• Radiofrequency Heat Halts Arthritic Pain

    Nonsurgical ablation technique relieves excruciating back pain. As a professional artist, Ron Reams is passionate about his painting and drawing. After seeing one of his pen-and-inks, a publishing company solicited him to illustrate a ...

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  • Emergency Denture Replacements

    The ‘go-to dentist’ for difficult cases comes to the rescue. Like so many people, David Beeman grew up wanting to see the world. To scratch the itch, he did what his father did and joined the Navy. Now 64, David considers that the b...

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  • Never Too Late To Improve Oral Health

    Long-term teeth deterioration resolved with dentures and dental implants. A native of New York state, Nicole Chambers relocated to Florida more than 25 years ago. She’s a staff-end coordinator for a home care company, a position sh...

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  • Blurred Vision? It Could Be AMD

    Painless eye injections slow vision loss triggered by  macular degeneration. While working his first job out of high school, an entry-level position with an electric company in his hometown of Milwaukee, Richard Cebrowski discovered h...

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  • 15 Minutes Every Week Fights Osteoporosis

    Improve skeletal strength through novel exercise program. Some daughters develop a special bond with their fathers through music or a favorite movie genre; others through sports or a designated staple in their weekly schedules such as...

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  • Say No To Surgery For Back And Neck Pain

    Noninvasive spinal decompression relieves herniated or bulging discs. The unexpected guest wandered onto the deck of Lisa Nettles’ boat in the middle of the night. As it climbed aboard, the guest’s significant weight ca...

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  • Astigmatism fixes after cataract removal

    Toric IOL, limbal incision among approaches to get you out of glasses. When Ramona Coles was first introduced to William Harris some 60 years ago, dating him was out of the question. The reason was strictly territorial. As ...

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  • Dental Fixes Complement Aesthetic Makeover

    Corrections inject finishing touches to cosmetic treatments. There is often a party going on at Naomi Bramwell’s place. Sometimes it’s a birthday party; sometimes it’s a wedding reception or a bar mitzvah. At the area b...

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      Your baby’s vision at birth is li...
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      August marks Psoriasis Awareness M...
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