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  • Growing South Hillsborough Gets A New ER

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Published: Spring 2022

    Manatee Memorial Hospital opening full-service ER at Sun City Center

    Since 2010, the population in Hillsborough County has increased more than 24 percent to 1.5 million. Much of that growth has taken place in the southern portion of the county, where civic leaders expect the population to jump another 150,000 before 2040. The ER at Sun City Center will include 12 treatment areas and a physician on duty 24/7. To help meet that area’s expanding need for medical services, Manatee Memorial Hospital will soon open a 10,884-square-foot, full-service emergency department in Wimauma. The ER at Sun City Center, an extension of Manatee Memorial Hospital, is the first freestanding emergency department established by Manat...

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  • Toenail Fungus Gone With PinPointe Laser

    Edition: Sarasota, Published: Spring 2022

    Quick, painless, in-office therapy effectively kills underlying fungus.

    During the 36 years that Cliff* worked as a photojournalist, he bounced around the globe like a pinball more than 100 times. Along the way, his camera has captured images of everything from triumph to tragedy.“I was there when the Berlin Wall came down, but I was also there when the Space Shuttle Challenger came down,” Cliff reports. “In and around all that, I’ve seen things and been to places that most people can only dream of.”Cliff, 68, hasn’t put his camera down, but his days of traveling the globe are all but over. He hasn’t boarded a plane since he retired three yea...

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  • Cataract Surgery Has Come A Long Way

    Edition: Brevard County, Published: Spring 2022

    Advanced technology, replacement lenses lead to better vision.

    Vision is priceless. The physicians and staff at Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute believe this to be true and are devoted to bringing premier eye care to residents on Florida’s west coast. That has been their unifying mission since 1981. The institute’s eye specialists offer a vast selection of services using the most advanced technology available. This includes employing the latest techniques and products for the treatment of cataracts. “Cataracts are the gradual discoloration or clouding of the eye’s natural lens,” says Dilip “Dr. Samy” Rathinasamy, MD, a board-certified ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon at the institute’s Brandon, South Ta...

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  • Say no to surgery for back and neck pain

    Edition: St. Augustine, Published: Spring 2022

    Noninvasive spinal decompression relieves herniated or bulging discs.

    The unexpected guest wandered onto the deck of Lisa Nettles’ boat in the middle of the night. As it climbed aboard, the guest’s significant weight caused the boat to dip deep into the water. That’s what woke Lisa and her husband from their slumber. Lisa Nettles Suspicious, Lisa got out of bed, left her cabin and peeked out from the short flight of stairs leading up to the deck. There, much to her delight, was a 400-pound sea lion lounging on a cushion beneath a blanket of stars above the Galapagos Islands. “All the animals in the Galapagos Islands are very friendly and not afraid of humans at all, so it was not unusual for sea lions and warm w...

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  • Retina fix halts diabetic vision loss

    Edition: Palm Coast, Published: Spring 2022

    Vitrectomy procedure targets scar tissue on back wall of eye.

    As a young girl, Kristina Murray loved to swim and would often squeeze her legs and feet together and pretend to be a mermaid. Consequently, her friends and family nicknamed her “The Little Mermaid.” Kristina Murray Kristina’s love for those mythical sea-dwellers stretched well beyond the water. “When I was 17, I started collecting mermaids,” says Kristina, now 51. “I have mermaid figurines, dolls and clothes, and cups and plates. I even have a 250-pound concrete mermaid.”  A couple of years ago, a health crisis forced Kristina to abandon her hobby. The issue was so great that Kristina moved from Florida to North Carolina, her home state, to be close to ...

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  • Acupuncture helps stick it to hip, back pain

    Edition: Palm Coast, Published: Spring 2022

    Combination of therapies includes cupping and infrared light therapy.

    In the mid-1960s, career opportunities for women were limited. Options included teaching, a skill Katherine Hickey had a knack for, so she chose it. Her decision proved wise and rewarding. For 37 years, Katherine taught reading in the elementary schools of Saratoga Springs, New York. Along the way, she wound up teaching students more than reading and realized she was getting as much out of her lessons as they were. Katherine Hickey “As a reading teacher, I was not only teaching kids how to read and use reading, I was also teaching them how to learn,” says Katherine, 76. “In that process, I learned early on that students learn in different ways...

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  • Astigmatism fixes after cataract removal

    Edition: Palm Coast, Published: Spring 2022

    Toric IOL, limbal incision among approaches to get you out of glasses.

    When Ramona Coles was first introduced to William Harris some 60 years ago, dating him was out of the question. The reason was strictly territorial. As the Beach Boys sang in one of their hit songs at the time, Ramona wanted to be true to her school “I was going to Walt Whitman High School in Huntington, New York, and he was going to Huntington High,” Ramona explains. “I don’t know if it’s still the same, but they were big rivals back then, so I wasn’t all that interested in him.” That changed after Ramona and William left high school. While he was away from home in the military, William began writing to Ramona. Through their correspondence, t...

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  • Sculpting tool addresses spinal stenosis

    Edition: Palm Coast, St. Augustine, Published: Spring 2022

    Fluoroscopic procedure corrects root of debilitating lower back pain.

    As a child, Judy Ahlquist suffered severe bouts of asthma that sometimes required hospitalization. The nurses that tended to her during those hospital stays made such an impression on Judy that she chose to become a nurse herself. “Nursing is a caring profession but also a highly technical one; that’s why I liked it,” Judy reveals. “I worked in many areas of nursing over the years but mostly in mother-baby. I have a master’s degree in maternal-infant health nursing from the University of Michigan. Judy Ahlquist with dance partner Victor Moore Now 73, Judy retired two years ago after 50 years in nursing. “Toward the end of my career, I did a lot o...

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  • Tune Out Tinnitus With Masking Program

    Edition: Sarasota, Published: Spring 2022

    Hearing aids provides soothing sounds to neutralize maddening sounds.

    The two years that Audrey* spent teaching English at Ramstein Air Base in Germany were easily the most profitable of her career. Not only did she make more money there than she did teaching stateside, she also met her husband. As a tinnitus sufferer herself, Dr. Breese relates well to patients such as Audrey. “He was a pilot in the US Air Force,” Audrey gushes. “We’ve traveled all over the Earth together.” The couple’s travels eventually landed them in Riverview, which became their retirement home. Unfortunately, Audrey’s retirement has been interrupted in recent years by an annoying condition called tinnitus, which is commonly referred to as ringing in th...

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  • Once-a-week workouts to build strength

    Edition: Manatee County, Published: Spring 2022

    Slow-cadence training develops strength, balance, confidence.

    Thanks to the help of coaches such as Eveline, left, Lynn says her 20 Minutes to Fitness workout is one of the highlights of her week. The long-standing myth associating black cats with evil dates back to medieval Europe, where people in Germany and Italy believed that witches often turned themselves into black cats to avoid being detected while performing misdeeds. One look around Lynn Chancer’s home tells you that this 79-year-old New York City native considers those myths to be a bunch of bunk. She has three black felines – Rocky, Tippy and Lola Lump – stealing around the premises. “And they’re all rescued,” Lynn says proudly. “Because of all those...

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