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  • Sleep Tight

    Edition: East Volusia County, Published: Fall 2019

    Mouth appliance brings sweet dreams to those with sleep apnea.

    For Tom*, life was an endless latte. He drank coffee after he woke up each morning; he drank coffee while he worked; and he drank coffee while he dabbled in his art. Tom drank coffee so much that he even had a fancy coffee machine to make sure the caffeine never stopped flowing. “I used to drink coffee all day long to keep going,” says Tom, an IT specialist and artist. “I had a very expensive coffee machine like the ones that do espresso.” A busy husband and father of two daughters, Tom had good reason to always keep a cup of joe within reach. He had headaches every morning and felt sluggish much of the day, symptoms that eventually led to him being ...

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  • Sure Shot

    Edition: Indian River County, St. Lucie County, Published: Fall 2019

    Injection surmounts nurse’s sexual, urinary dysfunction.

    As a young child, Iris* battled a chronic illness and spent long stretches of time in a hospital pediatric unit. The gentleness and compassion with which the hospital staff cared for Iris made a lasting impression on her and provided the motivation behind her choice of career. “I wanted to be a nurse since I was five years old,” the Missouri native, now 56, relates. “I saw it as a good way to help others and give back to the community. I worked as an ICU nurse for thirty-three years before retiring four years ago after a heart attack. Nursing was a very fulfilling career and was very good to me.” Being a nurse, Iris understood the consequences of the hyster...

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  • Cool off Period

    Edition: Brevard County, Published: Fall 2019

    State-of-the-art nonsurgical procedure freezes away stubborn fat.

    The fact that all three of her children are actively involved in competitive athletics comes as no surprise to Lana*. After all, this 40-year-old nurse liaison has always been quite active and athletic herself. “I was involved in gymnastics from the time I was four until I was a junior in high school, and I also played tennis and volleyball,” Lana says. “Even after I got older and got married, my husband and I used to dance competitively. “With the kids and everything we didn’t have the time to devote to it that a lot of other couples did, but it was something we enjoyed doing and had a lot of fun with. My biggest activity nowadays is watching my chi...

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  • The Eyes Have It

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Published: Fall 2019

    Eye institute builds staff, presence in Tampa Bay area Priya M. Mathews, MD, MPH Maryland native Priya M. Mathews, MD, MPH, attended college at the University of Maryland, where she graduated as valedictorian with dual degrees. Dr. Mathews earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Both degrees served her well on her chosen career path. “I went to medical school at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore,” Dr. Mathews relates. “I wasn’t sure initially what I wanted to do. I like children, so I thought I might enter pediatrics. But when I started doing procedures and surgeries during my rotations, I realized I love surgery, especially when using microscopes to perf...

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  • Catch the Wave

    Edition: New Tampa/Central Pasco County, Published: Fall 2019

    Noninvasive therapy reverses erectile dysfunction.

    Edward* vividly remembers June 19, 2018. It was his 67th birthday and the day he finally admitted he wasn’t as vibrant as he used to be, most notably in the bedroom. More and more often, Edward had trouble developing and maintaining an erection suitable for sexual activity, a condition known as erectile dysfunction, or ED. “It was frustrating, and I felt bad for my wife,” Edward shares. “She was understanding and patient, but I knew I had to see someone about my condition. I went to my family doctor. He recommended a urologist, who prescribed a medication.” Edward first tried correcting the problem by taking the ED drug CIALIS®. “The CIALIS worked okay for a w...

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  • An Ounce of Prevention

    Edition: Hernando County, Published: Fall 2019

    A healthy diet can reduce cancer risk, ease cancer care.

    Something to keep track of the next time you make your weekly run to the grocery store is how much time you spend shopping in the middle aisles of the store and how much time you spend shopping out on the perimeter aisles of the store. If you find yourself spending most of your time out on those perimeter aisles, you’re shopping right. You are, at least, if your goal is to eat healthy and decrease your chances of developing chronic ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Yes, what you eat can actually increase or decrease your chances of developing cancer. So says the National Foundation for Cancer Research, which has determined that up to 40 percent o...

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  • Eye Floater Laser

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Brevard County, Charlotte County, Lee County, Manatee County, Martin County, North Tampa, North/Central Pinellas County, Sarasota, South Pinellas County, South Sarasota County, South Tampa, St. Lucie County, Published: Summer 2019

    Scott Geller, MD, teaches the technique worldwide.

    With more than 20,000 documented eye floater laser sessions completed, Dr. Scott Geller, a board-certified ophthalmologist, has the largest and longest clinical series of eye floater laser sessions in the United States, and probably worldwide. Dr. Geller has performed more than 20,000 documented eye floater laser sessions. “I became interested in this niche ophthalmic specialty after I was trained by the professors in Switzerland who were using lasers to cut membranes in diabetic patients,” Dr. Geller explains. “They never thought of applying it to eye floaters.” Some doctors and patients credit Dr. Geller with inventing the technique. “I just applied the training and techni...

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  • Right on Time

    Edition: Lee County, Published: Summer 2019

    Laser-assisted gum therapy restores healthy smile.

    Most modern watchmakers spend their time repairing watches instead of actually making them. At 65 years of age, Cameron* is just old enough to remember when it was the other way around and watchmakers were considered true artisans. “My grandfather was a watchmaker and so was my father,” Cameron says. “I learned the trade from them and actually made a few watches myself when I first got into the business. After a while, though, I mostly just repaired high-end factory-made watches.” Even while doing mostly repairs, Cameron always maintained his great appreciation for the skill that went into making a handmade timepiece. That’s why he has a collection of them that dates back m...

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  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot

    Edition: Indian River County, Published: Summer 2019

    Unique therapy combo improves virility, vitality.

    The glistening gold and leather championship belt that Chris* won for finishing first in his age group at a national karate tournament ten years ago is displayed in a shadow box on the wall behind the desk in the Melbourne accountant’s office. It’s surrounded by a series of smaller frames that show off some of the other prizes (mostly medals made of gold, silver or bronze) Chris has won since he first got into karate at the tender young age of 38. “It started out as something to do to try to get back into shape,” says Chris, who recently celebrated his 54th birthday. “I was nearing my forties and my body was starting to change in a way I didn’t like. I was gaining weight and ...

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  • The Time Is Now

    Edition: Brevard County, Published: Summer 2019

    Solutions for male sexual dysfunction.

    Sexual health is a hard topic to broach, but a third of all men could probably speak about it from experience. Far more common than many realize, erectile dysfunction will derail the sex lives of more than half of all men at some point in their lifetime and currently stands as the sexual problem most often reported by men to their doctors. It is a problem that occurs progressively as men age but is even more common in men suffering from hypertension and peripheral vascular and cardiovascular disease, in men who smoke or used to smoke and as a result of prescription or illicit drugs. Many different causes may underlie the diagnosis of ED. Among the most common are vascular disease, ...

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