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  • Compression Pump Allays Lymphedema Pain

    Edition: Lee County, Published: Winter 2023

    Home hospital-grade equipment available by prescription to ease limb swelling, address venous disease.

    Delores Silverstein reports that the swelling and discomfort in her legs decrease substantially after each session with her compression pump.   Fueled by her earnest desire to care for others, Delores Silverstein spent 40 years as a certified nursing assistant. Most of that time – nearly 35 years – she served patients in the Naples area, including Marco Island and Bonita Springs. “I worked in private homes and for private companies,” shares Delores, 77. “I also worked for individuals who hired me directly to take care of loved ones. Over the years, I tended to elderly people in nursing homes and cared for young people. I...

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  • Regenerating Facet Joints To End Back Pain

    Edition: South Sarasota County, Published: Winter 2023

    Protocol restores vertebral cushions using injections of natural healing factors.

    Janet Goff On May 4, 1970, members of the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of anti-war protestors at Kent State University, killing four students and wounding nine others. The event, which became known as the Kent State massacre, triggered a massive student strike across the nation that forced hundreds of colleges and universities to temporarily cease operations. It was also instrumental in turning the tide of public opinion against the war in Southeast Asia. Janet Goff was just a teenager then, but nearly 53 years later, she can still recall the anxiety she felt as a Kent resident during those events and their aftermath. “We moved aro...

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  • IV Infusion Brings Needed Vitamin Refill

    Edition: South Sarasota County, Published: Winter 2023

    Therapy replenishes depleted nutrients, thereby restoring health and well-being.

    As the owner of a tile company, Dennis* wears a lot of hats. He manages sales, customer service and finances. He loves his work, but there are times when the heavy load leaves him stressed and tired. “It’s a family-owned business,” Dennis notes. “I took it over about 35 years ago. As part of my job, I do installations and sell tile, granite and marble. I also do a lot of running around.” At the end of last year, the strain of the job began affecting Dennis physically and mentally. He lacked energy, motivation and focus. Dennis mentioned these symptoms during an appointment with Dr. Jeffery P. Johnson at Johnson Medical Center...

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  • Emsella Chair Brings Incontinence Relief

    Edition: The Villages, Published: Winter 2023

    Therapy provides pelvic floor muscle training that far surpasses Kegel exercises.

    Jeanne* hails from Washington, DC, but calls South Carolina “home.” She lived in the Palmetto State for most of her adult life and taught elementary school there for nearly 44 years. “The first couple of years I was a classroom teacher, and then I decided to become a reading specialist,” recounts Jeanne, 74. “I taught children coming out of kindergarten that were predicted by their teachers to not do well in first grade. I worked one-on-one with those children to get them up to grade level. It was very rewarding work.” In 2017, Jeanne and her husband relocated to a retirement home in The Villages®. At that time, her active retirement life...

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  • A Premier Practice For Eye, Facial Care

    Edition: Brandon/Sun City Center, Published: Winter 2023

    Institute’s ophthalmologists use latest techniques and technology for cataracts, cosmetics and more.

    Vision is priceless. Believing this to be true, the physicians and staff at Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute are devoted to bringing premier eye care to residents on the Sunshine State’s west coast. That has been their unifying mission since 1981. Ana-Maria Oliva, MD The institute’s eye specialists in Brandon offer a vast selection of services using the most advanced technology available. This includes employing the latest products for the treatment of cataracts. Cataracts are a clouding of the lens that develops from a breakdown of lens fibers or a clumping of eye proteins, or both. “Most people develop c...

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  • Procedure Ends Compression Fracture Pain

    Edition: St. Augustine, Published: Winter 2023

    Outpatient, minimally invasive kyphoplasty brings immediate back relief.

    It wasn’t long after Alice* moved to Interlachen a few years ago that a sign she passes on her way to the grocery store began calling out to her. Being the animal lover that she is, it was inevitable that Alice would eventually answer that call. “The sign is for SAFE, which is an acronym for Saving Animals from Euthanasia,” says Alice, 72. “It was put up by a nearby animal shelter, and since I love animals, I thought there might be something I could do to help out. Now, I volunteer there twice a week. “I mostly clean the kitty cat room, which is fine because I have two older male cats myself. I also have two beautiful German shepherds, and I’m fos...

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