• Eye Injections Thwart Macular Degeneration

    Vision preserved with early detection and treatment of wet AMD. As Kenneth Leroux can attest, there is a lot of truth in the old adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” While transitioning out of a job in el...

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  • Restoring Smiles With Bridges, Implants

    Comprehensive treatment plans give hope to those with missing or failing teeth. That old saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” is a fitting motto for Kendra Fuller’s employer. After all, this 33-year-old works full tim...

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  • Advanced Solutions For Dry Eye Disease

    Goal is to treat underlying issues of meibomian gland dysfunction. Ted Garber serves as CEO of a digital marketing and tech agency that helps companies promote their business and brand. He also owns and operates a working space...

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  • Ease Osteoarthritis Pain Without Surgery

    An alternative to joint replacement: TruWell Health’s comprehensive treatment program For a quarter-century, Dorothy Egan was employed by a company that developed cathode ray tubes for the television industry – a product that’s a...

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  • Blurry Vision Caused By Keratoconus

    Specialty contact lenses offer a nonsurgical answer for misshapen corneas Daniel Pantoja Jr. is a typical 17-year-old. This fall, he’ll begin his senior year at East Bay High School in Gibsonton, where his family has resided for the ...

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  • Provider's New Doctors Add Eye Expertise

    Cornea and glaucoma specialists join the institute’s team The eyes are two of the body’s most complex organs. Unfortunately, their complexity exposes them to a multitude of ailments. The staff at Florida Eye Specialists &...

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  • Retinal Detachment Needs Quick Response

    Vitrectomy, scleral buckle surgeries among reattachment repairs to prevent vision loss A native of Puerto Rico, Johanna Trowell moved to Florida following her junior year of high school. Once she completed her senior year at Wes...

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  • Benefits Of Implants For Upper Dentures

    Gain stability with no adhesives, other disadvantages of a standard dental appliance. Frank O’Brien spent the better part of a 47-year career in technology with a company that makes scale inhibitors for industrial water tre...

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      November is Pancreatic Cancer A...
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