• 4-Step Protocol Eases Neuropathy Effects

    Clinic’s approach regenerates nerve fibers and myelin for chemo patient. Earlier this year, Marlene* completed a 28-day regimen of high-dose chemotherapy to battle metastatic breast cancer. Multiple cancer drugs were given intraven...

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  • Pars Plana Vitrectomy Sucks For Floaters

    Surgical option removes bothersome “fuzzy spots” in woman’s vision Deborah Long has had an affinity for equines since she was a young girl in Iowa. When she got older, she cleaned stalls on several horse farms in exchange for board f...

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  • SI Fusion Targets Pain In Pelvic Joints

    Minimally invasive procedure terminates chronic, agonizing low back pain. During her lengthy working career, Mary Maloof dabbled in multiple disciplines, including fashion design. That experience has proved useful in her curr...

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  • OsteoStrong Workouts Boost Bone Density

    Program elevates T-scores associated with fracture-causing osteopenia, osteoporosis. She readily admits that the certificate for a free ice cream cone that she received at the end of each appointment greatly influenced her, but even a...

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  • Aging In Place Is More Than A Concept Here

    Carefree living in a wonderful community starts with healthy minds and bodies. For months, they passed each another like two ships in the night, Connie catching just a fleeting glimpse of Ron as she strolled in to work the night sh...

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  • Eye Specialists Lift Appearance Of Face, Eyes

    Institute's physicians offer a vast selection of services using the most advanced technology. People only get one chance to make a first impression. Often, the impression made is based largely on the appearance of the eyes and face...

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  • Taking Extra Steps To Rule Out Eyelid Cancer

    Meticulous specialist wants a third biopsy reading before settling on diagnosis of stye. For the first two decades of Penelope Thompson’s 35-year career in health care, she served as a medical technologist in a hospital laboratory. At...

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  • Spinal Cord Stimulator Blocks Pain Pathways

    Implanted device sends mild electrical impulses that interrupt signals to brain. Among the millions of tennis fans captivated by the steady ascension of teenage phenom Coco Gauff is Nina Jacobsohn, a retired defense attorney who ...

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      February, not suprisingly, is Am...
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      The thyroid is a small, butterfly-...
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