• Tremendous Transformation

    Smile makeover restores confidence. Nine years ago, when the New York Power Authority completed a series of efficiency upgrades that were designed to save the citizens of Oneida County more than $300,000 a year on their energy...

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  • Hearing Loss Is Exhausting

    The right hearing aids will halt the brain drain of listening fatigue. For most people, hearing is like breathing or blinking. It’s something that happens so naturally and effortlessly that it’s often taken for granted. For people w...

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  • Ease the Pressure of Glaucoma

    Combo stent-cataract procedure brings clear vision without glasses, eyedrops. Bill Farrell is a natural manager. He was still a youngster when he first displayed management skills. “As a kid, I worked as an assistant manager f...

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  • Tired of Looking Tired?

    Modern surgical techniques correct droopy eyelids and brows to improve vision. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Just ask Sandra Keith. Six years ago, at age 67 and in the wake of a 31-year career in the life insurance ...

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  • Defying Disability, Generating Hope

    Nonmedicinal therapy lifts fog of depression, clears pressure of brain injury. For 12 years, Jennifer Haywood was a prosperous massage therapist in Kentucky, with professional athletes among her clientele. She was the sole pract...

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  • Build Better Bones

    Specialized, once-a-week bone-building program reverses effects of osteoporosis. When two students from the University of Tampa earned financial backing from a “Shark Tank” investor for a scrunchie-turned-drink cover this past J...

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  • Laugh Out Loud

    A beautiful, functionally sound smile is your best accessory. A recent 15-year study conducted by Norwegian scientists showed that people who enjoy a couple of hearty laughs each day tend to live longer than those who don’t. Luci...

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  • The New Class

    Here’s the latest option in multifocal intraocular replacement lenses. When Arvid Olson’s first two semesters of college left him with a grade-point average that only Animal House’s “Bluto” Blutarsky would celebrate, his fathe...

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    • It's National ITP Awareness Month. What's ITP?

      ITP is immune thrombocytopenia, a f...
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    • A Study of Sickle Cell Disease

      Sickle cell disease is a group of ...
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