• No Bones About It

    Innovative once-a-week, 15-minute workouts reverse osteoporosis. If you watched television at all during the 1980s and ’90s, there’s a good chance you saw Lyn Foley. Not necessarily on a TV show or in a movie, but in a co...

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  • Personalized Vision

    Lens implants provide clear, glasses-free vision after cataract surgery. Bill Terry’s family owned Ralph’s Electric in Yonkers, New York, for more than 50 years. The family also constructed homes in the Westchester County area....

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  • Pain In The Neck

    Evidence-based rehab machine alleviates aggravating pain. If you had a choice between spending your weekends working an Italian ice truck at a nearby flea market or cruising the Treasure Coast in a 31-foot Sundancer and stop...

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  • Hold On Tight

    Dentures snap onto dental implants for a snug fit. Before retiring 25 years ago, Annette Nichols gave a decade of service to the New Smyrna Beach Police Department. “I was the police chief’s secretary,” elaborates Annette, 79....

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  • Knees in Need?

    Regenerative therapy relieves unbearable joint pain without hassle of surgery. Since she retired from her job as an administrative assistant 19 years ago, Joyce Sampson has been traveling the seven seas with her husband. Well, not al...

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  • 7 Years and Counting

    Novel vein closure technique eliminates leg swelling, heals ulcers. Larry Alumbaugh is a genuine Colorado cowboy. He started young. At age 13, he bailed hay by hand for local sheep and cattle ranchers. “I put the hay in 80-, ...

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  • Healing Hands

    SURGERY REQUIRED TO RESTORE GRIP, MOBILITY AND FUNCTION TO BROKEN WRIST. Some people just can’t sit still. They’d rather be busy than bored. Jill Keith is like that, and between her “day job” as a nurse for a vascular surgeon and wee...

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  • Doctor Recommended

    Once-a-week bone-building program reverses effects of osteoporosis. When standard chiro-practic care failed to alleviate the persistent back problems that Debra Ashcraft, MD, was experiencing several years ago, her chiropractor sugg...

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      It’s October, and we all know th...
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