• Animal Magnetism

    From four teeth to beautiful smile through Dentures in a Day. Lela Seiders has a way with animals. Even as a child, she found it easier to communicate with horses and dogs than with humans. Lela cultivated her affinity for animals i...

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  • Staying A Step Ahead

    Toenail fungus caught early, treated with painless, in-office laser. On the February day that Super Bowl LV was played in balmy Tampa, the high temperature in Chicago was 7. That’s why Ted Harris, a developer and home builder, move...

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  • Shots Save Her Sight

    Eye injections halt vision loss from macular degeneration. Judy Berling is passionate about art. She began her college career at the University of Maryland as an art major. But struggles with one required course in the curricu...

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  • The Once-A-Week Workout

    Downtowner discovers the strong points of slow-cadence training. When the NFL invaded Tampa for Super Bowl LV this past February, Shelly Woods and her husband were right in the middle of the fun and festivities. That’s just how they...

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  • Cutting-Edge Solution

    No knife needed to relieve back and neck pain. Kechia Hignight loved her job as a hospital corpsman in the Navy. She remained in the service for 10 years, which included a year and a half in the Persian Gulf ministering to injure...

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  • Raise Your Glasses To Cataracts…

    … and leave them forever after lens replacement surgery. As a licensed steamfitter, William Dargan fabricated, installed, maintained and repaired mechanical piping systems for various industries. He mostly serviced refineries, c...

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  • Walk This Way

    Comprehensive evaluation reveals root cause of chronic heel pain. During his 26 years in the Air Force — the last two serving as a chief advisor to a general — Edward Slavin followed a regimented daily routine that included plenty of ...

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  • Arresting Symptoms

    Tailored, minimally invasive vein treatments resolve leg pain. In 1972, John Olasin won the lottery. It just happened to be the military draft lottery. He was No. 1 on the list that year, but he wound up feeling like a winner anyw...

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      Group B Streptococci, or group B st...
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    • Simply Sarcoma

      Sarcoma is a type of cancer that...
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