennis, and I walked two miles every day. But recently, I developed painful cramps in my legs, so I can’t do those things anymore. Now, I mostly enjoy the sunshine wh...

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  • A ‘Hollywood’ Smile With Same Day Protocol

    Edition: Citrus County, Hernando County, North Tampa, Published: Winter 2023

    Years of fearing dentists doomed his teeth. Then he underwent an amazing restoration.

    In his native New York, Robert Ballas worked as a plumber. He inherited the family plumbing business from his father and devoted himself to the company for years. Then he suffered an injury. “The business originally belonged to my grandfather, then it became my father’s,” shares Robert, 69. “When my father passed away, my brother and I took over, but I eventually had to get away from plumbing after undergoing two back surgeries.” Seeking a new career and more sunshine, Robert and his wife followed his in-laws to Florida, where he found work as a bus driver for the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority. He remained in that position for 22 years...

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  • Sleep Aid Melatonin Can Trigger Side Effects

    Edition: Palm Coast, West Volusia County, Published: Winter 2023

    What insomnia sufferers should know about over-the-counter supplement.

    The National Sleep Foundation advises that healthy adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. But for one out of three Americans, that goal is elusive. These individuals have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or both. Many turn to over-the-counter sleep aids. The popular dietary supplement melatonin is often used this way. Melatonin is a hormone made naturally by the pineal gland, a pea-sized organ found deep in the middle of the brain. Melatonin is produced in response to darkness. It serves as a messenger to tell the body it is time to sleep. The dietary supplement is synthesized in a laboratory. Melatonin supplements are avail...

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  • DRG Stimulator Alleviates Chronic Knee Pain

    Edition: Indian River County, Published: Fall 2022

    Implanted device brings “100%” relief after failed joint replacements.

    When Seattle native Samuel Knox was in the Navy in the early 1980s, he had plenty of time to consider his future. He liked computers, so he chose to pursue a career in information technology. Upon his discharge from the service, Samuel returned to school and earned a degree in that field and has been working in IT ever since. “Boeing is a major company in the Seattle area. I applied there and got a job as a network engineer. I worked for Boeing for 25 years,” shares Samuel, 60. “Two years ago, an opportunity arose to move to Florida and work for L3Harris™. They were willing to relocate me and my family to Melbourne, so I retired from Boeing and we...

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  • LASEK With An E: See Great Sans Dry Eye Risk

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach County, Published: Winter 2023

    Nearsighted, astigmatic patient opts for LASEK over LASIK and gets out of glasses.

    Lauren Heath Few people can boast that they came through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic better than they started. Lauren Heath can. She met and fell in love with the man who is now her fiancé while quarantining at home playing games on her computer. “We were part of a video game group,” Lauren shares. “We connected while playing, started talking online and got to know one another. Eventually, we developed feelings for each other. He lives in Scotland, so we started visiting back and forth and fell in love. “We met face to face for the first time in Scotland in May 2021. I wound up staying there for five months before returning home...

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  • Urinary Incontinence Can Take A Seat

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach County, Published: Winter 2023

    BTL Emsella chair therapy strengthens pelvic floor muscles to control bladder leakage.

    Many a professional chef will tell you that the hardest part of their job is not the challenge of creating tasty new dishes. Rather, it’s the hours. Kathleen Szabo “You work nights, weekends and holidays, so it’s tough,” Kathleen Szabo points out. Those long, difficult hours are certainly what drove Kathleen out of the profession. “I was a chef by trade, got married and moved to Miami, but after two years, my husband said, You need to quit this because I never see you,” Kathleen remembers. “He wasn’t wrong. “Once I quit, though, I was miserable. I was sitting around the house all day doing nothing. Then one day, I walked into a pet store a...

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  • MCU Strengthens Neck, Alleviates Pain

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, Published: Winter 2023

    Multi-Cervical Unit evaluates weakness and develops a treatment program.

    Danny Benz Of all the cuts, curls and blow dries that Jupiter-based hairdresser Danny Benz has performed, there are three that stand out above all the others, three that can be labeled brushes with greatness. “I worked randomly with tennis great Serena Williams a couple of times and did a blow dry for Olivia Newton-John once,” Danny reveals. “That blow dry with Olivia Newton-John was totally unexpected. It literally came out of nowhere. “The water was out at her home, so she came to our salon for a shampoo. She was getting her nails done when someone came up to me and said, Your next client is Olivia Newton-John. I said, Shut up. And they said, I’m not ...

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  • Take Control Of Diabetes With Good Hygiene

    Edition: South Palm Beach County, Published: Winter 2023

    Did you know that improved oral health can lead to better overall health?

    “Since Dr. Fatmi has become my dentist, I’ve been in much better control of my diabetes.” – Robert Many still think of graffiti as a type of vandalism expressed through words and symbols painted stylishly in public spaces. That view remains quite prevalent, but in many places graffiti has evolved into an admired art form. Few have a greater appreciation for that art form and the artists who create it than Robert Exelbierd, a photographer and filmmaker who specializes in documenting the creative process and finished works of street artists. What’s unique about Robert’s work is that much of it is produced by drones outfitted with cameras. Robert...

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  • Extensive Restoration Repairs Damaged Smile

    Edition: West Volusia County, Published: Winter 2023

    Trusted dentist’s practice is miles away, but new teeth are worth the drive.

    The moment Darren* realized he was going to be affected directly by the 2018 eruption of Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii was when he saw a cloud of steam rising up from the road in front of the home he’d built there just two years earlier. “I was out mowing the lawn at the time,” Darren remembers. “We were a good 10 miles from the volcano, but the lava was flowing underground, and it eventually reached us and caused these big fissures in the ground around us.” Forced to evacuate, Darren and his wife spent a month in a hotel while waiting for the lava flow to cease. By the time it did, the lava had destroyed more than 700 homes, including t...

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  • Ablation: One Way To Solve Problem Leg Veins

    Edition: West Volusia County, Published: Winter 2023

    Vascular specialist explains more about venous insufficiency symptoms and treatments.

    According to the Society for Vascular Medicine, more than 30 million Americans suffer with venous disease, a disorder of the leg veins that impairs blood flow upward toward the heart. “Venous disease is generally classified as superficial venous insufficiency, informs Charles I. Stein, MD, RPh, FACOG, a vein specialist at Vascular Vein Centers. “It usually involves the superficial venous system, which is near the surface of the skin, as opposed to the deep venous system that lies deep below the leg muscles. “Venous insufficiency occurs when the one-way valves inside the leg veins fail and allow blood to leak backward toward the foot. The bl...

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