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  • Radiofrequency Heat Halts Arthritic Pain

    Edition: South Pinellas County, Published: Spring 2022

    Nonsurgical ablation technique relieves excruciating back pain.

    As a professional artist, Ron Reams is passionate about his painting and drawing. After seeing one of his pen-and-inks, a publishing company solicited him to illustrate a book while he was still in high school. Ron is passionate about his art and hosts many one-man shows. “The book is called American History in Verse,” elaborates Ron, 66. “It was written by John Van Duyn Southworth in 1976.” Ron is a visual space designer as well as an artist, so he also renovates and designs homes. “I keep busy with my painting, illustrating, designing and one-man shows,” he discloses. Ron has experienced back problems since he was a teen. The issue was exacerbated by a ser...

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  • Smile Again After Crowns, Implants, Bridge

    Edition: Lee County, Published: Summer 2022

    He overcame dental anxiety for repairs after smoking damage.

    It’s one thing to buy a house sight unseen. In fact, with the internet allowing for virtual tours and potential buyers leaning on real estate agents and home inspectors to check out properties for them, more and more people are doing just that these days. Katrine A. Farag, DMD It’s not the same with hotels. Before adding a property to its chain, major hoteliers want to know the physical condition the hotel is in and whether it’s managed well or needs an overhaul of staff. It’s Terry Hall’s job to make those evaluations. “I’m like a secret shopper,” says Terry, 55. “I travel all over the country analyzing hotels for purchase, seeing what, if...

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  • Hyaluronic Acid Protocol Brings Knee Relief

    Edition: South Pinellas County, Published: Winter 2022

    Navigate pain through GenVisc 850 viscosupplement injections program.

    Alan Sherman A love of music was the inspiration behind Alan Sherman’s 30 years in the retail music business. He owned a thriving full-service store on Long Island until 2011, when he sold the business and left New York’s wintry weather for balmy Florida. “We lived on Long Island, which is surrounded by water, so I grew up with water,” observes Alan, 55. “When I was 40 years old, I decided I wanted to learn to sail. Once I did, I fell in love with it. We sailed while living in New York, but New York has a thing called winter. We moved so we could enjoy our boat 12 months a year rather than just six.” Alan has always been an active guy. Unfortunately, some o...

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  • Laser Ablation Targets Venous Insufficiency

    Edition: Palm Coast, Published: Spring 2022

    Minimally invasive procedure ends burning leg pain from vein reflux.

    Before retiring two years ago, Angelia Evernden worked for 30 years at a naval air station, initially as a contract employee and later as a staff member in the environmental department. Angie is thrilled to no longer have the burning pain in her leg. “I started at the naval station working in a tool crib,” Angelia explains. “My job was to pass out whatever the guys needed to repair our P-3 and F-18 aircraft. I passed out everything from a rivet gun to a pin punch to every kind of chemical necessary to fix our planes.  “The job required yearly hazmat training. I enjoyed that training and wanted to move on from the tool crib. When a supervisor as...

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  • SoftWave Gets John Walsh Back On His Feet

    Edition: Indian River County, Published: Spring 2022

    Acoustic wave, peptide therapies put TV crime fighter back in saddle.

    During the 25-year run of his television series, America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh helped law enforcement capture more than 1,200 fugitives in 45 countries and recover more than 60 abducted children. A treatment regimen with SoftWave TRT therapy at its core has John saddling up again. Walsh’s role in tracking down violent criminals and victims was so critical that, after a brief hiatus, the FBI, US Marshals Service and television executives begged him to come out of retirement and host a spinoff. That was four years ago. In March, as work began on the latest season of the Investigation Discovery series In Pursuit with John Walsh, John could not say for su...

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  • Joint Injection Therapy For Everyone

    Edition: Indian River County, Published: Spring 2022

    Nonsurgical regenerative therapy alleviates octogenarian’s arthritis pain.

    Ann is back to swinging golf clubs and not using them as walking canes. It’s nearly impossible to get a true count of the snowbirds that make Florida their winter residence, but most estimates put the number in the high six figures. At age 85, Ann Dunn is one of those migrating northerners. She spends the bulk of the year at her family homestead in Albany, New York, and the four coldest months in the Sunshine State. Ann deserves the respite. “I raised five children, and once I got them all in school I went to work in an allergist’s office,” recounts Ann. “I was a receptionist-office manager for 20 years. I retired in 2000. “I really liked my job. The ...

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  • Technologically Advanced Acute Rehab

    Edition: Indian River County, Published: Spring 2022

    Facility’s expertise and technology raise the bar for therapy after surgery.

    After rehab at Encompass Health, Lynn is back to working around the house. Before retiring in 2013, Bracy “Lynn” Williams served 33 years as the facilities manager for Indian River County. His job involved the maintenance and operation of various buildings. “We took care of the courthouse, the libraries, the jail, the administration complex and the elections office,” details Lynn, 69. “By the time I retired, we were caring for about three-quarters of a million square feet of space.” Most of Lynn’s career was spent with the county, but he got his start in the air-conditioning business alongside his father. “After my father retired, I tried to make a g...

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  • New Back Procedure Addresses Disc Disease

    Edition: St. Augustine, Published: Spring 2022

    Outpatient treatment deactivates nerve that sends pain signals to brain.

    For a 76-year-old with two reconstructed knees, Georgia Ainsworth sure does get around a lot. “I play tennis four or five days a week, and I also spend one day a week volunteering in the gift shop at our local hospital,” Georgia says proudly. “And to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Georgia Ainsworth “I tell the ladies I play tennis with that just by showing up at the club we’re probably ahead of 99 percent of the people in our age group who are sitting on the couch at home eating bonbons and watching the soaps.” Georgia has never been a watcher; she’s always been a doer. When she married a ski enthusiast years ago, she l...

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  • A Holistic Approach To Total Wellness

    Edition: Indian River County, Published: Spring 2022

    One-stop shop offers treatments for the whole body, from inside to out.

    Located just south of the Colorado border, the Horse Lake Mesa Game Park in northwestern New Mexico is so teeming with elk that on the morning of her first excursion this past December, Leslie Ward bagged her greatest hunting prize yet. Leslie: AFTER “I had a guide who took us down to where the elk were moving, and I was able to put one down,” Leslie details. “My husband got one as well, so now we have two freezers full of elk meat.” Several years ago, after she and her husband moved to Okeechobee, Leslie went in search of a physician to help her manage her hormones. With no guide to aid her, she found what she considers another great prize in Meliss...

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  • See Clearly With Artificial Intraocular Lens

    Edition: Indian River County, Published: Spring 2022

    Football analyst tackles cataract surgery, gains sharper view of game.

    From his front-row seat in the press box, Gary Parris has seen every pass, tackle and touchdown in what can only be described as one of the most incredible ascensions in college football history, that of the University of Central Florida to NCAA Division I power. Gary Parris As the Knights’ radio analyst, he watched the Orlando school advance to the Division II playoffs in 1987, then jump to Division I-AA and reach the postseason in the 1990s. And, of course, he was there when UCF claimed a Division I title in 2017. “I’ve been at UCF for 25 years, and it’s been a great ride,” says Gary, 71. “I’ve seen a lot of great young men grow up and watched many of th...

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