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  • Brain Neurostimulator Nixes Tremor Shakes

    Edition: St. Augustine, Published: Winter 2023

    Advanced treatment helps patients with essential tremor or Parkinson’s regain control.

    For 30 years, Bob struggled to control his hands. During a three-hour procedure, DBS restored that control. Most of what Bob Carlton saw of Vietnam during his two wartime tours of duty was seen from the cockpit of an A-1 Skyraider, which means he played a significant role in saving the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of soldiers and civilians. “I was the bombardier navigator on a special plane that was outfitted to run electronic countermeasures,” Bob explains. “I ran missions where our job was to jam the radar that controlled enemy guns and surface-to-air missiles.” Bob ran 162 such missions across the five years he served as a nav...

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  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Halts Joint Pain

    Edition: Palm Coast, St. Augustine, Published: Winter 2023

    Implanted device targets shoulder nerve, prevents signal from traveling to brain.

    Gary Charles Rowland began his military career in the Air Force. Charles Rowland However, shortly after his hitch was over, Gary realized he missed the service. So, he enlisted in the Army, serving 36 years and achieving the rank of chief warrant officer 4. “That’s a technical rank,” enlightens Gary, 72. “It’s equivalent to a lieutenant colonel. I was promoted to lead fire operations and logistics operations.” Gary chose the Army rather than return to the Air Force because he wanted to be outdoors doing field maneuvers. He was primarily a desk jockey in the Air Force. “I didn’t like working in the office,” Gary states. “The Air Force didn’t ha...

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  • UV-Adjusted IOL Delivers Youthful Vision

    Edition: North Tampa, Published: Winter 2023

    Novel replacement lens can be fine-tuned after implantation during cataract surgery.

    Christopher Savage has worked full time as a business broker since the late 1980s. The job involves assisting people in buying and selling businesses. The Cleveland native got started on his career path while living in Chicago for 15 years. Christopher Savage “I used to start businesses and then sell them, and I realized I was good at it,” shares Christopher, 60. “When I moved to Florida in 1998, I hooked up with Florida Business Exchange and started just selling businesses instead of starting them and then selling them. This way, somebody else does the work of starting the business. I get to come in later and help them sell it. “Here in Flor...

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  • Relief From Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Pain

    Edition: Manatee County, Published: Winter 2023

    Treatment focuses on decreasing muscle sensitivity and improving stability around pelvis.

    Yocasta Guzman-Mendoza moved to Florida from Philadelphia a year ago to be closer to her fiancé and his family. The couple and Yocasta’s 6-year-old child had visited the Sunshine State for vacation and loved it, so they decided to make Florida their permanent home. “In Philadelphia, I was a stay-at-home parent,” shares Yocasta, 27. “Here in Florida, I’m a full-time working parent. I’ve been a bank teller for about a year.” Shortly after relocating, Yocasta learned she was expecting another child. Wedding plans were put on hold while she and her fiancé concentrated on preparing for the baby. Yocasta became worried, however, when she be...

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  • Here’s A Nonsurgical Solution For Knee Pain

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Manatee County, Published: Winter 2023

    Regenerative medicine relieves aching joints without scalpels, steroids or addictive meds.

    Regenerative medicine injections have allowed Kathryn to resume her active lifestyle. By the midway point of her sophomore season, Montclair State University point guard Kathryn Lamastra was playing the best basketball of her career. She was running the offense effectively, defending responsibly and shooting accurately. Unfortunately, in the time it took to complete a layup, Kathryn’s career was snuffed out. “That’s the irony of it all,” Kathryn laments. “We were warming up for practice, and all I did was go up for a layup, which I had done a thousand times before. When I came down, though, I tore the ACL and the meniscus in my left k...

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  • Improve Bone Density In 20 Minutes Per Week

    Edition: Manatee County, North Tampa, Published: Winter 2023

    Stay fit and fight osteoporosis through slow-cadence workouts.

    Joyce Trigg There’s a lot more to being a part of a Gasparilla krewe than what spectators see during the festival’s various parades, which is a band of merrymakers dressed in colorful costumes tossing beads from a float. Behind the scenes, there’s work to do. More often than not, it’s charitable work. Certainly, that is the case with the all-female Krewe of Queen Anne’s Revenge, of which Joyce Trigg is a long-standing member. “We do charity work all through the year,” Joyce says of her and her approximately 200 fellow krewe members. “And every year we select a new charity to work with, so being part of a krewe is as much about giving back and helping others as any...

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  • Avoid Back Surgery With VAX-D Therapy

    Edition: Manatee County, Published: Winter 2023

    Retired computer programmer benefits from vertebral axial decompression.

    Joseph Lloyd was in the Air Force when he was introduced to data processing in 1961. He developed a keen interest in the pursuit and centered his livelihood around it. Over the years, his career progressed along with the industry. “Initially, I was what they called a punch card operator,” Joseph recalls. “Back then, there was no computer, per se. There were IBM punch card machines. We fed the cards into the machines, and the machines would print out reports. “There were other jobs within the field I did as well. I was a systems programmer and a supervisor. I worked for the Boston Stock Exchange (now part of NASDAQ) for 24 years. I was in charge of s...

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  • Coaching Makes This Weight Loss Plan Unique

    Edition: Manatee County, Published: Winter 2023

    Importer slims down, improves health with Ideal Protein® program.

    Rick Correnti plays an essential role in greasing America’s supply chain. For 40 years, he’s worked for a Boston-based company that imports various commodities into the country. “I’m responsible for bringing in the goods, getting them cleared through customs and delivering them to the appropriate facilities,” describes Rick, 61. “My company works with importers of all kinds, from chemical companies to furniture-makers to producers of household goods.” While his company is based in Beantown, Rick works remotely from his Florida home. He loves the weather in the Sunshine State but has long been dissatisfied with his weight. And while he has tried several diet p...

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  • Recognizing The Symptoms Of Venous Disease

    Edition: Citrus County, Hernando County, Published: Winter 2023

    Cardiovascular specialist tailors minimally invasive procedures to end patient’s leg cramps.

    John Cain While in high school, John Cain took a few elective courses that got him interested in designing machines. He continued to study the trade in college in his native St. Louis and earned an associate degree in mechanical engineering. He used his education to establish a career as a custom machine designer. “When I got out of the service, I worked for a company that did nothing but create custom machines,” recounts John, 76. “People would come to us and say, I need a machine to do X, Y and Z, and we would draw it up and build it for them.” In the early 1990s, the company transferred John’s department to Clearwater. He rem...

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  • Signature Rehab Tools Key To Hamstring Fix

    Edition: Citrus County, Hernando County, Published: Winter 2023

    Physical therapists bring 70+ years of experience to  comprehensive evaluations.

    Thomas Yockel Even for an accomplished equestrian such as Thomas Yockel, riding a spooked horse can be a harrowing experience. As Thomas explains, it’s akin to driving a car you’ve suddenly lost control of. “I was out on the Fourth of July riding with a group through the woods when my horse, Chester, got spooked,” says Thomas, who does a lot of trail riding as well as some cow sorting with Chester on a nearby cattle ranch. “I’m not sure what spooked him, but he suddenly took off on a quick run and ran into some other horses. It was there that he somehow got kicked. When that happened, he made a quick right turn that almost threw me out of the sa...

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