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Do You Feel How You Eat?

June 27th, 2018
The broiled fish filet with steamed broccoli and rice you had for dinner last night and the salad you opted for over the hamburger at lunch yesterday may be doing more for you than just keeping your waistline in check. It may be giving your mental health a boost as well. Medical researchers have long known that people who are depressed tend to eat greater quantities of fast food. New research suggests, however, that by simply changing their diet, depressed…

Are You SAD in the Summertime?

June 12th, 2018
For most of my life, I lived in Pennsylvania and for a while in Ohio. What these states have in common are the dark, dreary, depressing winter months. For me, they were really depressing because I suffer from SAD, seasonal affective disorder. I even ordered a therapeutic lightbox from Alaska, which I willed to my former officemates in Cleveland when I moved to Florida. I’m not the only one who gets depressed during the dark months of the year. SAD…

About Acupuncture

August 14th, 2017
The ancient Chinese therapy of acupuncture has gained considerable steam in the United States during the past 20 years or so. Today, more than three million Americans receive the treatment each year, and the number just continues to grow. If you’ve had acupuncture, let us know what you think about it. If you’re just considering it, here are a few particulars to help you make a more informed decision. In Chinese medicine, health depends on the balance of the extremes…