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  • Part With Your Partial Forever

    Edition: Charlotte County, Published: Fall 2021

    Implant-secured bridge provides improved function.

    He never followed the band for weeks on end, attending show after show the way the originators did. In fact, Jim Burton attended only one Grateful Dead concert. Nevertheless, he considers himself a “Deadhead.” And why not? He is, after all, a fan whose passion for the Dead is so great that he’s included the title of one of the band’s best-known songs, Wharf Rat, in his email address. He even used that title as the name for his 20-foot Shamrock fishing boat. “It just seemed to fit,” Jim explains. “The band’s music is something I grew up listening to, and I’ve followed their career ever since. So, yes, I’m a Deadhead. I enjoy listening to just about everything they did.” A...

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  • His Prayers Were Answered

    Edition: Charlotte County, Published: Fall 2021

    Vein closure techniques alleviate excruciating leg pain and ulcers.

    With the ulcers on his legs now healed, Eddie is back to his activities without pain. Though he was trained and worked for years as an electrician, Eddie Moore has put his mechanical know-how to work as an inventor as well. Automobile safety is where his innovative mind often turned. “I invented a plate that goes on the wheel of a car and keeps the brake calipers from overheating,” divulges Eddie, 64. “Overheated calipers are a big reason brakes fail.” Eddie also invented a removable hood ornament to thwart would-be vandals. He designed it for his customized 1999 Dodge Durango, which sported a scorpion decoration. “Thieves were always ripping that scorpion o...

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  • A Work Of Art

    Edition: South Palm Beach County, Published: Fall 2021

    Comprehensive care enhances appearance, improves oral health.

    With the ability to showcase more than 7,500 items across five locations, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) is the nation’s longest-running museum satellite system. When you mention that little-known fact to Sharon Vito-McCue, she bubbles with pride. And well she should. As a member of the SAMA board of directors, Sharon had a big hand in expanding the museum to five locations in Central Pennsylvania. “I was also president of the Ligonier Theatre (near Pittsburgh) and was with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Carnegie Museum of Art (in Pittsburgh) as a volunteer,” Sharon adds. “With all of them, my focus was always to allow children to see the a...

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  • Save Your Neck

    Edition: North/West Palm Beach, Published: Fall 2021

    Evidence-based rehab device alleviates pain, restores mobility.

    As an engineer, David appreciates the science behind the MCU. As you near the end of the Time and Navigation exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, you can see a personal tracking device that has helped save the lives of countless first responders around the world. Similar in size and shape to an old flip phone, the device was designed by a team of engineers at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. That team included David Cyganski, who says the device was borne entirely out of tragedy. “In December 1999, an old cold-storage building in Worcester caught fire,” David explains. “When the firefighters learn...

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  • Beeline To Relief

    Edition: West Volusia County, Published: Summer 2021

    Spinal decompression alleviates immobilizing neck pain.

    Firefighting is in Hugh Brown’s blood. Hugh didn’t know that when he first became a firefighter 26 years ago. It was only after he began an online search for his ancestors that he made the discovery, which brought some context to is career. After two weeks of treatment on thedecompression table, Hugh’s pain was gone. “When I first became a firefighter, I had never stepped foot into a firehouse or onto a fire engine before,” Hugh reveals. “In fact, the only reason I applied for the job was because a colleague told me they were hiring. I figured, Why not? I was working for a private ambulance service, running non-emergency calls at the time. Before that, I decided to go to...

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  • Rapid Recovery

    Edition: South Tampa, Published: Fall 2021

    Get a new knee or hip, then Go home within hours using unique surgery protocol.

    Knee replacement surgery is allowing Angela to “enjoy life again.” Three decades ago, when the distributor of self-defense kits she worked for unexpectedly closed, Angela Kanner found herself at a career crossroad. Today, Angela is still riding the path she chose. “I came home crying the day they padlocked the doors where I was working because I’d never seen anything like that before,” Angela remembers. “I went home and told my husband, I want to open my own business doing the same thing. “He was, like, Definitely not. So, we fought over that for six months, but 30 years later, we’re still running a very successful business distributing pers...

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  • The Power of Love

    Edition: North/Central Pinellas County, Published: Fall 2021

    Small family practice tops competition through old-fashioned values.

    The staff at Knoblach Hearing Care includes (from left) lab apprentice Steven Lytle, Dean and Kathleen Knoblach, and patient care coordinator Heidi Larson. Dean Knoblach has been a top-performing hearing specialist for more than three decades. He has performed live training seminars for Miracle-Ear®, Beltone, Starkey Labs and the International Hearing Society. He also wrote the testing and dispensing protocol for HEARx/HearUSA. Twenty-three years ago, Dean left the training world to open Knoblach Hearing Care in Largo. “I started my own practice because I was tired of living my career through the success or failure of others,” Dean shares. “While some prof...

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  • ‘My Back Was Fully Restored’

    Edition: North/Central Pinellas County, Published: Fall 2021

    Spinal decompression relieves disabling pain without surgery.

    Jason Meeks These days, Jason Meeks is employed as an IT director, a job that requires little heavy lifting. In his “previous life,” the 44-year-old made his living doing arduous labor. For his efforts, he received a lower back injury that grew more serious over time. “For a while I did HVAC work and ran apartment complexes,” Jason relates. “I used to carry air-conditioning units up ladders and haul refrigerators up flights of stairs by myself. Tasks like those were pretty much a constant part of my job. “My back problem started 20 years ago with that job. Then in 2008, I was rear-ended in a car accident. I think the accident contributed to my back problem even m...

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  • Works Like A Charm

    Edition: North/Central Pinellas County, Published: Fall 2021

    The sound of a light breeze covers relentless static of tinnitus.

    “It’s great to be able to hear better and not hear that constant static in my ears.” -Jeanine Jeanine Ganier’s friends call her the “Sparkle Queen” because of her love for jewelry. The 59-year-old grandmother fancies jewelry so much that she turned it into a business. After attending several parties for Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, the direct sales arm of the 126-year-old Austrian company, Jeanine agreed to market its products herself. “In 2019, I retired as an executive for Pampered Chef after 23 years with the company,” Jeanine relates. “Last year, a friend asked me if I would host a Touchstone crystal party and help someone who is moving to Florida. I sai...

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  • 9 Years and Counting

    Edition: West Pasco County, Published: Fall 2021

    Repeat customer trusts certified hearing center, audiologists.

    Dr. Hansen, left, adjusts the fit of Margaret’s new hearing aid. Margaret Pistole is an outgoing, social individual, so she was miserable when quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred, Margaret found a safe way to get out of her house and mingle with other residents of the Villas at Hunters Ridge in New Port Richey. “When the pandemic hit last year, I organized a social distancing happy hour with a couple of my neighbors,” Margaret elaborates. “We took our chairs and sat around a big tree in front of one neighbor’s unit. “The gathering gradually expanded, and we’re still socializing today. We go out for brunch and do all kinds of activities together. I ...

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