• Heavenly Intervention

    Ongoing treatment for venous disease reveals potentially deadly diagnosis David Obermier credits divine intervention for his successful career as a licensed prearrangement adviser with a Punta Gorda funeral home. “When I moved to Flo...

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  • ‘My Teeth Look Great’

    After smile restorations, these pleased patients have no desire to hide their glee It’s one thing to buy a new pair of shoes, a new dress or even a new sofa on a whim. But a new home? In a state thousands of miles away from where you live?...

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  • As A Matter Of Facets

    Regenerative therapy reduces pain, rebuilds cushion in degenerated spinal joints On May 4, 1970, members of the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of anti-war protestors at Kent State University, killing four students and wounding nine...

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  • A Gut-Wrenching Feeling

    Tension-free repairs for painful inguinal hernia include laparoscopic surgery For 39 years, David Napoli, DC, has been providing chiropractic care at his Broward County practice, where he specializes in treating sports injuries, person...

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  • Never Sounded Better

    Patient appreciates benefits of prescriptive hearing aids from audiologist There are plenty of people who don’t interact with their closest neighbors or even some family members as often as Richard Jones has with the US Patent and T...

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  • Hip, Hip Hooray

    Outpatient replacement procedure results in rapid recovery Seven years ago, Gene Cooley and his wife took a sabbatical from the bustling lives they had come to know here in the US and moved to a small, Spanish seaside town 20 miles s...

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  • Microneedling With PRP To Rejuvenate Skin

    ‘Liquid gold’ repairs scars and stress marks, on top of eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. The twist that Macy* puts on the tradition of leaving cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve was conceived by her grandmother, who might be...

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  • Eye Care Practice Adds Fort Pierce Location

    Meet the new doc on the block, with a full menu of ophthalmic services. Many medical procedures – think reconstructive knee surgery, back surgery, or heart surgery – require weeks, if not months, of recovery time and rehab...

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    • Be Kind To Your Kidneys

      There are multiple health obs...
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    • Elevating Awareness Of Eating Disorders  

      The American Psychiatric Asso...
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