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  • The Fine Art Of Artery Repair

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Manatee County, Published: Spring 2023

    Advanced tools, techniques may allow coronary patients to avoid open heart surgery

    Western Iowa native Chuck Jenkins spent the bulk of his 36-year career as the leader of a 16-member team that pushed the products of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery through the heart of the US farm belt. “It was a good run,” Chuck says. “The company has grown by leaps and bounds since I first started with them, and they treated us very well. It was reciprocal, though. We worked hard for them.” Chuck’s hard work allowed him and his wife to retire to Florida, where Chuck spends most of his time doing “typical retirement things,” including daily bike rides and weekly golf games. However, a serious h...

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  • Tinnitus: A Case-By-Case Management

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Manatee County, Published: Spring 2023

    There is no cure, but in many ways, there are solutions for tinnitus

    A percussionist since the age of 9, audiologist Kelly Breese, AuD, has played drums and marimba in everything from professional orchestras to bar bands. Like many musicians, however, Dr. Breese has more than memories to remind her of those days on the stage. Since graduate school, Dr. Breese has wrestled with tinnitus, an annoying and often distracting ringing or buzzing in the ears that she contracted from playing percussion in a variety of loud environments. “I distinctly recall an incident where a drummer hit the snare drum really loud next to my right ear,” Dr. Breese confirms. “That’s part of what started it, and for me the tinnitus has a...

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  • Picture-Perfect Teeth

    Edition: Manatee County, Published: Spring 2023

    Model bids a farewell, opting for confidence-restoring dental veneers

    Rebecca’s* modeling career was skyrocketing. But in an industry where image is everything, even a minor flaw can damage your prospects, and Rebecca was growing increasingly self-conscious about one of hers. “A model has to project self-confidence, and while I felt good about myself, I needed my smile to complement my strong self-image,” Rebecca explains. “To make that happen, I needed expert help.” In particular, Rebecca needed help with her two upper front teeth. One was chipped, a badge of honor she earned at age 12 during a rambunctious scuffle with her sister. The other had become discolored following a root canal. For years, Rebecca im...

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  • Stay Toned In Less Time

    Edition: Manatee County, North Tampa, Published: Spring 2023

    Once-a-week exercise program builds bone density, controls arthritis and more

    JORDAN PYSZ / FLORIDA HEATH CARE NEWSUnder the watchful eye of her coach, Angela (left), Brenda is adding strength and definition through the 20 Minutes to Fitness program. At its peak in the early 1970s, Pan Am Airlines carried more than 11 million passengers to 86 countries. Then, in 1980, it bought domestic carrier National Airlines. That purchase sparked the collapse of both, and Brenda Gary saw it coming. A flight attendant with National at the time of the merger, Brenda witnessed firsthand how Pan Am’s $437 million purchase slowly ate away at profits. The downfall was hastened by economic decline, fuel costs and the Lockerbie...

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  • Leader In Disc Management

    Published: Spring 2023

    Computerized VAX-D’s powerful vacuum for taming spinal pain

    Ever since he was a teen, Brian Hinkley has wanted to help people. As an adult, he got his wish. He became a patient services liaison for a hospital’s behavioral health center. “I help people who are hurting and broken,” acknowledges Brian, 47. “Mine is one of the first faces the patients see when they come in. They’re in a psychiatric crisis, so they’re extremely emotional. “Our center’s treatment program is very structured. Patients attend groups throughout the day. They also engage in activities that stimulate their mind and their senses, which gets their mind off their crises.  “And for me, there’s no greater feeling than the one I get when I’ve s...

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  • Fine-Tuned Vision

    Edition: North Tampa, Published: Spring 2023

    Adjustable replacement lens gives retiree 20/20 vision following cataract surgery

    Michigan native Randy Goers moved to Florida in 1986 seeking career opportunities and a respite from the chilly Midwest winters. Almost immediately, Randy secured a job as a city planner for the city of Tampa, a position he held for nearly 36 years. He retired as director of city planning at the end of 2021.  “My role was to look at the city in terms of how it was going to grow and then develop policies, regulations and actions to accommodate that growth,” Randy describes. “My office identified the need for new roads and buildings and determined what the impacts of the growth would be. We determined how to work with residents and bus...

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  • End The Wrath Of Neuropathy

    Edition: North Tampa, Published: Spring 2023

    Revolutionary protocol treats underlying cause, eases symptoms

    For 35 years, Clarence Williams was a sales associate with Pfizer, a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation. Clarence’s job was to sell chemicals to the paper industry. Among his clients were giants such as International Paper, Georgia-Pacific, Procter & Gamble, Mohawk Paper and SWM, the leading producer of cigarette paper.  “When I joined Pfizer, they owned the largest calcium carbonate mine in the country,” Clarence discloses. “It was located in the Berkshires up in Massachusetts. The company mined the calcium carbonate and sold it to the paper mills. It made the paper white and bright and opaque.”  Clarence, 73, traveled qu...

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  • The Right Place

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, North Tampa, Published: Spring 2023

    Carefree living in a wonderful community starts with healthy minds and bodies 

    Ron and Connie For months, they passed each two ships in the night, Connie catching just a fleeting glimpse of Ron as she strolled in to work the night shift while he left for home after the dat shift. Then one night, Connie saw Ron at a local dance club they frequented. She hasn’t let him out of her sight since. “My mother was the one who told me to look for him there,” Connie says. “She worked the day shift with Ron at the manufacturing plant where we all worked and told me he was a nice guy and that he went to that club a lot. “It was a place called The Rail in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and I used to go there a lot, too, because I love music and lov...

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  • A Walk In Progress

    Edition: Citrus County, Hernando County, Published: Spring 2023

    Advanced treatment sparks recovery from crippling nerve ailment

    By his own account, Josh Barnett was “drinking with three hands” at the time, so when he woke up one day six years ago with numbness in his feet, he didn’t know if it was because he was coming off an all-night bender or something more serious.  “I had no idea what was happening,” Josh confirms. “All I knew was that my feet felt like they were asleep. At first, I figured it would just go away after a while. But then it never did. In fact, it got worse.” Within two weeks, the numbness in Josh’s feet spread to his upper thighs. Once there, it robbed him of his coordination and ability to walk normally. That’s when Josh, then 32, became concer...

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  • Don’t Operate – Regenerate!™

    Edition: Citrus County, Published: Spring 2023

    Regenerative medicine treatments help Master swimmer get back in the pool

    Cynthia Ciampa Like most athletes, competitive end to reach peak heir mid-20s. Cynthia Ciampa was working and star ting at that time of her life, so she didn’t reach her peak in the pool until a  few yeas  later. Thirty years, to be exact. “It was 2015, and I swam the 200-meter butterfly in 2 minutes, 53 seconds, which was second best in the world in my age group,” says Cynthia, who earned that distinction as a 55-year-old member of U.S. Masters Swimming, a program for adult swimmers. Cynthia joined U.S. Masters Swimming 10 years earlier, when she discovered a local Masters group at the pool where her daughters swam competitively. “I figured I...

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